How To Stop Mindlessly Browsing The Internet

on today’s episode we talk about how to stop mindlessly browsing the Internet hey what’s up guys I’m about to speak at Newmont University let’s see how this goes hey what’s up guys cam here and today I’m coming at you from beautiful Boulder Colorado on Friday I had the pleasure of speaking at Newmont University all about how to quit playing video games in college and at least in my experience the talk went really well so I’m really excited about that I’m feeling a lot more confident about speaking more in the future and I just wanted to say thanks to Newmont and to everyone else who came out today’s question is about how to stop mindlessly browsing the internet which is a really common problem many of us will experience after we quit playing video games and the reason is because video games were such a major part of your life so if you remove that you still have to live your life and if you’re not intentional with how you’re going to feel that time you’ll go to what you know and what you knew was gaming but the next thing that you know is browsing the Internet especially because it’s a really good way to just kill a bunch of time so stop mindlessly browsing the Internet there are three steps you need to take but before I get into that remember this all starts with you and it starts with you being honest about why you’re doing what you’re doing why are you quitting playing video games you’re not doing it just so you can sit around me board all day browsing the internet you’re doing it because you want to start living your life to the fullest and gaming’s no longer giving you that sense of fulfillment that once did recently one of the members of the game coders forum his name is Joe observed that in a lot of my videos I’m in a really cool spot whether that’s with oceans or mountains or something like that like this spot right here now I’m doing that because I want to show you guys this amazing world that’s out there if you start exploring and being a bit more adventurous I want to show you spots that you can’t experience in a video game okay so here are the three steps you need to take if you want to stop mindlessly browsing the Internet the first step is you need to choose new activities that fulfill the same needs the gaming fulfilled for you now I believe there are three different types of activities you want to choose if you want to learn more about those check out respawn but one of the areas is something to do at home when you’re bored these are things like learning a new language reading drawing maybe learning how the program listening to different podcasts like the school of greatness or the Tim Ferriss show it’s best if you can do these activities off of the computer but intentionally choosing something to do at home is really important if you want to avoid boredom which is when you’re going to justify just sitting on the computer browsing the Internet step two is focus on engagement not entertainment browsing the air that comes from a place of you wanting to be entertained it comes from a place of you wanting to be stimulated it comes from that place of wanting instant gratification now this might work in a moment but over time it’s not sustainable and it’s not actually giving you what you’re actually after which is engagement which is fulfillment on this point is where a lot of people will compare gaming to TV they’ll say well gaming is not any worse than just sitting around and watching TV all day which I would agree with you but the point is not to sit around and watch TV all day it’s not to sit around and just browse internet the point is to start living your life it’s to start engaging with it it’s to start thinking about you know what do you actually really want to do remember sitting around and being entertained is not leading you to fulfilment and you know that because you’re watching this video right now to figure out how to stop mindlessly browsing the internet you need to separate between wine to be engaged and wanting to be entertained one way you can engage more is by focusing on what your goals and different projects are that you have so for me when I started learning how to DJ if I was just focused on entertainment I would do it for a couple minutes maybe 30 minutes and then I’d be like okay that was cool but now I’m bored again whereas when I launched the podcast and really started to focus on you know how could I create this to be the best mix possible that totally shifted my relationship and I would do it for hours and hours and hours and feel immensely passionate about what I was doing instead of just sitting around trying to be entertained and to kill time focus on engagement not entertainment finally when you feel an urge to procrastinate which is where a lot of this is coming from you need to be willing to sit with it louis c.k once said that the problem with our generation is it whenever we reach a bit of a block whenever we reach an obstacle we always want to escape it when the best strategy is actually to sit there and just be with it so for example I’m sitting at my computer editing this video and there’s a moment where I feel like ah like I just want to go check Facebook so in that moment it’s easy to justify going on Facebook and spending the next hour to just procrastinating on doing what I actually need to do which is to edit this video now after hearing louis c.k talk about that what I changed was instead of opening Facebook and seeing how long it would take me to get back into doing what I need to do what I did instead was I would open the browser close it and then get back to what I was doing or I would just sit there until I was ready to continue working on the video so the urges that we get their natural but what you want to focus on is instead of giving into it you just want to sit there and be there with it to recap the three steps you want to take to stop mindlessly browsing the Internet step one intentionally choose new activities especially ones you can do at home while you’re tired and bored step two focus on engagement not entertainment and step three when you feel on the urge to procrastinate when you feel an urge to open a new web browser and start mindlessly browsing sit there and be with it and don’t feel a need to escape it remember the computer is where your comfort zone is when you quit playing video games it’s easy to fall into the next comfortable thing which is browsing the Internet but remember that’s not the point the reason you quit playing games with something much more than just wanting to sit around and be bored all day think about the bigger picture how much longer are you going to procrastinate on doing what you really want to do how much longer are you going to allow yourself to just stay in your comfort zone and never actually go out and experience this amazing world and what it has to offer now to do that you need to start developing courage and that happens in baby steps and if you want some extra help with that check out the game Kors challenge that’s intentionally designed to help you develop courage and a bunch of other different skills if you check the link below halfway down the page I have some free chapters that can help you get started so I hope that helps you guys out and if it does make sure you hit thumbs up to help other people find this video make sure you hit subscribe and I’d love to hear from you in the comment section I love interacting with you guys in the comments so thanks to all of you who always comment on the videos I notice it and really appreciate it if you haven’t interacted with me yet make sure you say hi and I’ll hit you back I’m in Colorado for the next 10 days really excited to be here and then in two weeks I’ll be in New York City and there’s actually a bunch of us there so if you’re in the New York area hit me up because I’m gonna host a meet-up and get a bunch of us together that’s it for me today guys thanks for watching I hope you have a great week I’ll talk to you soon peace you

Danny Hutson

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