Danny Hutson

17 thoughts on “How to Remove Referrer spam and Fake Traffic from Google Analytics

  1. Great video. What about other bots/ spiders not covered by Google and not referrer spam? Could you go into your technology report and search for hits with 0 time on site.

  2. As always, thanks for sharing the knowledge Julian. Somewhat related to this — would you know how best to handle Google OAuth logins that end up listed as Referrals in GAnalytics data? Since we use OAuth for our sign in, some of our e-commerce data is being attributed to accounts.google.com. Any way to get around this?

    I've tried adding it to the Referral Exclusion List under Property > Tracking Info but seems like it isn't fully effective (it lessened by around 20%, but not fully).

  3. After creating a new view there was no data available in it (without any filter). I read that this is "normal" because new views do not have historical data. True? When I add a new filter it changes actually the data not just the view on it? So after deleting a filter it the data would not go back to the status before? True? Thx!

  4. Thank you, very helpful, but now after adding 2 more segments i cannot view my data anymore, all i see is the those segments data, please advice?

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