H&R Block 2018-2019 Online Tax Review – The Best Free Tax Filing Option This Year

H&R Block 2018-2019 Online Tax Review – The Best Free Tax Filing Option This Year

(light music) – Hey guys, it’s Robert
from The College Investor, and today we are going to dive in to H&R Block 2018, 2019
online tax software. And I wanna share with you why H&R Block is my number one pick for
tax software this year. Because they have continued
to deliver great value for tax filers and they
make it so easy to file that it is just the best
choice for, I think, the majority of people filing
their tax returns this year. Why do I think that? Well H&R Block has doubled down on their free online tax filing. This was known as their
More Zero last year. Well this year they’re calling
it free online tax filing. And it is the most robust free
tax filing option out there because they allow you to do
to Earned Income Tax Credit and they allow you to do
student loan interest deduction and they make it so easy to file. They probably have the second
easiest to use tax interface right behind TurboTax. And because their pricing
is so much better, and if you have to pay for H&R Block, it’s significantly better
than TurboTax this year. So it honestly is one of the best tax filing options out there. So without further ado let me
dive into H&R Block 2018, 2019 and show you exactly what you’re gonna get when you use the tax software this year, and just let you know
how easy it is to use, and if you want to even get
a refund bonus this year one of the cool things
that H&R Block is doing is if you opt to get your tax
return on an Amazon gift card they will give you an extra 5%. So it’s something to think about. You can even get a bonus on
your tax return if you file with H&R Block this year. So without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look at H&R Block 2018, 2019. All right guys, well,
let’s dive in to H&R Block and see how easy it is for H&R Block to file your taxes this year. Now I am in love with H&R
BLock’s pricing this year. We talked about that
a little bit up front. And they’re really easy to use. Now, here’s what you get on the homepage. You get simple federal and state returns to file online for free. You can make an appointment
to go to a thing. You can get tax pro review. So everything is here for you. H&R Block is definitely a more robust tax preparation service because they also have their offices. So file online for free. You can get your refund
advance loan, up to $3000, but you have to go into an
H&R Block store for that. There’s just so many options. Drop off tax service, offices. You can chat with a tax pro online. So on so forth. So let’s start file online for free, and then we get to this next menu inside. Now you can already see a difference. If you watched my TurboTax review, it is very clear that H&R Block is just not as sexy as TurboTax. But it doesn’t mean
it’s not as easy to use. So I’m gonna continue my taxes. I’m gonna go to the beginning of my return and we’re gonna do this together. So I’m going with John Wick
on H&R Block this year. So there’s John Wick, there’s my birthday. We’re gonna go to the next screen, SSN. Totally fake. There’s our phone number, it’s all fake. Let’s answer some simple tax questions. Were you a US citizen for all of 2018? Yes. Did you live in the US
for more than six months? Were you a student? No. Can someone else claim you as a dependent? No. Boom, there you go. So like I said, it’s not
as sexy as TurboTax is. But it’s still super easy to use. They have the same basic things. Add a dependent, I’m gonna go with ABCDE. There’s ABCDE, Absedy? Anyways, there’s your SSN, that’s fake. Cool. We need to know more about your dependent. Did you pay more than half the cost associated with your home
with your dependents? Yes. Your filing status is
head of household, cool. So there’s John Wick and then ABCDE Smith. There’s our address, head of household. Cool. So we’re gonna do our employer, wages, I wanna start my W-2,
yeah, let’s enter it. Let’s do this, we’re gonna
do San Diego Company. And we’re gonna do four,
one, then 021-1111. I have my handy San Diego Company here. And we’re gonna enter it manually. You can also import this if you need to. So Diego Avenue, 92110. There you go. And there’s my employee information. And then let’s see how
much did I make this year? We’re gonna do 51,350. And we’re gonna do 5849. No, 5850. And then we’re gonna do (mumbles). This is gonna be 4266. We’re gonna do 68799 and (mumbles). Now remember guys, all of
this is located on your W-2, so we’re gonna enter a retirement plan. And this is gonna be 17449. There you go. That’s a retirement plan. And then we’re gonna have California State Disability (mumbles). And then we have California taxes that we paid right here. (mumbles) and that would be 51,350, and cool. All right. We have entered all of these perfect. And there you go, our
federal refund of 4,117. So there you go. We’re gonna do this. This is my address. This is what do you do? I am an amazing blogger. Ha. Do you have any foreign accounts? No. Did you live in California the whole year? Yes. Yes, I did. Did you earn money in any other states? No. Let’s switch gears and start
looking at other income. Do you need to tell us
about any additional income? Yes. All right. So employment income,
interest, investments, retirement, social security,
business partnerships. I had interest. Let’s add this and we’re
gonna go with US Bank. And we’re gonna go 121.11. There we go. Done. And so I am done now. There is my income for the year. And right now I’m getting a $4105 refund. Here is some you might have. I don’t think I have any of those. No, no, no. I am finished. No deductions. The standard deduction is
the best choice for you. Yep. And then see if we hae any tax credits. I might have this. I might have the child tax credit. Let’s see if we got this. We need information to see if you, have you had a claim of a child (mumbles)? No. I have not had that happen. And great news, I am getting
a $2000 child tax credit. That’s great. And I’m not eligible for the
Earned Income Tax Credit. So I’m done. I got a $2000 tax credit there. And then let’s start on this. No, I don’t have any of that. And then everyone in my household was covered all year for health insurance. And then health insurance
through my employer. No I’m done. Perfect. And then we’re all good. So check for additional documents. This is a really helpful screen. If you get any of these
documents or anything else that you might have gotten in the mail that you didn’t know where to enter, Turbo, or H&R Block offers
that you just ask you right here at the very end
which I think is super handy. And that’s something that TurboTax doesn’t have, surprisingly. But there it is. So here’s my federal
tax return right there. I’m gonna get 4105 back. My income, my deduction, my taxes, how much I already
withheld from my paycheck, and there you go. So filing cabinets? They’re ancient history. Should I store my return
with H&R Block Plus? So one thing about free
filing with H&R Block, though, is they don’t allow you
to store your return. Which honestly, you just saw
me enter my whole tax return. It’s not hard to have everything in there. But it can be helpful to
have your information there stored all the time. So keep your information secure. I’m on H&R Block free. They’re just trying to upsell you here. There’s not as many upsells
as there were in TurboTax as you saw, but there’s still a few. And then California isn’t ready yet, but it’s super easy. Just like it was for the state. So there we go. We’re just gonna go here and we’re actually gonna wrap it up. And there we go. You can jut see this again. All done guys. So that’s H&R Block. Honestly I love H&R Block. They have the most robust
free filing options. And honestly if you’ve never
used tax software before I think you’ll really enjoy H&R Block. I think it’s the easiest to use. They have a lot of options there. You can get a lot of live help as well. Definitely less upsells and more free. So, cool. Guys, hopefully that was helpful for you. You know how H&R Block works. And you’re gonna be
looking at it this year. Thanks guys.

Danny Hutson

35 thoughts on “H&R Block 2018-2019 Online Tax Review – The Best Free Tax Filing Option This Year

  1. So did you file both federal and state? Did one of them charge? I use FreetaxUSA they charge $12 to file the state return and your federal is free. Great vid by the way thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi TCI can you please answer my questions?  I am not working for a few months at the same time my son got his new job, anyway he was left to take care of the house and most of the bills, so can he use me as a dependent?  What is the difference between an dependent and an Earned income person?

  3. I just tried it and it worked great and completely free for federal and state taxes. Thanks so much it only took 40 minutes from start to finish. I highly recommend it.

  4. Hello, I used this year a local remote tax services, I am very disappointed of their services online but I did file my taxes with them. Can I re check my tax filing with hrblock or TurboTax without submitting just to compare how accurate was my accounting or you have to pay upfront. I just want to verify the numbers. Thanks in advance

  5. They suck the told me 21 day I filed Jan 31 and will not get my money until the 27th of feb . They knew that fuck them.

  6. I want to use my iPad to complete my Federal and state income tax returns and file electronically for free. Are all the H&R Block features the same whether I use an iPad or the PC?
    Using the iPad can I take a picture of the W-2 and 1099 INT to download pertinent info to the program?
    When do I elect to print a copy of the return? Is the copy of the return complete with the full 1040 and any other schedules?
    If I elect to have the data kept on file for six years by H&R Block, can I print additional copies of the return as filed any time during the next six years?

  7. i have a question, if i start to file free online, but i dont finished the hole process and i decide to go to store, it dont affect went i speak with a agent to file personally?

  8. I know you say the math never changes just the price but I did both Turbo Tax andH&R Block just to see the difference and the amount of money was huge!! Turbo Tax had me paying in on both the Fed and State and H&R block was different not paying back on both.No, they are not the same and I put in exactly the same information.And if you go to there office they charge a huge amount of money.

  9. i am a US citizen working overseas with only interest and stock incomes and NO home loan. Which tax software suit me better? Turbo Tax or H&R block?

  10. the 1st time I heard of HR BLOCK was back in 1988 or 1989 and I was excited to get a fast refund. so I filled out the forms and my return was $910.00
    THAT WAS a lot back then so I asked how much do I owe them. they said they wont know until I get my refund. so 3 weeks later after 200 phone calls I go up there without notice and they said oh weve had your check here for 3 weeks now sorry. its for $110.00
    I was like wtf wheres the other $800.00??? they said I HAD SELECTED THE 800 DOLLAR PACKAGE UPON SIGHNUP.
    I said so you guys are telling me that I paid you guys 800 bux so you can give me 110 bux? really? and you say I agreed to it?

  11. Would you recommend the free version for 21 year old that works 40 hours a week and does not have loan for school?

  12. Hello I made it to the end of my state tax and its asking me if i would like to keep my state return or remove it. Im not sure what this means. please help

  13. This was the worst tax app they've ever done I went to them again this year because it was so convenient last year.so when you upload your documents with the my h&r block app it doesn't even file it you have to get a separate app and your documents aren't even transferred. And they make you pay this year to recover your documents from last year, when I payed last year for them to save my taxes. This prick is sponsored. You're review is useless, and probably damaging to people like me.

  14. You guys need better experience with costumer service & stop lying about how great & fast & easy it is. It's frustrating filing with you guys. It's not as easy or fast as they say. Turbo tax is everything good H&R Block lies about. Warning! Don't go with them!!

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