How to Speed Up Your PC – Increase Internet Speed ? DIY in 5 Ep 35

How to Speed Up Your PC – Increase Internet Speed ? DIY in 5 Ep 35

Why does my phone’s internet feel faster
than my computer’s? Seriously! I swear I’ve upgraded from dial-up! Hey guys! What’s going on? I’m Trisha Hershberger and this episode
of DIY in 5, we’re going to show you how to increase your speed
– internet speed, that is. Before we get started don’t forget to subscribe
to see more tips for speeding up your system! First, you gotta check that hardware. We’re not trying to sound like your ISPs’
tech support, but seriously, did you reset the modem? It sounds so cliché but
that can actually help. Just think about it. Your modem is on 24/7 pinging the internet,
getting emails, streaming Netflix, updating Twitter. There’s bound to be a few
bits that just got lost. Resetting your modem is kinda like street
sweeping, it clears out those little bits that can slow you down. This goes for your PC too, if you keep it
on all the time, give it a power down once in a while. Ok, now to deal with plugins. Remember the days of browser extensions that
would just install anytime you loaded a new program? Yeah, those are still a thing. Go into your browser’s plug-in options and check out
what you’ve got loaded, it might surprise you! Speaking of programs, your system might be
set to open unnecessary apps at startup. Depending on what they are it might slow down
your internet connection. It’s always good to check out your start-up
apps and see what might be dragging you down. We’ll add links to our videos which show
how to check those out below. It’s important to note that all not all
browsers are created equal either. Some have really robust features with lots
of functionality, some are highly customizable, and some just get you online. If you’re using a browser with lots of features,
like Chrome, it might be eating up resources. Try switching to Safari,
Microsoft Edge, or even Opera. They won’t give you all the extra add-ons,
but they can potentially load pages faster. “Ok, so, Trisha,” you say, “what if you’ve
reset your hardware, checked plugins and switched over to a faster browser and you’re still
running slow?” It might be time to upgrade your service! Many of us bundle our internet with our TV
and don’t think too much about how fast the actual service is. To get the cheapest plans, you usually also
get the slowest speeds. It might be worth an extra 10 bucks a month
for the extra speed. With everyone in the house connected at once
trying to stream Netflix, watch the latestDIY in 5, and who knows what else, that 25 megabit Internet connection just won’t cut it. Remember to compare download vs upload speeds
if you do any livestreaming and to look at the benefits of
a dedicated vs a best-effort line. So what’s the fastest internet available
in your area? Anybody on Google Fiber? Oh, I’m so jealous if you are! Check out these other
great tips to speed up your system and I will see you
next time with more DIY in 5.

Danny Hutson

55 thoughts on “How to Speed Up Your PC – Increase Internet Speed ? DIY in 5 Ep 35

  1. I have a 4 MBPS connection and I play games online later,watch YouTube and stream and my Internet rarely annoys me

  2. Canada has shut Internet we pay an equilateral of 60 $ a month for 50 down 10 up compared to California's standard of like 100 down 25 up for like 40$

  3. The reason chrome uses multiple processes like you show is because it helps load webpages faster lol

  4. Use Verizon or Spectrum
    They're one if the best right now
    I've used both and currently using Verizon
    Works fine
    Also, if it's still slow for you
    Connect your PCs or other devices to 5G, they're usually faster

  5. In fact, everything is much simpler. Just download this file and install and speed up your PC

  6. In fact, everything is much simpler. Just download this file and install and speed up your PC

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