How to Use WAP

How to Use WAP. Remember the days when the internet was that
strange thing you heard about but no one had access to? Those days are long gone, now that you can
browse the web at home, at work, and on your mobile phone. You will need Mobile phone and internet service
provider. Step 1. Check your cell phone to make sure it supports
internet access. Step 2. Contact an internet service provider, or ISP. Your mobile phone company may offer an internet
plan, or you may need to go to a third-party provider to get the correct services added. Step 3. Set up an account through your ISP for data
access through your phone. Find out how much accessing the internet will
cost and get a data access plan that fits your needs based on how much you will be browsing
the internet. Step 4. Locate and open the web browser on your phone. Step 5. Enter a web address to begin browsing. The phone uses WAP to send a request to the
website’s server, which identifies your phone and displays a page your phone can read. Step 6. Use WAP — Wireless Application Protocol — to
browse the internet, check your e-mail, and download applications and ringtones. Did you know In 1973, Motorola introduced
the first mobile phone that weighed 2 pounds and was a foot long.

Danny Hutson

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