Hello my friends and welcome back to the
channel! Today I would like to talk a bit about
the change to HTML5. I saw that many of you are concerned about this change so I
would like to clarify a few things: first of all, I would like to say that Flash
Player is not our product, it is developed by Adobe and the announcement that starting 2020 Adobe will not support Flash player any more has been
public for a few years now. Flash Player is a technology that many games out
there use and are now in the same position as we are. It was a lot of work
but our team converted the game to HTML5 to keep SuperCity going and we are
currently in tests before we will switch completely to HTML5. So one of the
questions that we got was: How do we install this HTML5? And the answer is
that the SuperCity team will do it for everyone, the players don’t need to do
anything. In an ideal case you won’t even feel when the switch takes place, the
video and the information that we put out there is just in case something goes
wrong, it’s just us taking all the precautions and keeping you guys
informed. We are running a lot of tests right now especially because we want to
be as prepared as we can be for the switch. Another question is “Will I have
to change my browser for this to work?” Our team has been recommending Google Chrome for Super City for a lot of time now, however HTML5 is compatible with all the major browsers. I would like to say that it is mostly a matter of trial and
error, whether it is HTML5 or Flash Player
it’s about finding what works best for you, most of our players are on Google
Chrome anyway and we highly recommend this browser and also keeping it up to
date. The Facebook game is also a great app for Super City, it is an app
developed by Facebook for Facebook games, it’s free and I will leave a link in the
description in case you don’t know about it, however please note that Mac users
can’t use this application and for them the main
recommendation is Google Chrome, we don’t recommend Safari. Speaking of operating
systems if you have a very old version of Windows like XP or Vista,
we highly recommend updating your Windows, you might be able to run the
game on Windows 7 but we also don’t guarantee optimal performance.
We support Linux, however we don’t support browsers for mobile devices, I
know some of you managed to play the Facebook version of SuperCity and on
mobile devices using Puffin, but this version of SuperCity was never meant to
work like this, so we don’t take any responsibility if it works bad or it
doesn’t at all, because the game wasn’t conceived to work like this in the first
place. Another advice that we can give you for getting the game to run well is
checking if you have the latest drivers for your video card, you can find them on
the website of your video card manufacturer or, if you have a built-in
video card, you need drivers for the motherboard. If you feel you can’t do
this yourself you can always ask somebody to help you out. I also noticed
many players are concerned about their device and about it not being powerful
enough for the HTML version of the game. If you have the possibility, we highly
suggest adding more RAM to your device because it really makes difference, I can
tell you this from my own personal experience, if you are a person who
enjoys spending time online, I highly recommend going for it because it will
make this time spent online much more enjoyable. And again this is a suggestion
from our part, a recommendation and not a demand in any
way. Last but not least, I would like to
mention that the game has different levels of graphic quality: on the lower
levels it is not so detailed, but it should run better if your device is not
so powerful. You can find these settings in the game simply click on the cogwheel and switch between the various settings until you find the one that
works the best for you. If your device is pretty good and still you’ll notice that
the game is working slower than it should be, you might have something else
taking the resources of your device so you can bring up the windows task
manager by pressing at the same time Control+Alt+Delete on your keyboard and
have a look there: for me at the moment Google Chrome and my video editor is
taking up the most resources, but I will close Dropbox to show you guys that
these tasks here can be closed. So what happens when nothing from what we talked
so far works, if the game is not loading, or it loads but not that great… We
contact SuperCity support, of course! And we would really appreciate it if you
could send us some files right from the beginning. One of them would be a
screenshot of your console of your browser and also the logs from it. you
can bring up the console by pressing on your keyboard Control+Shift and the
letter “i” and after that you can load the game or, if you have the game already
open, make sure to reload the game. Also make
sure that it is the second tab, “Console”, we are interested in the “Console” tab, and
not “Elements”, not the first one, the second one. And as you can see, while the
game is loading, there are some data that appear here, wait for it a bit until it loads and
then you can right-click and “Save As”. You can give it a name I don’t know let’s
say “logs super city” and choose the extension for notepad that is txt and
save. So this is how you bring up the console and retrieve the logs from it.
One more file that we would really appreciate if you could send to us when
contacting support with this kind of issues is the dxdiag file. I know it
sounds complicated but it really is not, I will show you in a second. And you can
find there information about your own device if you are looking for this. I
have a Windows 10 in Russian, I’m sorry, guys, I bought this laptop from here so
it’s in Russian, on my version of Windows it is necessary to press the Windows key
on your keyboard and the letter “R”. “R” from “Rita”, I know I’m not very good at
making the sound. You will open up the Run command and here it is necessary to
type dxdiag, if it’s not there already and a window like this will pop up. And
you can see here some technical details about my laptop too in case you are
wondering what device I have, this is my home laptop, and please save… save them as
This is my “Save As” button and, yeah, save them as a notepad file. And this is how
you find the dxdiag file. This was all for today, my friends. I hope
this was helpful for you because I noticed that some players have
difficulties in finding these files when we asked him to find them for us.
Other than that, I hope that you will never have to find them and that your
game will run smooth. I hope you have a great day and enjoy
SuperCity! Let me know in the comments below what other topic you’d like me to
do a video on, I really enjoy doing these tutorials for you. Bye bye! Support this video by liking sharing and subscribing and don’t forget to bookmark our official Facebook page, forum, and Help Center. Clickable links in the

Danny Hutson


  1. It's a good idea to bookmark this video for later. Also in the upcoming days we will provide as many subtitles as we can for it, so even if it's not in your language right now, it's still a good idea to save it somewhere😘

  2. es la tercera ves que lesfcfh informo que el juego no carga, por favor lo pueden arreglar ya que si sigue asi, ya no voy invertir en su juego, estoy perdiendo la mision nueva del tren por su mal manejo de actualizacion

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