How to Record & Print Checks | QuickBooks Online 2018 Tutorial

How to Record & Print Checks | QuickBooks Online 2018 Tutorial

If you made a purchase using a handwritten check, or you want QuickBooks to print a check for you, you need to enter a check in QuickBooks. To do this, open the Create menu and then select Check. The first thing you enter on a check is the payee, this is who you’re paying with the check. Click in the drop down arrow. You can chose from a list of the people that you do business with or you can also enter a new name here. I’m going to chose TXUN energy from the vendors list. Then right here, you can choose the bank account from which you are spending money. And you can also see your balance with that bank account. Here you see the payment date, if this is a handwritten check, this is the date that you wrote the check. Or if you plan on printing this check out of QuickBooks, it is today’s date. Over here on the right, if Print Later is selected, this check will be entered onto the print queue, so you can print it later either by itself or in a batch with other checks. By unselecting this box you can also enter a check number. So if this is a hand written check you should always enter the number of the hand written check right here. We’re gonna print this check out later. Down here in the account details, you enter the reason why you’re writing this check. In our case, we’re writing a check for utilities, electricity. And in the description, you can enter a more elaborate description of why it is you’re spending this money. Right here in the amount field, you enter the amount of money you’re spending. We are writing a check for $34.61. Now Save and close. This records to the check in QuickBooks. But we also need to print it out, to see the print queue select the create menu and then underneath the vendors chose Print Checks. Right here you can see all of the Checks that have been mapped to be printed. And here’s our check to TXU energy. To print this out just select Preview and print. And then QuickBooks opens the print window, so we can print out all of these checks. Clicking print will print the checks and then afterwards you can confirm whether or not they were printed correctly. When the check is cashed at a later date, QuickBooks downloads that transaction from the bank as well. And it gets downloaded into the banking center. Let’s scroll down a bit and see how QuickBooks deals with that cashed check. Right here we can see that we had a transaction that was downloaded on 10/7/2017, so two days after we wrote that check, and this transaction is to TXU Energy for $34.61. By clicking on it, we can see that QuickBooks has now matched the downloaded transaction to the check that we wrote. This ensures that the transaction will not be counted twice. So, our manually entered version of the check and the downloaded transaction will both be matched together so they don’t get entered twice. By clicking Match, we’re gonna confirm the fact that this downloaded transaction is also the check that we just wrote. Even when you use online banking, you still need to enter handwritten and printed checks manually into QuickBooks. [MUSIC]

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