How to Raise Your Frequency and Increase Your Vibration – Teal Swan

How to Raise Your Frequency and Increase Your Vibration – Teal Swan

Hello everyone. You’ve heard us again and again talk about how important it is, in terms of living the life that you want to live, to raise your frequency. But I get a lot of emails asking how do you go about raising the frequency. That is what today’s video is about. Consciousness and vibrational frequency go hand-in-hand. When you’re in a low-frequency, you’re in a decreased state of consciousness,
your perception is limited. When you’re in a high frequency, you’re in an increased state of consciousness, and your perception is heightened. The lower your vibrational frequency, the less you are able to comprehend, because your ego is restricting the flow of life-force, and source energy. It’s also restricting the flow of intuition and love through your mind and body. The higher your vibrational frequency, the more you are able to comprehend because you are allowing a greater flow
of life force, through your mind and body. Holding the high vibration and radiating love,
that is unconditional and non-judgmental love, raises the consciousness of all those who come into contact with your energy field. Your emotions
are a biochemical feedback system. Your emotions,
are created to reflect to you, at all moments of the day,
what your vibration is. So you can think of vibration in terms of negative and positive. There are a billion different frequencies within that range. But what’s most important, when you’re thinking about increasing your vibration, is that you distinguish between what negative vibration is and what a
positive vibrations is. And the way you’re gonna know that is
how you feel. If you feel an emotion which does not feel good,
that is a low vibration. If you’re in an emotion which feels good, that is your biochemical indication
that you are in a high vibration. So increasing your vibration is about
causing yourself to feel, positive emotion. So what is it that creates emotion? It’s thoughts. Your emotions reflect your thoughts, and thoughts are a vibration. So you in your life are picking thoughts which either vibrate at a high frequency or a lower frequency. Anywhere in between really. But we want to think about
what thoughts we’re thinking, that cause us to feel good or cause us to feel not so good. If you want to increase your vibration, the absolute trump card
is to choose thoughts which cause you to feel emotionally good. Nothing is more important than the thoughts you are thinking and whatever you’re paying attention to or focusing on. This is what enables a person to maintain a super high frequency, while interacting with people who hold a super low frequency. You cannot focus on things that cause you to feel bad,
and hold a high vibration. You must focus on things that make you feel good to hold a high vibration. I’ll give you a personal example. I have many clients which are in the hospitals. I am going absolutely no good for myself or for them if I walk into the room and immediately focus on the injustice that the insurance companies are doing to them, their state of incredible illness, or the deep suffering that they’re in. When I do this I am not practicing unconditional love for them I am focusing negatively towards them and their situation. When I do this, not only
am I not lending to their health, but I’m also not able to be present for them, which is really what people need
when they’re in a low vibration. They need you to be totally present, they need you to be reflecting what unconditional love and positivity looks like. If I walk into a hospital room with someone who is suffering, and I focus on their suffering instead of wellness, my frequency will immediately decrease. What do we do instead? We walk into the room and we focus on
our vision of them in a perfect state of health. We focus on anything that would bring them more relief. We focus on the truth that they are eternal beings, who are powerful creators
and we focus on how good it feels to hold someones hands as they make their
transition, potentially even into death, while looking into their eyes and telling them without words there’s nothing to be
afraid of, and that they are not alone. By doing this
you can be fully present for them. You are offering them unconditional love and energy with the high vibration
that comes with that kind of focus. If you are currently focused on negative thoughts, one of the best things to do is to meditate. When we are meditating we’re stopping thought, and it’s much easier to go from a negative space to stopping the thought to positive, than jump the gap of the grand canyon and go from a negative focus to appear positive focus. So meditation works really good. Alternatively you can do what is called stepping into the observing mind. That is without judging, without criticizing
your thoughts you just sit there, and remove yourself from them and observe them. Now when you observe something without judgement what you’re doing is, you are
looking at a thought and not really investing in it. When we invest in a thought what we’re doing is
attaching to the idea that being true or not true. When you’re watching your thoughts it’s not about whether they’re true or not
true. They are just thoughts. So you’re watching them go buy a kind of like clouds in the sky. Don’t judge what you observe or feel, this is stepping outside the ego mind. Allow your ego to express whatever it needs, whether it’s rage, grief
self righteousness whatever it is,
let it come out. Writing out your feelings could also be helpful, so do that. If you need to cry or yell or punch a pillow or do whatever you need. What you’re doing here is discharging the energy. You can’t resist anything that comes up on the basis of it not being nice. Just consider this process discharging. You know best what puts you in a high vibrational frequency. In other words you know best what you enjoy, what causes you to feel positive emotion. So you should trust yourself,
above all else that I’m about to list. The things we could do to increase our vibration are literally endless. But i’m going to give you some suggestions as to how you can raise your
vibrations, based on what I am looking at when I’m watching people vibrationally, in general. One: Make conscious positive changes,
in your lifestyle, beliefs, fears and judgments. Use your intuition on this one, because you most likely know
what kinds of things you potentially have to change in your life, in order to live in high frequency. 2). Music is one of the most amazing vibrational tools we have. because it crosses all boundaries and it’s kinda sidestepping the ego. The ego does not resist the high-frequency of music. So when you use music you’re causing your own vibration to entrain with the
frequency of the music you’re listening to. So then it’s all about being really honest about what music makes you feel
good. Three: Spend time near people, places, things which hold a high-frequency in and of themselfs. These could be spiritual teachers, they could be friends, it could be animals, it could be crystals. Nature is a good example of something which holds a very high frequency, because nature is in a state of non-resistance. Anytime you’re spending time around something with a higher frequency, you were being caused to entrain with that higher frequency. 4; Anything that is inspiring is going to raise your frequency. So read books that cause you to feel good about yourself in the world, watch movies
that make you feel good and inspire you and listen to spiritual teachers, that
inspire you and cause you to awaken to your own magnificence. 5; Exercise. Physical movement not only causes energy
to move through and oxygenate your brain, it stimulates the release of endorphins,
which are frequency elevating chemicals, as witnessed by the way that
they move you into joy. Make sure that you do an exercise
that you like doing, not an exercise that you’re forcing yourself to do, because that’s going to
be counter to raising your frequency. 6; Aromatherapy or color therapy. Just like music causes you to entrain with the frequency of the music. Aromatherapy
and color therapy causes you to entrain with the frequency of whatever
ingredient went into the aroma or the frequency of the color that you’re looking at. 7: Write in a positive aspects journal or a gratitude journal. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a journal if you have a difficult time
writing, I just found that the writing process is very good at helping you to hold a high frequency, because the effort it takes to put pen to paper
is strengthening the vibration of whatever you’re focused on. But you can if you’d like just do this via focus. For example when you’re
driving in your car you could just do a scavenger hunt for positive aspects. So you could drive around and basically
approach the world like this. It is my dominant intention to look for things which I’m wishing to see. Which makes me feel good when I look at it. So you might be driving and say: “Oh I like the color of that car.” Or you might be driving and say: “I like the fact that that mother was holding
her child’s hands.” Whatever it is that you like
that you’re looking at. That’s focusing positively and it’s going to cause your vibration to increase. The reason that it is so important to be an attitude of gratitude
or state of appreciation
or positive focus, is because the state of appreciation is the exact vibration match to the
vibration of source energy. It is pure unconditional love,
when you’re looking at something with an attitude of appreciation. So anytime you take that kind of focus you are causing yourself to resonate with
the highest frequency that there is. 8: Spent time in water. Light is the manifestation which holds the closest vibration to that of
pure source energy. Water is only second to that. It’s vibration is so close
to that of pure source energy, that any time you spent time in water
you’re going to be resonating in a very close frequency to source itself. This is why it feels so good to take a shower
or take a bath. And that’s why we had the association of the kind of cleansing us it’s because it vibrationally does. 9: Practice random acts of kindness. Many of you saw the video which I released two weeks ago on
practicing random acts of
kindness. It’s my video titled challenge.
Anytime you are projecting
and radiating love outwards, you are in a high vibration. It’s one of the best things you can do to increase your vibration 10: Inquiry Any questioning you do, will bring you to a higher and higher levels of awareness and set you free from the allusion of fear and limits. The more you know yourself and the more you get outside the box by being deeply
introspective, the easier it becomes to permanently hold a high frequency. 11: Laugh and smile. Anything you can do or think or say
or watch or be around, that causes you to smile or laugh, is automatically going to increase your vibration. Laughter you could think of is the byproduct of an increased vibration. So what happens when the increased vibration, causes you to discharge some of that positive energy. So spend time really trying to seek out those things which cause you to smile
and laugh. You’re going to have to dedicate yourself to happiness
and prioritize your own personal happiness about everything else, if you
really care to raise your frequency. If you are dedicated to raising your frequency, you can’t afford the luxury
of a negative thought. If you have a negative thought however,
you should never resist it. By getting frustrated that you had it,
you are resisting. Resistance. In other words you’re fighting fire with fire. So, just accept that you are where you are. Express it in a healthy way
and then move in the direction of feeling better emotionally. Anything that brings you joy is going to help raise your frequency. But I want you to remember something very important. When it comes to raising your frequency, it isn’t the other thing that you are spending time around, that’s causing your frequency to raise. Because nothing can impose inself on your reality. So all that’s happening, when you’re introducing something like music, or an aroma, or a person, is that that thing is offering
it’s high vibration. It is your choice now to assume or adopt that vibration as your own
and to entrain with it. That is always a choice, sometimes it doesn’t feel conscious that we make that choice, but it is always a choice. You are the one who is ultimately
increasing your vibration. Nothing else can cause you to do that. You’re simply using that other thing, such as music or a aroma or a person
as an excuse to raise your own frequency, by accepting the offering
of that higher frequency and then matching it. Raising your frequency is not as hard as it may sound. It doesn’t take occult knowledge and mastery. It simply takes the sensitivity to tune into your emotions, continual introspection to become more conscious and aware
and the commitment
to your own personal happiness. Remember that your emotions
are the indicator of what your frequency
and your vibration is. So the better you feel
the higher your vibration is. It’s really as simple as that. Have a good week.

Danny Hutson

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