It’s the orange turtle here back with another minecraft video Being joined by my favorite spammers except for one of them who unfortunately died. Oh my god your eyes Yeah shoutouts to these guys and someone named galaxy pops Up, and yeah, we’re beat. Can you ban on the server? Because we spammed the heck out of it and absolutely banger guys So I’m asking you to please watch to the end of the video because I need to make sure that you guys Actually care to watch my content and if you don’t well to get the heck off my channel First of all, I’m just kidding you can stay here We accept literally everyone and your eyes are dilating a little too much I think we eat it’ll take you to the hospital But then again, it could just be a normal thing but off topic again I need to look away from you because you’re really distracting me um I need you guys to all leave a like right now because it would really mean a lot to me because I know you guys Are gonna like it? I know you guys are gonna forget if I don’t tell you guys right now, so please do it guys There’ll be a notification on screen now. So you guys can subscribe to the channel. Yeah. Yeah guys Thank you all for watching the video. I will do a post recording thing because it didn’t record my arm I made my microphone audio and Um, yeah guys. Thanks everyone for watching. I’ll see you all later All right back here on the server on um cities Did a friend dip in All goodness, he’s back. He’s like I’m back Great spamming is the best thing that’s ever happened to Minecraft If you guys want to see this made into a series be sure to let me know and we’ll make it into a series Hey guys. Thank you all for watching this video Nothing’s happened. We haven’t gotten banned. We might come back for a part two maybe Unless we do it on a different server though. It’s really better probably. So, uh me guys Thank you all for watching the video if you should leave like subscribe and down the yeah

Danny Hutson

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