How to Set Up a Modem | Internet Setup

So I’m going to take you a little bit through
how to setup and install your modem. The truth is, most of the time you’re not
really going to have to do this. Because when you call your Internet service
provider and set up an account, they will in most cases send a technician over to your
place to set everything up for you. But, it’s a pretty simple process if you do
decide to do it yourself. And when you get the modem from the either,
cable or DSL company, it will look like this little guy right here. And basically you just have to connect it
to three things. One, is power. So you just connect it to the wall. The other is your computer. On this particular modem we can connect it
either through ethernet or through USB. And the third is to connect it to the outside
world. In this case, this is a cable modem so I’m
going to connect it to a coaxial cable that comes out from the street to my apartment. And it’s also used by my TV and stuff like
that. The other kind of modem is a DSL modem which
will look pretty much identical but instead of a coaxial cable, it will have a little
phone connection. One final thing to mention is a little bit
about troubleshooting. So like I said, modems are a pretty simple
device but sometimes they do break or they do stop working. Nine times out of ten, the best way to fix
this is to simply unplug from the power adapter right here, wait two minutes, and plug it
back in. After a few seconds all the lights should
come back up on the front and it should be working again. That’s it about setting up your modem.

Danny Hutson

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