I Cut The Cord And Switched To DirecTV Now

I Cut The Cord And Switched To DirecTV Now

– This is it. When I finally cut the cord. I’ve been a traditional cable
subscriber my entire life. I got last month’s cable
bill and it was $210 for internet and cable. For awhile we were at $180, and then at the end of the
year it just ballooned to $210. So this just ridiculous. We were with Time Warner
Cable for a long time, now Spectrum. – [Operator] Thank you
for calling Spectrum. Can I get the first and last
name on your account please? – In the past I have
negotiated the cable bill down considerably. Uh, I’d like to reduce our
service to just be internet only, no more cable TV. I called to cancel cable and
only have internet access. And they wouldn’t just say
okay, I’ll take care of that for you. – [Operator] That’s actually
a different department that’s gonna disconnect
any services for you. – I kept getting passed
around to different operators. I’d get to one operator that would say, okay that’s great, I don’t handle that. So I’m gonna pass you
to my colleague who will take care of it for you. Five minutes of music
later, I get somebody else. – [Second Operator] You
want to go ahead and move services off the account? – Yes sir. – [Second Operator] Okay,
what services would that be? – I want to get rid of
everything on our account except for internet. When you give them a call,
they try and drag out the experience as much as they can. – [Second Operator] When
you would watch the TV, what channels would you watch? – We watch Morning Joe. They jump in there and ask
you these questions like what kind of shows do you guys watch? What do you and your wife
use your internet for? It’s like what is the point of this? – [Second Operator] You
see here what I can do. – They would give you just
a price that was a little bit lower. – [Second Operator] Looks
like it’s going to bring it down to $183.80 before taxes and fees. – Yeah, that’s too much. Okay, this is it. When I finally cut the cord. Had to disconnect the cable box, and had to take it to the
Spectrum Headquarters. It was honestly a little sad. It was almost like I was
giving up a pet for adoption. We obviously still wanted
to have some sort of content provider where
we could watch live TV, because we enjoy news programming. We enjoy sports. There are a lot of options to look at. Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu TV, but the option that just
looked like the best choice was DirecTV Now. The package that sort of
hooked me was $50 a month. I would have to pay four months up front, and if I did that they
would also throw in an Apple TV 4K. Okay, so it’s the moment of truth. We are gonna try out DirecTV Now. The day that we hooked up DirecTV Now, the Olympic opening
ceremonies were happening, so that was gonna be
like the ultimate test. The quality is solid. Crisp HD, I mean I honestly
can’t tell the difference. I’m in. But it’s really not up to me. It’s up to her. What do you think about
the quality of the picture? – It’s good, we’re good to go. – We were on board
pretty much immediately. The worst thing about it, there’s no DVR, so we are back in the
eighties where if we wanna watch something we’re gonna
have to watch it live, but there are reports that
DirecTV Now is gonna add a DVR feature. The whole point of this is to save money. We were paying $210 a month. Now with the combination of
Spectrum’s internet service and DirecTV Now, we’re
gonna pay $120 a month. That’s gonna save us over $1,000 a year. So it’s been three weeks with DirecTV Now, and it’s been great. The quality’s been great. It’s worked perfectly. Another bonus is that you
can watch stuff on your phone or your iPad and
you gotta think that unless cable companies start aggressively lowering their rates, a
lot of people are gonna start switching to these
streaming services. So I’m really honestly
surprised I didn’t switch over a lot sooner. (peppy music)

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “I Cut The Cord And Switched To DirecTV Now

  1. Clueless people go with stuff like Direct now. I pay under $50 a month for EVERY channel. Including PPV for free and any movie I want to watch.

    This video is an absolute joke and I unsubscribed because of it.

  2. ive work for directv as customer service. directv was good before at&t bought it. for 2017 onwards i dont think youll be saving more in directv.

  3. DirecTV now sucks. From personal experience it’s buggy, can’t DVR, limited device support, and expensive. PlayStation Vue is the best online TV service right now

  4. I switch from DirecTV because the service has been shitty since ATT owns them now, every day the TV would go offline, and we waited about a month before switching to Xfinity, which is great

  5. Lmao they cut the cable just to go back to a tv company. It's the same thing! If they went with something like hulu, Amazon or Netflix they'd be paying only 10$ a month that's 40$ less than they are paying now, so they'd save $480 a year. Heck, if they wanted to they could buy all three services and still save $240 a month.

    You cut the cord only to get tricked into buying a new wireless cord.

  6. God damit. Just get a fucking antenna y’all don’t need some dam hbo or something. Antenna is the same thing

  7. Wow he cut the cord to get another tv subscription service. What type of sponsored review crap is this in 2018. Cutting the cord was news 10 years ago. This is like watching a dog eat his own vomit

  8. You should just cancel TV entirely, who watches TV anymore? And the problem with satellite as you can't do any gaming because the lag would be ridiculous

  9. $210??? I have high speed (100 mb/s) internet and interactive tv (pause play and record) for 55 euro's a month (65 dollars or something like that) you guys get ripped off hard

  10. the operators are asking you questions becs that is their job to save your account from cancelling. DOES IT MAKE SENSE NOW?

  11. tbh im 21 and i havent watched tv for like 2 years or sat down in front of it longer than 10mins.. its just sitting there my parents do watch everyday… i get everything from the internet… netflix .. news everything and its easy( i mean on my bed or school) to use compared to tv

  12. This happened to me with Xfinity I had to tell them 3 times to cancel my service they would just not do it. It's ridiculous that its legal for them to mess with their customers like that.

  13. Wouldn't dirct tv techinically be tied to a cord if you do not want a cord you would not have nither cable or satellite best one from what I see is sling and shop around for internet and phone.

  14. directvnow is awesome, biggest catch will be internet provider with stable connection, a good modem and router along with decent device to watch.

    video quality I believe is better than my old cable box, offerings are really good for price. They are going to offer DVR eventually and supposedly 3 streams not just 2. Customer service is easy to get to, but have not had to use it but once early on when they had too many signing up at once which crashed the system. They have been adding random channels to my line up which is already half what I paid.

    Most annoying is not having numbers to get to the channel you want, but for the price cant say much.

  15. Holy shit that is expensive…
    Over here in the Netherlands we pay €75 per month foor 250/25 internet, television and landline phone…

  16. Playstation Vue is for better. I tried Directv Now. I tried to cancel, but after giving my last 4 digits of my credit card with expiration date, my home address, my sign in information excluding password, I was still not authenticated to cancel because I could not remember my amount billed and the date. That was just icing on the cake after finding that Playstation Vue had the better programming for the price for me.

  17. It’s the same damn price by the time you pick the channels you want plus the dvr service and you still have ATT customer service to deal with. Just call DirecTV and threaten to cancel and they’ll cut your bill in half.

    Cutting the cord is supposed to rid yourself of these companies with their contracts and price hikes, and stop you from paying for a bunch of channels you never watch. Switching from a DirecTV to DirecTV Now isn’t cord cutting, its cord replacement. You just put one cord down and picked up another one

  18. I have a business prop for you. I am a disabled combat Army veteran. I own a small business selling Directv and ADT and things like that. We are very good at what we are doing but always good to have more business. Could I sponsor your channel for mentioning us at the beginning or end of your videos? I think it could be lucrative for us both. I promise you I would never cheat you because I don't want money today , I want money every day from this point on. I am the number 1 dealer in the United States for Cox Communications and Centurylink but those are local products and services to where my office is located in the Las Vegas area. We are licensed in all 50 states with Directv and ADT and have a pretty good team. I would be happy to make a virtual phone number that you advertise and plug us and I will give you a cut of the commission that we get from each deal that comes to us because of your efforts. I have this type of agreement with Realtors and Leasing agents here in town and they make an extra 40-50k a year from it. With you being nationwide and with the commissions being much higher on ADT and Directv , I can afford to pay you more on a much larger audience and potential market. I promise you that you could make a 6 figure side income with me . I can 1099 you so I don't take taxes out. You can write off all your Youtube / Video creation expenses and miles or whatever to pay little taxes if any. I'm just throwing it out there. I like to support channels like yours. I'm starting a channel called VlogDeMilan but it will be a while before anything comes out of it. I was just experimenting. I am learning a little about video editing and I have been building my camera equipment, microphones and all that good stuff. Mine would be more of a hobby. I have 55,000 twitter followers at ModernUtilities and more than 100,000 members of some Facebook groups that I have like 702 Las Vegas Buy Sell N Trade. I am happy to plug your channel in exchange for you just taking this into consideration. We could help each other out. I can ask a lot of people to like your videos and subscribe. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best of luck to you either way. I will remain a subscriber regardless and continue liking your videos. Have a blessed day!

  19. I just did this my past bill with Comcast was 220 I was done. I got internet and direct tv now. Very happy

  20. Buffers forever.
    It’s garbage.
    Completely unwatchable.
    On the same system where Amazon Prime and Vudu work fine, DirecTV buffers for 5 secs every 30 seconds. Or it just doesn’t play and says “Sorry for the inconvenience, please blah blah yourself.”
    Choose anything else and don’t waste your time with DirectTV.
    My friend actually pays for their satellite service and it is just as bad.
    It’s like they WANT to go out of business.

  21. I love you man… Lol! Great i am gonna do it too. I hate the most is the cable box that i paid $12.00 a month.

  22. looks like you got suckered. Direct TV now just raised their prices… Bundling cable with TV about the same price, but a ton more options.

  23. I did the exact same thing, with the exact same company, and for the exact same reason. Only, instead of calling and being passed around between departments, I just took my cable box back in to the local field office. 5 minutes in and out, no muss, no fuss! ヅ

  24. I cut the cord and switched to Directv Now. Three weeks and am very happy so far. My bill went from $213 (Verizon) to $117 and now have HD and local channels on all of my TV's. No need for an antenna since DTVN provides local content and regional sports. Not a commercial. real customer.

    Pick a streaming service and switch. Total no brainer.

  25. I get it… I'm getting rid of my genie boxes and just keep the main DVR….I would be lost if I couldn't record my shows with my work schedule. replacing the genies with firesticks.

  26. Directv is way better than cable and gives me many advantages. Now I have better picture and sound quality, I dont have to rely on cable line for services and I'm no more tangled around those cables. I also got some decent coupons and promo code from this link: https://directtv.directsatnetwork.com

  27. I can tell you for a fact that that they don’t care if you leave. They feel you will be back at some point. I used to work for them. Before Spectrum they would want you to try and keep the customer

  28. Cut the cable cord and hell go get Amazon fire stick and download modbro…….you get yall your cable channels and download nettv and tvzion u get movies and TV shows

  29. Direct TV is CRAP. I don't care if you're here as an advertiser or, just as an honest latest victim. If you have Direct TV, you will learn for yourself what CRAP it is. The word is far and wide so you won't feel alone. You'll just feel stupid.

  30. Yeah and they raised their rates so high that it isn't worth it. It is also a data hog, and still constantly buffers. To hell with them, greedy men in their three piece suits.

  31. Don't do it. I'm cancelling it TOMORROW. They play the MOST ANNOYING TV COMMERCIAL over and over and over for themselves, it's just a flat graphic not even a real commercial and it plays over and over and over with the same annoying music and it's driving me mental. You get my 50 a month for shitty service that stalls and freezes every hour and you make me watch THESE POS COMMERCIALS FOR YOUR PROGRAMMING? AT&T SUCKS!!!!!!

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