How to update Xbox One Offline

How to update Xbox One Offline

This is my Xbox One with old system firmware.
Let’s see the build number. You can see the build number here. This update was released on 14th December
2016 Prepare a USB flash drive and format it as
NTFS. Make sure it has minimum 4 GB of
space. Extract the content of to the root of
your USB flash drive. Let’s start updating the console. Hold Bind
button and Eject Button then press the Power
button. You will hear a power on chime. Continue holding the Bind and Eject button
until you hear the second chime. Then release holding those buttons. You will see the Xbox One Troubleshoot screen. Along with the current Xbox One system build
number here. Plug the USB flash drive to the console. Now you can select the Offline system update
option. It will begin updating the console. When it finished, the console will restart and
you should be returned to the home screen. You can go to the Settings to check its current
system build number. The console is on the latest system update,
dated 13th July 2017. The file will get updated all the time,
so you should see different build number from
mine. Thank you for watching this short video. I hope
it helped you. Please subscribe for more
upcoming tutorials.

Danny Hutson

48 thoughts on “How to update Xbox One Offline

  1. My xbox one s stuck in 640 x 480 and can't change to 1080p !! Can this method help me to back to 1080p ?? Thanks

  2. Help, my xbox is saying something went wrong whilst updating fortnite, saying i have to offline update, but i do not have a Computer or usb , if any1 can help tell me

  3. Hi
    If I use the link will i get the latest update ?

    I’m trying to update my Xbox normally but every time it says there was a problem with the update !

  4. I have formatted flash drive with appropriate update but the update button doesn't become active when I put in the flashdrive

  5. I did this because it kept messing up at 81%, and when I did all this, even with the flashdrive, it still fucked up at 81%

  6. Obi-Wan Kenobi this is my last hope. I have black screen on startup, no chirp noise from starting xbox, I leave it on and 20 mins later a screen pops up, reboot or format xbox with games etc or without. I am now trying this recovery with it,but it still doesn't do the start noise. EDIT I had it off for over 30 seconds, it made the chirp noise but not the second and third, I will now leave it on until the error screen pops up.

  7. While it says “applying update” it always gets stuck at 86%. I did some research and that’s been a common issue. Solutions?

  8. Did all steps correctly, there is nothing to it, but the question is, why did my Xbox take me to the main start up, the day one settings?? What’s the point of doing offline update when your eventually gonna need the net regardless?? The age of gaming is shit! Shouldn’t take this much out of man in order to play a game, already don’t have enough time in life to just kick back. Pathetic if you ask me, internet getting as bad as water, gotta have it to survive…

  9. I don't hear a second chime, but if I leave the console running for a few more minutes the troubleshoot screen comes up (regardless if I hold the bind and eject buttons). But then the update option is grayed out and I can't update it.

  10. Is there any smaller sizes to download the offline update? It takes too long and sometimes just stops. I can't update it online or do anything online until I update it.

  11. Oh yeah, you guys wanna download a 400MB update without connecting your xbox to the internet? Here is a 4.9 GB file you should install to a flashdrive with the internet! This is a real kick in the balls with shiternet.

  12. I don’t play Xbox a lot I play once every three weeks and when I get on i have to update it every time I get on

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