How to Record Interviews ONLINE (Mac & PC!)

How to Record Interviews ONLINE (Mac & PC!)

Danny Hutson

52 thoughts on “How to Record Interviews ONLINE (Mac & PC!)

  1. Glad I've got my notifications on 👊 Zoom has been a game changer. Your tips at the end were gold. Thanks Justin 🎬

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  3. Love 0:50 "Stealing my blood. I need that to live" was my favorite moment. lol. So glad you left that in there. Great tips too. I'm planning some collaborations and these may be good options for some of it. You guys know your audience. Great to see an appearance by Mike in the B roll, too!

  4. Justin, Thank you so much for this video!
    Not only are your reviews and knowledge so good but you pick topics which are important and very useful to us
    Take care, Pete

  5. Very helpful. Thank you. Justin Brown, I'm just curious, how long have you had this channel? I just discovered it recently.

  6. Great video Justin … BUT … when you say piece of software and reference Pamela … piece of something else comes to mind. Being a PC user I needed a reliable recording solution for my interviews and they looked promising – unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. Constant crashing, freeze ups, corrupt files were some of the problems and complete LACK of customer support.

  7. Thank you Justin.. I may propose this to my company for our interviews vs flying them over. As always, great tutorial and tips too!

  8. Hey Justin, thanks for this. Great tips. Do you have a video on how to interview someone on YouTube live streaming? I've looked on your video library but couldn't see anything, but I might have missed it. Thanks!

  9. Great tutorial. My option (#5) would be to use Screenflow or Camtasia to record both the screen (with Quicktime) and myself with a webcam, and have all the neat editing features available with screen recording software. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with two webcam and my Panasonic G7 to give me two camera angles…cool. I have a friend in China that i’ll be having a Skype call with in a couple of days. It will be fun trying your tips. THANKS!

  10. Great video. I have a full Zoom subscription and just used Zoom to do cloud recording for an hour interview. I was shocked that Zoom sent me an error message that my recording was too big for my account capacity, even though I'd bought the full Zoom account and the interview was just an hour — and I had nothing else stored in the Zoom cloud. Have you run into this limitation yourself? I did have four people in the interview, not just two.

  11. Another great reason to use Zoom…it has a soft focus option which makes you look great! It cuts down the harshness of the HD camera yet it doesn't look cheesy.

  12. The Webcam Settings App is a great recommendation, I had not heard of it before. Thanks very much! – Dane

  13. Hi Could you please make a video on how to set up OBS to use it to record video interviews from Zoom? I'm very confused about what settings I should use, especially when it comes to choosing whether to optimize for streaming or optimize for recording in the Auto-configuration wizard

  14. As always Justin, a really useful video. You don't mention Camtasia as one of the recording options? Is there something different with using it compared to the others you recommend?

  15. Excellent video once again! This one was quite special as I have been wondering what the best type of program to use with video call interviews AND how to record it.
    FYI, the link you have listed to Pamela, sends you to PamFax. The URL should be
    Cheers anyways!

  16. This link: "Pamela Skype Call Recorder: "
    goes to 'PamFax' page:
    Correct link is this:

  17. I think Pamela is not working on Skype anymore, since the API Desktop has finally been dicontinued.

    Any suggestions for alternatives?

  18. Your title animations are amazing. What type of software do you use and do you have a training course for the animations?

  19. good stuff BUT what if the company im interviewing for says to use just google chrome? and Im not interviewing with a person, just answering questions, my google wont pick up the video, I dont know if I have a camera on my pc, its a good new model

  20. Is the recording feature on zoom only for the premium version? Where does it save the video if it's on pc?

  21. Hey guys, if I am using Call Recorder to record a group call (3 people), would i receive three separate files for each speaker at the end? or this only applies to a call of two? Thank you guys.

    Hi Justin, thank you for the video. It's really informative, short and helpful.

  22. Thank you so much for this Justin! I need to do interviews online and have been worried about how to make them look engaging when there is no movement. Will be trying your tips!

  23. Hi Justin, thanks for this video, it was very helpful to me as I prepare for some interviews that I want to record on my iPhone. Do you know if OBS will work on a smartphone by the way? Or is it only for desktop use?

  24. With Zoom. You can give the guest the option to “Allow Record” so they won’t need to use another application and they can save to their desktop for the higher quality

  25. Could you please do a video on how to do the same using android phone on both sides please and absolutely no other equipment.

  26. Thank you Justin! This is really helpful. I might be looking for a unicorn but I was wondering if you knew of a solution that allows you to use a separate camera that you can use for a Zoom interview while simultaneously recording to a native sd card in the camera. Is that possible? If I'm interviewing people who aren't technically savvy it would be good to have a dummy proof option so I could see and web record what I'm getting during the interview and then get the higher quality footage when I get the camera back. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I appreciate it.

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