I don’t trust the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme providers…

I don’t trust the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme providers…

– So today we’re here at Datto in Reading to catch up on some things. Should be good. For us, Datto have been
so helpful recently. They’ve been really supportive of everything we’ve been doing. We’re working together
on some exciting events that are gonna come up next year. so look out for more on that. And they’ve just been
just a breath of fresh air in comparison to the
likes of Microsoft who, I don’t know if you know
or have heard this already, they actually pulled all
of the Microsoft incentives from their Microsoft Partners. I think it was a couple
months ago or so. As a Microsoft Partner, we get a certain number of
incentives to be a Partner, which is things like Office 365 licenses, lots and lots of software licenses we can run our business on, we can do training on, we can do demos of the technology, and what we also get
as a Microsoft partner is we get technical support cases. So if any of our customers have
a serious server down issue that we are struggling to
fix for whatever reason, we can call Microsoft up, and they will not hang up the phone until the issue is fixed. And they will literally work
with us to fix that issue. And amongst a few other
things that they do, there’s some Microsoft
Azure benefits in there where we get credits to
use every single year. So Microsoft pulled these benefits, so our Office 365 licenses
we’ll have to pay for, the technical support cases
we’ll have to pay for, and it doesn’t really give us much in terms of what we’re paying
to be a Microsoft Partner, because we have to pay a fee every year to become or retain a
Microsoft partnership. So yeah, they literally
pulled all the benefits. And they pulled the benefits about, I think it was a couple
of weeks, maybe a month before their, is it Ignite? I think they have a
Microsoft Partner event, which is over in the States, and all the Microsoft Partners attend, and they’ll go through their
plans for the next year and all the latest technology
that’s coming through, and I’m sure I overheard
some of the comments of, “I can’t wait to go to Ignite. There’s gonna be a massive fight,” because all the Partners
are going to attend knowing that they’re gonna
have to fork out a lot of money to replace what’s just
been taken away from them. I mean, the likes of CRM companies, if you’re using Microsoft Dynamic CRM, which is a fantastic CRM system, but if you’re using that internally, and you’ve got, you know, a large CRM company or what have you, then it can be costing you, I don’t know, 80 pounds a license per person, per month. And that is a massive cost for businesses to
suddenly start paying for because Microsoft have
just changed the rules and changed the game. They’ve changed their mind now, so after the “Partner Feedback,” they decided to change and just remove all of those, and just go back to the way it was before. They changed that, I think it was a few days or a week
before the Microsoft event, so quite conveniently, decided to go back and listen
to their Partners this time. But it sets the standard, doesn’t it? So I guess in this week’s video, I’m just gonna sum it
up as actions matter, and that matters. Trust. Trust matters. And Microsoft’s actions, they’ve pretty much alienated
all of their Partners. They all know now that what’s gonna happen in future? They’re probably gonna
try and pull the benefits. Somehow or other, they’re gonna try and
pull all the benefits. So we know now that we need to plan to take that into account, if we need to start paying
for all of our licenses. – So this week, I just
wanted to talk about a little bit about a social commentary about the Gigabit
Broadband Voucher scheme, because it is something
that’s been bothering me for a while, and I actually posted
it on LinkedIn twice, because there was no engagement whatsoever on the post that I was putting out. For a reason. And this is why. So, for those of you who
don’t know what the scheme is, the Broadband Voucher scheme is a two-and-a-half thousand
pound government grant that allows you and helps you get that fast broadband connection
into your office. What this should mean is that for those of you who
want a faster connection, you can use the voucher
to cover things like excess construction charges, ECC’s, which you might need to, you know, say, dig up the road, or dig up the road. Dig up the road, or put in traffic management, or just anything that might be needed to get that line installed. Or maybe you might need a router upgrade to get a newer router that
can support the speeds. What’s actually happening is that the Internet Service Providers themselves are maybe giving you a 500 pound router. The installation is free anyway, because it is offered for free by the likes of BT on a three year term. And then they’re pocketing
the rest of the money. So generally, every
line they’re installing, and I’ve seen many, many
horror stories about this that they are- well I say horror stories.. I see many, many quotes that they are they’ll put a new line in, you’ll get a 500 pound router, you’ll use the Broadband Voucher scheme, and then you’ll save yourself two-and-a-half thousand pounds, but you’re not. You’re actually saving
yourself 500 pounds, and the IT internet company are making about 2000
pounds off your line. So, and it’s really
being abused, you know? It’s being used by the wrong people. And in fact even in some
cases, we’ve been shown, in all the cases we’ve been shown so far, we’ve been able to put a line in with free installation, with a cheaper monthly rental than the companies that are using the Gigabit Broadband Voucher scheme, because they’re just hiking the rents up, they’re taking the money, and it’s really just not a good business practice whatsoever. Today, we can go out and
we can quote our customers a leased line, a gigabit
capable leased line, and we can do that without
the Broadband Voucher scheme. And we’re not taking money away from the people that really need it, who do use the Broadband Voucher and actually need it for things like their excess construction charges, because they need to dig up a field to get a line to them. So that’s just my rant. My rant for this week. – We’ve always tried to do
our best here at Tekkers. We never take the piss. We always try and do the right thing. We never overcharge. We don’t look for the products where we can make the most money. We look for the best products. And that’s why we’re
here today with Datto, because I believe they are
one of the best backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, and platforms out there. So if you want to know more,
of course get in touch. We’re gonna be running some
really, really cool events with Datto in the early next year, so watch out for that. And yeah, that’s it for this week. Thank you. Like the video if you did. Subscribe if you’re not already. Hit the bell icon if you want to be notified of future videos. I’ll see you in the next one. Thank you, bye bye. – That’s been such good
fun today with Datto. They’ve left me with a load of goodies. Even better. Some free t-shirts. So thanks for hospitality, appreciate it.

Danny Hutson

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