I Called The Online Scammer On The Phone (Part 2)

I Called The Online Scammer On The Phone (Part 2)

Danny Hutson

44 thoughts on “I Called The Online Scammer On The Phone (Part 2)

  1. Ryan Scribner is the Mann!!!! I watch all of his YouTube videos ! He teaches me so much he inspired me to make my YouTube channel ! Next video will be up soon! Comment below and come support each other lets spread some positivity !🎥

  2. did he say 'you're gonna pay through paypal or bitcoin'? why would you buy bitcoin with bitcoin. i sometimes feel sorry for people roped in by these scams… then i remember how gullible you really have to be for it to work.

  3. Ryan,
    Why in the hell did you send money ($81 worth) to a blatant criminal???
    Regardless of how much your net worth,
    I wouldn't give a penny to a known theif.

  4. The different voices you were trying out, I’m dying hahaha. This needs to be a series on Netflix or something lol

  5. I appreciate anybody who works to expose and deter scammers, but the one problem I see here is that by sending them money (despite it being for the sake of the video, and potentially gaining more information), you are enabling them to continue scamming other people. Obviously that is not your intent, and it is only $75, but any money at all that they receive from these schemes will only further motivate them, and provide them with resources, to continue scamming. I still do appreciate everything else you are doing with these videos though. Hopefully the information here will reach, and help educate those who may have otherwise fallen victim to these scams.

  6. Man.. where is the ending???? By the way next you feel like giving money for free give to one of your viewers… Really though the ending…

  7. Unfortunately, I have been scammed and it was a lot of money to give to them, however I had been played so well they literally had me fearing that I was about to be arrested for some warrant on myself (mind you, I have never ever had a parking ticket nor done anything else to be wanted by law enforcement) so I was crying an freaking out and so I ended up giving them almost $600 in fees an whatever else he said.. I immediately called my local police department an asked if I had a warrant an the officer said they dont ever call the person if there's a warrant for them.. so I started crying more because I fell for something so awful and how they made me feel like i had done something horrible and about to go to jail.. these ppl have no remorse or regret for what they do an how they ruin their lives..

    I am still embarrassed because of it, but I will never forget nor let someone do that to me again. . And what your doing Ryan is amazing in showing other people that its not ok. Ty for what ur doing!!

  8. The scammer ended the call because you were too obviously faking it. A scammer notices that because he has experience in trolling people.

  9. You should call Kevin every morning at 5 AM.
    And you should send Olivia $7.50 and have her correct you. Send her on a wild goose chase for pennies.

  10. What if the scammer hung out because he noticed that your speaker was on ? (I mean every one in the room can hear what are you saying, English is not my first language I don't know how to explain it).
    Because I don't think that asking for informations would means that you are not interested, they probably have prepared all the answers that they can give before starting.
    I suggest that you don't use the loud speaker and talk normally, there is some apps that can record the calls, you can also edit his voice over the video I think it's better than watching a black screen and just listening 😀

  11. Really good presentation! Maybe tidy it up a bit and with less time and see if AARP might be interested in partnering with you (or leasing) for their members' benefit. Nice job!

  12. My last name was Beer so lemon isn't that much of a stretch. I appreciate what you are doing but I hate them getting your money. Good work!

  13. Isn’t the real scam the fact that your spending $75 on a gift card but making $10k from a video.
    These days it’s called creative accounting

  14. Hmmmmm……..You should have reported the card and # stolen to visa prior to sending the picture. How does visa handle that particular situation?

  15. Ahaha this is funny…….romance scams are a big issue to. I played a around with a fake account once to see what they would say at last i said i was the cops they deleted there whole profile afterwards lol

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