How to Reset a Router | Internet Setup

How to Reset a Router | Internet Setup

Today I want to talk to you about resetting
your routers. Routers are wonderful things, and they give
all our computers access to the Internet, but sometimes they get slow or they just stop
working altogether and in most cases the solution is resetting them. So there are a few ways to reset your routers. The first one is to simply unplug it. So every router is connected to the power
so you can just take out the plug and wait a second and then put the plug in and that
will reset it pretty effectively. Some routers have a switch on them, like this
one, so I can actually just flip the switch to off and on and the router will reset itself. Another way is by using this rare and handy
tool called a paper clip. You can just unfold it a little bit to get
the sharp point out and sometimes there will be a little reset switch right here that I
can just click and that will reset the router. Now the reason we have this reset switch,
even though we can reset the router in other ways, is because sometimes we have to do something
called a hard reset. The hard reset, what it will do is it will
wipe out the memory of the router. It will clean up so it will go back to being
the way it was when we first bought it from the store. The way we do a hard reset is by leaving the
router connected and turned on, and then taking the clip, and putting it in there. Pushing the button down for ten seconds and
that’s it! Once we’re done the router will reset itself
and completely forget all of the settings you put into it. This is a really good trick in case you lose
the password, or forget the settings, or don’t know how to access your wireless network anymore
or maybe a friend just gave you an old router and you don’t want to have his settings on
it, so you want to wipe it clean and kind of have a fresh start. Once you reset the router, because all the
settings go back to the default state, it would be wise to first go to the manufacturer’s
website and download the manual so you can know the default username and password and
IP address of the router so that after you reset it you will have access to it. So that’s a little about how to reset your

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100 thoughts on “How to Reset a Router | Internet Setup

  1. You can reset your router in two ways: Soft Reset And Hard Reset. Only you need to follow some simple steps
    I hope this will helps you

  2. I used my neighbors hypodermic needle to reset the router bc we didn’t have a paper clip and it bent and stabbed me and she now tells me she has hepatitis c. Can I sue this guy for posting this video and making me get hep c?

  3. I have Verizon and my WiFi password wont connect to my fire stick at all…it won’t connect to my ps4 either but I use a ether cord for that I tried almost everything I could really use some help!

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  5. Does it help me solve the problem about the router having just one light in it, the power light to be exact? I am so scared to know that it is my fault why we don't have an internet connection at this moment?

  6. I could not find any paper clips so went bought some from walmart then poked my finger with the sharp end then i could not find the reset button and when i found it i was surprised the clip went missing i finaly found it and when i tried resetting it got stuck inside i tried hard tobtake it out and i finally was able to but i was surprised it broke and left a piece inside .. now im googling what to do next…

  7. Thanks for this informed video I was wondering if you have a Gmail account or a WhatsApp number for more questions about modems thanks again

  8. He's confusing the world reBOOT with reSET. No need to call it a "hard reset." Also, it needs to be plugged in when doing the reset (in most cases).

  9. I press it the reset button and it not working. Damm it changing the settings I then destroyed the machine

  10. Does a hard reset still keep your WiFi password, cause I don’t want to wipe out the WiFi password

  11. Should I unplug the power before I press and hold the reset button ? or I should press and hold the reset button while the router is turned on ??

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