How to Use the Buses in Rome

Hi everyone! I’m Bojan from The Roman Guy.
Today we’re going to teach you how to use the buses in Rome. This is our latest in the
series of “Roma How To” videos. Now, in any foreign country, the transportation system
can get pretty complicated. But today we’re going to show you how to conquer the buses of Rome. We recommend carrying a ticket with you while in Rome. You never know when you’re going to need one. And actually it’s really hard to find one on the bus. You usually get them at a Tabacchi place. Now let me show you how to actually buy one. When traveling around Rome, it’s important that you know where you are, where you’re going, and which
bus number you’re supposed to take. We’re standing here on the bus stop in ‘Piazza Venezia’.
The Italian word for bus stop is ‘fermata’. You’ll read the fermata on top of the boards
and also the name of that bus stop, in this case, ‘Piazza Venezia’. After that, it’s important
to choose which bus to take. Now above the bus number, you’ll always see a different
letter. ‘X’ meaning Express: Watch out, this bus doesn’t stop at every single stop. Night
bus, is marked with the letter ‘N’. And the ones you’ll usually will be looking for are
the buses with the letter ‘U’, meaning Urban. Our destination in this case is ‘Piazza Navona’.
Now, usually on these bus stops, you’ll not see the name ‘Piazza Navona’ on the board,
which means we need to look for the nearest stop available. This is when your map will
come in handy. To get to ‘Piazza Navona’, we need to get off at ‘Corso Vittorio Emanuele’
Which means, looking at your board in front of you, we’re looking for the bus number ’64’.
It’s also important to notice that the first and the last stops are what’s known as the
‘Capolinea’ meaning the beginning and the end of your course. So, in order to get to
‘Piazza Navona’ from ‘Piazza Venezia’, you’ll have to take the bus number 64, heading into
the direction of ‘Stazione St. Pietro’. Now that you’re on the bus, and the crowd is finally
cleared out, you get to use your tickets. You have the arrow pointing out the place
where you need to insert it into the machine. Check it out. And that’s it! Validated. So everyone, we’ve reached our destination, the beautiful ‘Piazza Navona’. Now you can admire
Bernini’s Four River Fountain. We hope this was helpful, and make sure you check out our
other “Roma How to” videos. Goodbye for now!

Danny Hutson

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