How To Stop Robocallers

How To Stop Robocallers

– [Narrator] Telemarketers
have been around for decades. – [Man On Telephone]
Long distance service. – Oh gee, I can’t talk right now. – But in the cell phone era, they’ve gotten a lot more advanced. Robocallers can automatically
dial your number and human doesn’t even get
involved until you pick up. For some of you, that
probably means several annoying calls a week. But there are some things
you can do to stop them. Let’s back up for a second though. How do robocallers get your
number in the first place? There are a lot of tricks they use. They can get your number
from a variety of sources like dialing 1-800 numbers,
filling out forms online, even charities will sell your
phone number to third parties. There’s no fool proof way
to prevent robocallers from getting your number,
but there are a few thing you can do to mitigate the
chances of it happening. Treat your cell phone number like your social security number or
your credit card number. Don’t give it out to a
party you don’t trust. If you have to give out your number, use an alternative like
maybe your work landline or even a landline you have
at home that you never answer. But what if it’s too late? What if robocallers
already have your number? There are a few ways they
trick you into answering. One thing they do is spoof
their number so it looks like it’s coming from the same area code. You’re more likely to answer
a phone call from a neighbor than a random number across the country. Sometimes they’ll even block the caller ID so you’re curious enough to pick up. If you don’t recognize
the number calling you, just don’t answer. No matter what trick they
use to get you to answer, it’s annoying, but you can fight back. First, if a robocaller gets to you, you can block that number
from calling you again. It’s actually really easy to do. On iPhone, go to your recent
calls and click on the “I” next to the robocaller
that just called you. Then scroll down and
click “Block this caller.” It’s a little bit of a different process depending on which Android
phone you might have, but go through your call log and you should see the option to block it. Android users also get an extra bonus, Google software can
automatically scan a number before it calls you and let
you know if it’s spam or not. Then you don’t even have to answer. The government can help you out too. The FTC has a national do not call list that you can enter your
cell phone number into and if a robocaller calls you anyway, you can report them and they’ll get fined. Most wireless carriers offer
tools to block spammers and robocallers, so ask your
carrier what they offer. If all else fails, there are
a few apps you can download to your phone that promise
to block robocallers. RoboKiller and Truecaller
are two popular options. They charge a monthly fee, but they promise to
block 90% of robocalls. RoboKiller has a cool feature
that lets you send messages back to robocallers so you can give them a taste of their own medicine. – [Phone Voice] You just called me in a local training exercise mode. – [Male Voice] No I did not. – [Phone Voice] I trained
for six months to go onto America’s Got Talent. – Unfortunately, there’s no way to block 100% of the robocalls you receive. They’re constantly finding
new ways to get to you. But if you’re smart and proactive, you can drastically reduce
the amount you receive. – [Phone Voice] So you feel
like giving like an honest opinion on whether you think
my voice is nice or not. Are you cool with that?

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “How To Stop Robocallers

  1. It kills me when I hear someone say "But how did they get my number?". . . They didn't "get" your number, a computer just dials numbers sequentially and when someone answers, it's logged as a "live" number, then sold to more scammers. I also get a good laugh when someone says "But I'm on the Do Not Call Registry. Why are they still calling me?". The Do Not Call Registry has the same effectiveness as a stop sign. . . Those who obey the law will stop; those who couldn't care less about the law will not even slow down. Scammers are criminals. Criminals don't obey laws.

  2. They don't need your number. They just call ALL phone numbers. It's a computer. Report to FTC? LOL! They are fake numbers and usually off shore callers. What's the FTC going to do, send a fine to India!

  3. I have a better solution: I just don't answer my phone unless the caller is in my contacts list. I have a message that states: "You have reached 555-5555 if your call is important please leave a message and if I feel it is important I'll call you back" I went from 10 to 15 calls a day to 1 to 2 a week. I never answer my phone. And the DNC is useless.

  4. If they spoof their number how are you supposed to report them? This video was useless. The only thing you can do these days is set your phone to not notify you of a call unless it came from a number in your contacts list. If they're not in there, they go to voice mail.

  5. Btw guys, they use what's called a "demon dialer". It's been around forever. The computer just dials every number from 1001001000 to 9999999999. A computer can roll through that many numbers in a short time. Once you pick up, the number is logged to a database and then the harassment starts. And they sell your number to other companies that don't have the demon dialer technology. There is new technology to stop this but I'm not sure when it's going to get released.

  6. Oooh…….report them to the govt. The govt. is ineffective at protection the environment, the economy and the citizenry, but they're really going to take it to telemarketers. Useless.

  7. I’m really about to deactivate my phone number I blocked 20 numbers and get over 5 calls a day I even tried to mute the phone app it doesn’t even work🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Had an Indian keep calling so I blocked him. Then all his calls went directly to voice mail – 10+ daily. I just found wasting their time by going through the whole routine until I have to give info or allow access. Sometimes it's fun to just laugh at the end after 10 minutes of going along. If you act dumb about whats going on they just move on to the next step in the script. Have some fun once in a while……

  9. Maybe this is a silly question – but assuming I do block the number every time I get one of those calls, and knowing (as mentioned in the video) that they can "spoof" other numbers – is it possible that I'm actually blocking possible legit numbers that now won't be able to contact me?

  10. the fact you can just call any number you want at any time is kind of amazing people haven’t abused that privilege worse than they already have

  11. Someone make a video called, "How to stop fake youtube videos which purport to stop telemarketers" THEY CANT BE STOPPED!!!

  12. The police are more than willing to arrest people for being on either private property or government property even though you are on public property with a camera. Once the police are called by someone to report you the police consider you a possible criminal and need to be investigated for a crime or to be beat up if you don't do as they say; people have been even killed because they didn't lay down on the pavement or do exactly as told. . . some are treated as drug addicts even when there is no proof of drug addition or that person just left a medical study and is actually under the influence of some drug given by a licensed doctor doing a study at a hospital and these doctors have you sign a statement that you can't bring charges against them if you leave the premises and this person gets in a horrible accident and could have been killed after being hit by a semi on a major highway. The doctors doing this should be asked why do they release people from medical studies knowing an individual is under the influence of a drug they administered. . . and the patient should not be released for at least 24 hours???

  13. Already on do not call list but they still call and what good is reporting them if they have spoofed numbers?

  14. My latest strategy is to answer but say nothing. I think their recording is triggered by "Hello". So silence leads to a hang up on their part.

  15. Answer the call. Sound interested. Try to keep the person talking, and asking, or answering questions as long as possible. Then tell them you never buy, but will always waste their time when they call. You, will be put on their do not call list, BY THEM. They need sales to make money. You keeping them on the line, costs them money making time. They don't want to call you.

  16. Yeah like the person below me just said You can block the number all day long But that number will probably never get used again …Also Don't bother with the do not call list It is useless .As a matter of fact When I put myself on it it got worse

  17. just let your anger out on them
    .they start to make up excuses for what is going on and act like they are just mknding their own business. ask them if they want to meet you and if they need mental health counseling.

    Oh my god the FTC do not call list, what a joke.
    The VAST majority of robo calls come to my home phone NOT MY CELL PHONE.

  19. I have a whistle beside my phone. When scammers call me I listen to what they say and then tell them that I am a whistleblower. Then I blow the whistle as loud as I can. They won't call you again.

  20. I get a call from Kelly, she said hi this is kelly, I tell them good bye kelly Robo callers age getting bad, I guess Uncle Sam is not going after them anymore.

  21. #1. Don't give out number so easily. True in general but not gonna work. Phone numbers are not secret tokens, they are very easily obtained.

    What works for me is to register a number different from your current area code. For example, you live in DC, register a Missouri area code number. I know no body from Missouri… if it didn't leave a voice mail, blacklist it. This works for me right now because current robocallers use the same area code as a tactical way for people to pick up as the video described.

  22. Spectrum/Charter gives your number out also. The reason I know this is because my wife of 15+ years used her maiden name and middle name as her first. And she will get all kinds of phone calls for that name.

  23. Imo my cell phone number is not private information, anyone can have it all they have to do is ask or look hard enough for it on the internet, it's out there. But once you get my number and hell even if you legitimately know me, chances are pretty rare that I'll answer your call. I actually find ring tones incredibly annoying so I typically never answer a call unless I'm on my phone or expecting a call and even then I only answer people I feel like talking to. Typically that list is: my boyfriend, occasionally I'll answer my mom's call and of course I always answer a call from the from front gate of my apartment building. SO the only way I'll actually pick up is if you can spoof those 3 numbers. And even still, if you're not who aren't actually them, bye bye. I don't feel like talking. I actually typically hate talking unless I actually know the person.

  24. LOLOLOL Actually… There really is a way to get them to shut up… I answered the phone IN a fake accent & foreign voice, and any conversation – as a Christian, I just start speaking in my super natural language of tongues! They always hang up and they never called back. 🤣😣

  25. Their are only 10 billion combinations of numbers they can use as fake numbers, how many are we allowed to block? Someone needs to invent a call back that checks the number before you answer it. If you ever block your caller ID and call them back, it says "The number you have called is out or service (or not available)" so on. My poor wife receives about 30 calls a day and nobody can block them. Verizon is just useless in helping anyone.

  26. Get RoboKiller! It's totally worth it. And best of all, they don't call me anymore and RoboKiller is like $3 a month with the first month free.

  27. Don't answer a call from 0161 694 7530 they live in Manchester name of caller called me Gabriel

  28. I don't answer a number I don't recognize. If it's important they can leave a voice-mail. After a while, they give up.

  29. I don't answer the call if I don't know who they are . Usually I prefer a text message and my family or friends know that

    I had so many calls blocked . My phone died this week no one can call me now

  30. ROBOKILLER APP Invented Robocallers, how handy..
    It's like finding a cure for Cancer, WHY… makes NO Sence Say The Pharmaceutical Companies…

  31. Scammers use random numbers, just blocking one does not work. Neither does the dont not call list. Mess with the scammers and waste their time

  32. How to block robot calls, well I think 🤔 the government should get off of their lazy ass and go out and kill the people who robot call. That’s it.

  33. I heard some people play dial-up modem sounds into the microphone and that makes bots identify this number as fax number, and shouldn't call you again. Gonna have to try it out one day

  34. the REAL world this video is useless! Take for instance. After I've received these dumbass calls for over 2 years "EVERY…SINGLE…DAY" and I decided to speak with them…as they try to sell me insurance from the MAJOR companies they still call me. Sometimes I can receive up to 4 calls a day. I reported that "said" company to BBB and they said that the company that I reported does not use Telemarketers. Therefore BBB closed my case.
    The places were the calls that were coming from were from a different faraway states. Now they are in my area.

    I believe they get paid for each call because I used to work for a company who were LEGIT and the company got paid $65 for each call and they could care less how the customer felt getting countless phone calls.
    I left that company because they put me in COLLECTIONS and I did not want to ask people how much money they spend on babysitters and gas to go to work!
    The DO NOT CALL REGISTRY is USELESS! They won't let me sign in again because I signed up in 2006. I receive 2 calls a day for 3 years. Two days ago I received 5 calls. Today, I received only 3.
    I want those people PUT IN JAIL! I'll press charges!
    The callers now will not speak to me. They enjoy hanging up on me. I've had them HUSH me and tell me to SHUT UP when they spoke to me. I just fixed my voicemail in case I miss a call. Because I've been answering and hanging up and then blocking. It does NO GOOD!

  35. If you know this truth that telecom companies such as Jio, Airtel and Vodafone sells numbers and as a result users end up getting these spams calls. Do a part 2.

  36. Year late, but they just use another number. They have even called me from my own number claiming to be my provider. I went to my carrier seeking some action on their side, but they directed me to an internet help chat center, which directed me to a subscription based filtering service, go figure.

  37. If you’re bored and get calls like this Just annoy them like Tellin’ them They’re calling Subway And just hang up
    Blocking them..

  38. One after another… And another… And another… And another… And another… And another… 😳😖 Soooo annoying 🙈🙉😖😖😡😡🤮🤮

  39. That's why I only use my cellphone. If it's a number I don't recognize and I KNOW it's a robocaller? I immediately block it.

  40. Problem with 'just dont answer' is it means missing calls from legit doctor's appointments and such. You can;t ignore all unrecognized number,s or you lose a big utility aspect of your cell phone.

  41. I used to pick up all the time and once I picked up, and they just hung up…

    I got hella scared.
    I got several numbers like that throughout the month. Does that count as a robo call?

  42. The only way scam calls and Robo calls will end is if people stop picking up callers whose numbers they don't recognize. If it is an important call like your doctor's office, they will leave a voice mail message which you can check on later. If people continue to foolishly pick up calls they don't know, the scams and unwanted solicitation will continue.

  43. And now, these pieces of shit are bypassing your ringer entirely and dropping it directly into your voicemail box.

    Regardless, some things that I heard that do help are 1) DO NOT answer a number you don't recognize, and 2) Use a custom voicemail recording that sounds like a fax machine picking up, then at the end, the normal voicemail pickup message.

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