How to use Miracle Box to flash Mediatek firmware (.bin format)

How to use Miracle Box to flash Mediatek firmware  (.bin format)

In this video tutorial, I’ll be explaining how to flash the firmware to a Mediatek Android phone using Miracle Box. The things you’ll need for this guide are your firmware for the phone mode you wish to flash in the .bin format. You’ll need Miracle Box too and your Mediatek VCOM drivers. Drivers are to ensure that your PC can communicate with the phone effectively for flashing to occur. First, install Mediatek VCOM drivers We already have several guides on that at the Forum & Youtube channel. I’ll briefly take you through that so you have a clear idea of how the whole thing is supposed to work. You launch device manager by pressing the Windows button. I’m using a Windows 10 PC, that means I first had to disable my signature verification. If you’re using a Windows 8 or 10 PC, you need to disable your drivers signature verification so you can install unsigned drivers because this Meditek VCOM driver is an unsigned driver. so ensure you see our video and guide on how to disable signature verification on a Widows 8 & 10 PC With my signature verification disabled, launch device manager (as I’ve done). Select any item on the list click on Action – Add Legacy Hardware – Next – Install the hardware… – Next – Next – Have Disk… Browse – Navigate to the directory where you have your VCOM drivers – Drivers – USB VCOM. You need to know your PC’s architecture (32 or 64 bit). As you can see on the list, we have just Windows 7 as the latest If you’re using a Windows 7,8 or 10 PC, you’re to select the Windows 7 folder. To check if yours is 32 or 64 bit Go to My Computer (or This PC) – Right-click Properties – Mine is 64 bit so I select the one for 64 bit then I click on Open – OK – Next – Next. It says the following hardware was installed… with Code 10 error its nothing to worry about. The reason you’re getting that error is because you’ve installed an unsigned driver you might have these yellow triangles here, nothing to worry about. At this point, I’ve installed VCOM drivers Launch Miracle box and wait for it to launch to the dashboard. Click on MTK since we’re flashing Mediatek Tick Write. From this place, you have to select the chipset for your phone model. Mine is MT6580 phone so I’ll just select this (4th boot). Click this folder icon so you can select the firmware you wish to flash (which is in .bin format) and click on Open. At this point, you click the Start button Waiting for USB Port. Switch off the phone, with a charged battery in, connect to the PC via USB cord You need to hold on for flashing to begin..OK, it has recognized the phone and its going to start flashing It could take a while, ensure not to interrupt the flashing process. Wait till it gets to 100% then close and disconnect and boot up the phone. If the phone is stuck at a bootloop or boot animation / logo just boot into recovery mode and do a factory reset then bootup the phone. That’s basically how to flash a Mediatek Android phone’s firmware using Miracle box

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29 thoughts on “How to use Miracle Box to flash Mediatek firmware (.bin format)

  1. Great tutorial but please the firmware i downloaded is in .zip format, am i going to rename it to .bin? Thanks

  2. Do you know if this will work for the MTK 6737 and if you can get into the bands to unlock more frequencies, not ones that are just unchecked, ones that are grayed out.

  3. firmware 6580 for tecno droid 7c PRO. has no directories whenever i download it on sp flashtool. kidly assist on what to do. Hovatek site has incomplete rom

  4. I have a scater file and I want to format+download just like sp flash tool how can I do this in miracle box note that i can't flash the firmware on sp flash tool

  5. How to create firmware.bin?
    I created scattered version with boot.bin, system image .bin etc etc, but cannot flash on sp flashtool. So i wana try .bin firmware to flash. But dont I know how to create .bin firmware. Pls help. How did you created that firmware.bin.? Pls

  6. thanks sir. i want to flash tecno f2 the file i got doesnt have scatter.bin it has scatter.txt even the one i saw on ur website doesnt have it.pls how will get a .bin format firmware for tecno f2.thanks alot

  7. dude you saved my life..much thanks, I had to create bin file from another working phone (of a friend)and surprisingly the bin file was like 14GB but it WORKED!!!!!!! thanks again 😊

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