How to transfer files from android phone to pc wireless without usb cable | file manager ftp feature

Hello and welcome to my channel local guy. Friends we all have come across the problem
when trying to connect android phone to pc computer laptop desktop. Phone is not connecting to pc computer or
laptop so Share transfer or access files or folder using
usb cable to pc computer laptop desktop not working. The problem like android phone is not detected
by pc, usb device not recognized, and the last USB device
You connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it,
Sometimes it shows phone not connecting to pc computer but showing charging and not showing
MTP Media transfer files. Or sometimes we don’t have usb cable to
connect phone to pc. So what to do? How to transfer files folders between phone
and pc computer laptop desktop. Don’t worry in this tutorial i will show
you how to access share files between Android phone and pc computer without using
usb cable or any app like shareit, xender etc. i am going to show you how to connect phone
to computer wirelessly. So let’s begin. To use this method phone and computer must
be on the same Wi-Fi network. Now go to file manager and find ftp file transfer
protocol most of the android device have a ftp feature inbuilt. If your file manager not showing it you can
use third party file manager from play store. Now under ftp just click start then under
connection type You can use portable or password protected. Then select volume as internal storage. That’s it. Now on your computer which is connected to
same Wi-Fi network open web browser and type the
ftp address and port number which is displayed on phone. You can see the all files and folder showing
on computer. Now you can access share and transfer files
very fast between computer and phone using ftp wirelessly. Friend you can use same ftp address on another
android phone/iPhone/tablet’s browser to access or transfer files. You can access or transfer files simultaneously
on multiple computers or devices at the same time
Providing all device must be on same Wi-Fi network. While using usb cable it takes time to load
files and folder but using ftp it loads very fast. Suppose you have thousands of files on your
phone and you wants to copy particular file. Using usb it takes time to search and load
thousands of files. But using ftp you can search and copy the
file immediately. If you don’t want random port every time
while connecting you can turn off random port so you can use fixed ftp port number 2121
You can also add your phone on computer by providing ftp address under add network location
on computer. If you don’t have Wi-Fi then you can turn
on mobile hotspot on computer and connect phone to that hotspot. And repeat the steps. Otherwise you can turn on hotspot on phone
and connect the computer to that hotspot and repeat the steps shown earlier. Hope you like this video. Please share it and subscribe to my channel.

Danny Hutson

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