How to Report Cyber Crime Complaint Online in India | Cybercrime reporting portal

How to Report Cyber Crime Complaint Online in India | Cybercrime reporting portal

Welcome to our very own channel #TechJaison This video is really going to be informative Make sure you watch the video till the last Don’t skip the video In this video, I’m gonna show you a way in which you can report to any type of CyberCrime Online Which you, your parents siblings, neighbours or anyone you know has encountered with Only limitation to this Webiste is that You can only report to the crimes which has took place in India or crime commited by any Indian The main motive of this video is As crimes online are increasing day-by-day in each and every social media you can mention, like a telegram, Instagram, Whatsapp facebook, and even Tiktok in few cases There are scams going in all social media Sites which I have mentioned Types of scams are, Cheap rate products Netflix accounts , pubg uc, etc. these scams are going throughout the Internet This is an awareness video on what to do if this happens with you please do report to this site this is an official website from Government of India Types of Cybercrime you can report There are two main sections 1) Women Safety which allows reporting of any type of Injustice to women like Rape and GangRape There’s a separate section for that You can report by giving your details and you can also Report Anonymously 2)Cyber Terrorism, Scam Email / Computer Hacking These are two main divisions I will do a live reporting of a scam that happened with me I’ll demonstrate what you’ve to fill and how to fill How to frame sentences There’s no other video on the Internet This is the first video, I’m making why I’m making this video in English is this site allows only English Reporting Before starting with the video If you haven’t subscribed to our Channel DO Subscribe and hit the bell icon Let me tell about the crime I’m reporting today There’s a telegram channel with 40k subscribers Reason for reporting they’re selling products at cheap rates and products like DSLR, laptops, mobiles are sold. I ordered a product from them His username is Unity2king I’ve mentioned all this in description I gave an order for JBL Speaker and a dslr worth 3000$ at just 100$ That product never reached me This is the reason for reporting I’m on my laptop screen Today’s date 2nd -Nov – 2019 & Time is 08:19 the website name is Hope you understood how to report a crime online If you have queries Comment down below And I’ll help you out I’ve mentioned all details in the description below About scammers from different social media Please don’t buy products online be any third party Hope you enjoyed this video If you enjoyed Do subscribe to our channel

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