How to Set Up a LAN Network | Internet Setup

How to Set Up a LAN Network | Internet Setup

So today I’m going to talk to you about LAN
setup basics. And LAN is basically local area network. We’re talking about a local TCP/IP network
that connects all your computers to each other and to the Internet. Now to do that I’m going to need something
like this which is a router. This is a wireless router, but it’s also a
wired router which basically every wireless router is. You always have these four ports in the back
that will connect to any computer or any networking devices you have that doesn’t have wireless
capability to it. So I’m going to take a bunch of ethernet cables. And I’m going to use them to connect, first,
to my Mac. And that goes right in here. And then, to my PC, and back here. Now this router is basically negotiating the
connection between the Mac and the PC and allowing them to exchange information with
each other. The last thing I want to do is hook up my
router to my cable modem so that I can get Internet. Now my cable modem is connected to my router
giving it Internet, and my router is using that Internet and sharing it between all the
computers that are on the network whether they’re wired or wirelessly. I can also connect to this router my phone
or my tablet and it just makes life a lot easier. That’s basically how a LAN works.

Danny Hutson

45 thoughts on “How to Set Up a LAN Network | Internet Setup

  1. After connecting the cable, it'd be a good idea to issue these commands in cmd.exe (command line ) in OS – Windows.
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew

  2. But if you wan't to connect someone who's not in the room but in another building, they can't be connected with the router wirelessly right? what do you do then? do you work with Logmein?

  3. i have a desktop and a laptop too. i want to connect them both via wireless switch and want to share my desktop hard drive with laptop. how it can be done. plz help……[email protected]@@
    suggest me the type of switch……

  4. I have a weird problem. I have a 100mbit fiber modem connected into a router. One cable goes from the router to a computer. One cable goes from the router to a switch, to which 3 other computers are connected. Now, the problem is that I cannot access the shared folders on that first computer (connected directly to the router) from a computer connected to the switch. However, I can access a computer behind the switch from the first computer (the opposite direction, simply). I can see the computer in the network, but when I try to access it, it's like it can't be found. But like I said, only from one direction, not the other. Anyone have any thoughts on this? They're all windows7. The router also acts as a WiFi connection for cellphones and game consoles.

  5. oh really!!! great tutorial for the housewife. I know how to make babies and now… thanks to you connect a few wires!!!!

  6. Appreciate your info, Yoaz! Surprised to find this access to my Speed Geek, go-to NYC tech assistant, now that I live in Florida!!

  7. This video sucked

    Im over here asking how to connect to a router that is 50 feet away and this dude teaching me how to plug in a wire.

    Looking back on this, that was really offensive. Im very sorry… ❤

  8. Theouble shooted computer is says

    Plug an Ethernet cable into the computer


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