Hyperdrive | Official Trailer | Netflix

Hyperdrive | Official Trailer | Netflix

Absolutely nothing
compares to the spectacle you are about to see.-I love you. Good luck.
-Love you, too.
Like The Fast and the Furious,
but in real life.
This industrial complex
has been transformed into ten of the most insane
racecourses ever imagined. A six-story monstrosity
that will show us exactly what these drivers
are made of. My goal
is to show other people… there are no limits! Go! They’ve come
from across the globe to chase a dream. I work about four jobs,
making sure the lights stay on. It’s been
a long road to get here. When I sit behind the wheel,
I’m not a mom, I’m not a wife… Oh, my God! Oh, God! This is so bad! If you want something
bad enough, I don’t have a lot of money,
but competition… that’s all that matters
in this life. Let’s go! Oh, God!

Danny Hutson

31 thoughts on “Hyperdrive | Official Trailer | Netflix

  1. Can't wait for second season ❤️🔥
    This is the most spectacular insane car racing competition 🔥🤟🏻

  2. Not my cup of tea, but mad respect for the work it took to put it on. wouldn't mind seeing a good documentary on local circle track racing around the country.

  3. Loved the show but for competition I hope they pick up on some of the problems they had. Like hitting a cone is a penalty and launching it into another cone you never touched its another penalty a 3rd is more…. Same with the bridge. It destroyed any fair type of competition they had going. It costs a quarter of the lap time. Every stunt takes 10-15 seconds to drive through but that one depending on at which point in the competition could take 30 seconds to balance all the way to if you fail 2:30 which guarantees you lose. But failing other obstacles doesn't. If you aced that and fail on every other obstacle you could still beat someone who aced everything but that one obstacle. It should be a pause in time until you completed in the allowed count down. If you don't in the time frame you get a penalty of equal value to other obstacles. Than resume when you can leave the bridge not while you wait for the water to balance out and someone unfairly determining when you get to go

  4. It's a really entertaining show and it's just so amazing to see the various personalities displayed directly from the drivers and through their cars, but personally, when it comes to the whole "taking drivers from different motorsports and pitting them against each other" thing, I think even Cars 2 did it a bit better (even if it was obviously unrealistic). The obstacle courses on Hyperdrive are amazing feats of engineering and construction, but the challenges seem to favor mostly drift and rally oriented cars with how much they have to hit signs with only the back and everything. Almost all of the drag, sprint, and circuit cars were knocked out early on since the tire grip and lower speeds didn't allow them to even power slide for long, if at all.

  5. If you enjoy waiting 8 minutes for the intro to be over, then this is for you, they just dont stfu and over explain everything. not to mention tonka toy cars

  6. Thought the show was gimmicky. Watched a few episodes and I was hooked! The last finale episode I was rooting for every single driver and was emotionally DRAINED. LOL! You get so vested into each driver. As a racer myself, the top guys are truly great, great drivers. Very fun!

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