How to Sell Products Online

How to Sell Products Online

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “How to Sell Products Online

  1. Google Ad words are a bit of a mystery to me, but I see their value – would love to hear more about utilizing them!

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  3. Very cute and informative. I learned how to target my keywords towards my audience, and to keep sign-up info above the fold. Nice!

  4. if selling online is your passion or at least something you wish to pursue, doing some research online will go a long way in your success.
    You might think you have the best product in the world to sell, but there might already be some sellers who are selling similar items already at a competitive price.
    Your research, competitive pricing, titling, keywords, photos, descriptions, choice of marketplace ……..these are just a few aspects you need to consider while pursuing your dreams to be an online seller. good luck to you my friends.


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  8. Happy holidays! Ho! Ho! Jo! The 2 biggest well 3 insights for me: Google Ad Words! offer what the clients want! Partnerships!

  9. Loved this video! Im still learning the art of selling online. I was just curious, what is your ballpark average monthly run rate?

  10. Two things learned

    Google Adwords to see how many people are searching specific words.

    Place my opt in option on my website at a better location.

    Thanks again

  11. two things I learnt is the keyword on Google never thought of that and and put your ads at the top of the PGA helped a lot thanks 😄😄

  12. you are so funny! I had to pause n laugh before continuing…
    I learned to form relationships in my genre And to use the keyword tool. Merci, Marie!!

  13. Google adword works great. catering to your customers with advertisement and promotions at the top of your page really good advice for the phone is way up a business website happy lifetimes to all subscribe for more video regarding the nature of reality by Caesar aparicio

  14. 1st, the header placement for my new product launch. 2nd, Search for more direct keywords that apply to micro markets.

  15. Hello
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  16. Using easy keywords for those who are searching things that maybe my product and offers that will definitely catch the eye of the buyers.

  17. Love your videos! So inspiring. I have the same issue trying to merge ideas. I talked about this out loud and got a similar answer with an idea I had. I think talking things out with niche people or other like minded business owners is important. I learn so much when collaborating with others online.

  18. thanks Marie. 2 big things i have learned are google adword tool and partnership with other related biz. that was so greattt

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  20. The first thing I learned is I'm not alone in my crusade, and there are people like you out there with a hand outstretched towards me in alliance.

    I'm about to make my family very proud, stumbling acrossed you just now, I appreciate your mere existence.

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  22. cool…..beautiful with brain combined with your sense of humor cuteness your absolutely wow this girl is hot ….. ^_^

  23. Why is Marie Forleo constantly channeling black culture (rap, hiphop) when there's nothing black or hiphop about her? Could it be that she needs to draw on other "cool" cultures just to speak without sounding boring? 2:18

  24. Partnerships with like minds ,networking ,use simple language instead of technical terms and I heard of the google word search tool but I really liked how it was applied in this situation to both track how many potential customers you can get and which words should be used in promoting.

  25. Very informative. Thanks. I am starting a book selling business and I think the secrets here will be very helpful

  26. Dear Marie loved this video about doll's house food. Please could you help me .
    I have a brand new NEVER WORN HERMES BEIGE Box leather
    Kelly 35 vache Naturel CC
    It was values by HERMES in Geneva this last Christmas at Swiss Francs 8'150.-
    PLEASE could you tell me where I should sell it
    Or Facebook

    I have no experience selling online so I thought I would ask your advice in the hope you might see this. ImMy email is: [email protected]

    My thanks in advance
    Maureen Pilkington

  27. Ooh I learned to sell things that are most in line with what your market really wants.
    Also, Google keywords is a must.

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  29. Thank You Marie for this great video. I watched many of your videos and I learn something each time. Wishing you Bright Blessings!

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  31. Please stop the next time you feel like performing AAVE (African American Vernacular English). It's offensive and inappropriate.

  32. Thank you for the video! I have two questions, 1. How did to get a trade mark and how much is it? 2. How to get a website set some say word press and I'm not sure if its the same thing, also what is a good price to pay? These two things I am having the hardest time with.

  33. I do accept what the previous commenter said – definately not straight forward than it sounds to profit from foreign exchange and you may be likely to make a loss.
    Be cautious and take advice from others that have already succeeded. I looked many websites and found plenty of good advice by searching google on websites like Rapid Flipper Tactic. Good luck and hope you make some cash!

  34. Awesome advice Marie … perfect timing for me as I’m about to build my site! You really rock this space … thanks for EVERYTHING.

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