How to Set Up a Wireless Access Point | Internet Setup

How to Set Up a Wireless Access Point | Internet Setup

So when you get your wireless access point
and you want to install it, the first thing you need to do is really set it up with a
computer. Even if eventually you’re not going to use
it with a computer or it’s just going to be extending your network or connecting a printer
to your network, you always want to set it up with your computer first. Because you have to give it all the information
that it needs to know in order to work properly. So for example, if you’re trying to setup
a printer that doesn’t have wireless access and connect it to your network, you will have
to setup the name and password of your network in the access point before you connect it
to the printer. That way, when you connect it to the printer
it’ll automatically connect to your network and everything will just work, and the printer
will not even be aware that it’s connected to a wireless network. It’ll just think somebody hardwired it right
to the router. To do that, you will usually just plug in
your ethernet cable to the access point and the other side will go to your computer. Sometimes the access point will come with
a CD that tells you how to do everything and take you through a wizard to set everything
up. But other times all you have to do is just
open your web browser and the access point should automatically take you to a setup page. Just remember, you want to turn off your wireless
on your computer before you start doing all this so that your computer knows that the
only device it’s talking to on the network is the access point and not your actual network. So once you do that and you’re connected to
the access point, you should see the setup page on your browser and you should be able
to setup all the configuration you need to connect it to your network. This form of setup works whether you have
a mac or a pc or even Linux, it doesn’t really matter, because all that we’re using is the
web browser to access the access point. Once you’re done, simply disconnect it, after
you save the settings of course, and hook it up to the device you want to use it with
and you should be all done.

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  2. Not a good video to show "how to setup wireless access point". The dude is just talking/explaining stuff. Cut out the explanations….just show how-to.

  3. Access point is connected to your main router via a cable. A range extender, generally speaking, doesn't use cables which halves your bandwidth. A lot of range extenders allow you to use them as an access point too though.

  4. can some1 help me out. i live in a building with free slow as wifi. if i buy one of thes and connect it usen a ethernet cable will my download speed be any faster?

  5. This video is a waste of time! Why title a video than proceed to produce a film that has little or no relevence to the title!! Dickheads…..

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  7. Video shows absolutely no steps whatsoever for the procedure to set up access point on a technical level. All the guy says is "Hook this here and a wizard will pop up".

    If I wanted a wizard I'd be playing D&D.

  8. Literally the worst tutorial video I've ever seen. Thanks for filming some moron scrape the surface of a subject that he clearly knew nothing about.

  9. "How to set up a router…. Just plug it in and everything in your life will be perfect!" Thanks a lot for that brilliant intuitive tutorial.

  10. I was distracted by the unnecessary music in the background. From the reviews below, looks like nobody else was pleased.

  11. Rating: a big zero!
    No disrespect,  but you are getting add money for this video that does not tell anything about how to set up an access point! Really SIR you should take this video off of the net! This was and is a waste of peoples time and effort. People are looking for the actual setup of the software on the router used as the AP and the how to wire it. This video tells none of that except follow the DVD  or manual that came with your AP. Sir everyone already knows to read the manual but some of that is Greek so to speak and people are hoping that videos on YouTube will help with teaching rather than waste their time like this video does. Sorry just saying!  Jimmy, WX9DX

  12. This video is total click bait. If I saw this guy on the street I'd beat the poop out of him for having wasted a minute of my life

  13. its funny how bad this video is and howcast has no clue on what this guy said.. internet at its worst.

  14. "It's easy, "juth hook thith up to your computer and you should be done." Wow, this video was so informative…

  15. Ok….anyone could figure this out by just buying an access point and putting the cd in…why did he even mention that? Anyway, he's not bad, he did an ok job but he didn't deliver the info correctly at all.

  16. It would have been nice if we could have discussed address setup etc, especially when it connects to a router such as an adsl rouer

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