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100 thoughts on “I can SEE what you Bought Online! – Viewer’s Choice

  1. Every year it seems as systems mostly improve the average price stays relatively the same. I'm a mid-budget buyer and Every time I upgraded to a new system I pay about the same. I average a new machine between three and five years but I rarely spend more or less than $100 of the price of any of the PCs or laptops I've bought.

  2. Hi Linus, I just become a fan of your channel recently. I just finished watching all the series of the whole room water cooling system and the desk pc project. When I saw how much the maintenance work you put in. I have come up an idea, how about putting alcohol to replace the water inside the system, then there will be less maintenance because the alcohol will kill all the bacteria. Then I thought about Scotch whiskey or red wine. Then I thought you guys should build a pc with red wine as the cooling system and a vampire theme style for the decoration. Adding a glass chamber that looks like a human heart, tubbing look like veins. So, when the system is running it will look like the blood is running in the system. adding a hollow glass tank cover on the side of the pc, red wine will run through on the bottom part of the hollow tank, and the alcohol will evaporate and cumulate on the top, then it will form drop like blood drop. Because alcohol will be easier to evaporate in high temperature, the more you use the pc, it will look like the pc is alive and taking a harsh treatment from the user and bleed more. I believe this will the COOLEST PC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope this is helpful.

  3. I just bought a saphire nitro+ RX 580 8gb for my daughter's ryzen 7 build for less than a hundred and five bucks…fifteen dollars less than I paid for the saphire r7 370 4 gb around 10 months ago. Could have gotten 16gb of ram now for what I paid for 8gb then as well. Shit is ridiculous.

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  5. I have the ryzen 5 1600 and I just want to say, I love it. I have been getting up to 3.95 GHz, just with the stock cooler. And just for 190 dollars.

  6. Now guess how much Amazon paid in taxes in 2018 from its 11,200,000,000 in profits (11.2 billion dollars)??
    Hint: If you guessed $5 bucks, you guessed too high…….

  7. Would love to see a stats update for 2019.. Looks like finally GPU prices have to come down given there are indications of glut. The unit sale figures are reportedly down for both GPU manufacturers. Should start seeing the results soon! Just waiting for the drops to come before buying a new GPU my major update for this year!

  8. Can you buy me a digital Storm aventum x gaming pc with these requirements intel core i9 extreme 9940x rtx graphics 2080ti and one mag screen keyboard and mouse should be rgb

  9. I was looking for Charley Browns friend who the fuck are you , so I think we should something free for best Linus insult ,

  10. Buying a onitor seem to be the hardest decision to make for whatever reason. There are just so many choices! It would kill me if I dished out all that dough and then I find out I could have gotten a better monitor for cheaper.

  11. man you are so rich, you have all the things that a over rich gamer should have but, you use a old and pink car and wear a t shirt which ripped. hahahaha, btw nice video.

  12. Hey has any one had any experiences with the B450M bazooka mother boards cant really find much information on them and i was thinking about buying one from a kid on my local craigslist

  13. which piece of hardware would give me the most hdmi ports?
    I am also looking to have multiple monitors connected to my computer what piece of hardware will support that?

    thank you


  15. Here's a question. We are now in the digital age, right? How come these big companies are still doing this annoying "Mail-in rebates"? Why do we still have to send in the physical copy of the rebate and wait for months to get the actual discount? When we can do it via email and receive the discount asap.

  16. That same Corsair vengeance 16gb 3000 mhZ kit cost 80 dollars now compared to 200 dollars in the video. Just shows how much cheaper ram is now👍

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