How To Use Jungle Scout | Web App – Product Database Tutorial (2019)

Hey guys the product database will help
you generate product ideas which is perfect if you don’t know what you want
to sell yet on Amazon what we’ve done is re catalog Amazon’s products in our own
database with filters that are user-friendly for sellers let me show
you how to use it the first thing to do is to set your filters select the Amazon
Marketplace to look in then the categories you want to search let me
share with you three jungle tips for those new to selling on Amazon first off
we recommend staying away from some of the electronics categories as they have
a lot more moving parts and chances of things going wrong with them remember
it’s a good idea to keep your product simple next we also recommend avoiding
grocery and gourmet food anything that goes in or on your body can be a higher
risk and finally in the clothing category we found buyers tend to be
quite brand loyal and less likely to purchase from a no-name brand just some
things to keep in mind after the categories you’ve got product
tier for beginners we recommend standard sized products oversized products are
larger and heavier and therefore more expensive to ship Amazon can also impose
restrictions on how many you can send in at a time the type of seller indicates
if the product is being fulfilled by Amazon fulfilled by merchants or sold by
Amazon themselves if you don’t check the fields it will search all of them next
searching using price has its advantages we have found that profit margins start
to get small if you search below $15 so I’d keep that in mind and maybe not go
lower you can also use our net filter column to help with this the net value
refers to the profit leftover once you subtract Amazon’s FBA fees from the
sales price setting the filter to be at least $10 or $15 will therefore achieve
the same goal don’t forget to consider all expenses though in addition to
Amazon’s fees you also need to factor in the wholesale cost of your product and
how much it will cost for you to ship it from the supplier to Amazon for instance
if your product costs $5 per unit and $1 per unit for shipping and you want
least a $10 profit margin then you will need to set your minimum net amount to
$16 to cover these expenses and still achieve the profit margin you’re after
you can select other filters such as best seller rank or a products weight we
like number of reviews as it can help you gauge the level of competition on
that listing and we suggest looking for a maximum of 100 reviews or even 50
another jungle tip look for products with high sales but a low star rating to
find products to improve upon the lqs or listing Quality Score tells you how good
the product listing is all the products in our database have a score between 1
and 100 with 100 being a great listing so look for listings with a low listing
quality score meaning you have the opportunity to improve upon the
marketing of your product one filter we always recommend is sales when looking
for a product you want there to be high demand but low competition since demand
is represented by sales we suggest looking for a minimum of at least 300
sales per month there is also revenue if you have a
particular number in mind that you’re shooting for otherwise using sales is
completely fine you have the option of including or excluding keywords if
you’re really trying to narrow down a particular niche if you use this tool we
found the best results come from keeping the keywords fairly broad and not put in
too many remember you don’t need to use all these filters at once but pick and
choose the most important to you and play around with different combinations
to discover different product opportunities as you do this you have
the ability to save a filter set so you can return to that search at any point
in the future just hit the load filter set button you’ll see we’ve also
included some of our own presets to get you started once you’re ready hit Search
the total number of results will be shown to the left and over here you can
download them to view them in a spreadsheet later on the listings will
be displayed below with all the information from the filters above you
can sort by any the columns ascending or descending
click the title to view the listing on Amazon you can even click the icin to
bring up a keyword clout of all the most used keywords within that listing and
title over here you can get a full breakdown of the Amazon fees and below
that you can click on the net amount to access our FBA profit calculator this
is a really powerful tool with it you can test any sales price input the cost
of the product to calculate how much profit you would receive if you were to
sell that product and remember don’t forget to factor in that other big
expense shipping to the Amazon warehouse being able to quickly see the profit
margins for different prices is incredibly handy on the right hand side
you’ve got the ability to add any listing of interest to the product
tracker we update all the sales estimates regularly but if you want to
know it down to the minute then click refresh product data and that is the
product database good luck scouting and please feel free to reach out if you
have any questions you

Danny Hutson

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