How to Quit Playing Video Games in 60 Seconds

How to Quit Playing Video Games in 60 Seconds

On today’s episode we talk about how to quit playing video games in 60 seconds. Hey, what’s up guys. Cam here, and today I’m coming at you from Moab in Utah. Here’s how to quit playing video games in under 60 seconds. There are five different steps you need to take. First, you need to understand why you play games. And there are four reasons. First, they give you a temporary escape. They help you deal with stress and they help you get away from your situation, whatever that is. Next, they’re social. They’re your sense of community, they’re how you hung out with your friends, and how you meet other like-minded people. Third, you see constant measurable growth. This is a feedback loop. This is all about instant gratification, and you get to see your progress. Finally, they’re a challenge. They give you a sense of purpose, a mission, and a goal to work towards. So now that you know why you play, you need to find those needs in other activities. You need to find new activities to give you an escape, help you make friends, give you a sense of progress and to give you a sense of purpose. Next, you wanna plan ahead. Make sure you follow a schedule, have a daily agenda. This will help you not sit around and feel bored all day long, which is when you’re gonna wanna play games. Next, you wanna distance yourself from games. Don’t follow gaming news, unsubscribe from streams, and find new ways to interact with your gamer friends. Finally, make sure you join a support community. That could be to StopGaming subreddit or the GameQuitters forum. Finding other like-minded people going through the same journey as you is really important if you wanna quit. So I hope that helps you guys out and if you’re looking for more information on this, that dives a lot deeper into each of these concepts, make sure you grab a copy of my guide called “Respawn”. Respawn will teach you a lot of different stuff but one thing that it will teach you is three different types of activities you need to replace gaming with and other important steps to take to avoid a relapse. Thanks for watching, I’ll talk to you guys soon. Peace!

Danny Hutson

66 thoughts on “How to Quit Playing Video Games in 60 Seconds

  1. Put your addiction to use and learn game development. If you can become a game developer you’ll make money which is better than gaming all day for nothing. Not saying everyone do this but if you like development then this field will suit you. Not easy at all but pretty rewarding

  2. Video games isn't all about having fun. For example, I'm on the top of the leaderboards in Fortnite. And what drives me to keep on playing is getting better and better placed on the leaderboards. And it's also pretty fun most of the time. Gaming isn't always a bad thing just because we don't always have a super good time playing games.

  3. Makes a lot of sense, the escape part really applied to me. So I quit video games and replaced them with black tar heroin. Good vid!

  4. But seriously, quitting video games is easy, filling the void with something better than jerking off and browsing reddit is the hard part. A lot of things that are psychologically healthier to fill the void with often aren't as accessible or affordable, that's part of the problem.

  5. 1. Are you escaping?
    2. Is this your social outlet
    3. Do your games easily measure your progress?
    4. Are they challenging and provide a purpose?
    5. Is there an incentive dangling about your head? (eSports cash prize, streamer fame, being the best, etc; while not a bad thing most never achieve this level of success)

  6. Who else watched this shit all determined. Stopped for a week

    And then said why am I doing this and played again

  7. rofl that face omg that face. seriously you are telling me how to stop playing games in 60 seconds and all i can see is that bloated up face with the big nose on the screen lol. and sorry you are wrong about many things here i play single player jrpgs for the story. its not an escape as i still hang out with friends. you are really funny lol. also youtube WHY THE FUCK WAS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED?!

  8. daily weight training, daily stretching. as u progress through your body looking great and feeling great, it will be easier to drop video games or any other bad habit

  9. My ps4 and ps3 are just sitting now on shelf Im using these two consoles for youtube, blu ray/dvd movies all games i deleted

  10. I'm in college and my life long friend is in highschool and works 30 hours a week. Playing video games for a few hours 3 nights a week is how we are able to stay friends. We hang out with each other whenever both our schedules allow us to.

  11. LoL what a load of absolute horsesh….. no … no … maybe he has a point … yes… Next up – how to stop reading books. After that – How to stop drawing and making art. Next how to stop drinking water. Water is weakness… Do not get addicted to water!

  12. read Seneca's 'Letters To Lucilius' and think of death every day, as he recommended. 'Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart', as someone else wrote. Realize that when you are 15, one year will pass by at a certain speed. When you'll be 45 ( ' how few make it', as another philosopher wrote), one year will seem to go almost 4 times faster than when you were 15. One year to me now seems like 2 months when I was a kid. One full day feels like 4 hours when I was a kid. Start looking into all this now, you'll be smarter than the majority of the population out there. I am not kidding. Life is too short for anything that's not worth the while, and videogames is one of these things, although it's not the only thing. In general, all entertainment is a waste of time, with videogames at the top of the list.

  13. Wicher 3? Playing games don't make you anti social or bad person. I play like 4-10 hours a week and I love it! Have job; friends, do sport and have famille. And see a story like wicher 3 is just awesome. Is like a good book or movie

  14. I am in my 30’s, college graduate, played 3 sports to high a level, have always been good with women and “popular” in the sense I never had hard time making friends or being around others, I have traveled, lived in Park City as a ski bum as a post college “last harrah”, moved back home and got a job in my desired career. Became Executive Director of the company I worked at and make very good money. I have now been on “mental health leave” for 4 months and have been addicted to gaming for the last 2.5 years. I have let it rule my life and sabotage all other areas social and career. I say all this as I feel many gaming addicts are in my same boat, it’s not necessarily the gaming that is the main issue, but the Mental Health. I am depressed and have terrible anxiety, gaming is my escape. I am now with the help of family seeking medical professional health to address my mental health issues I’ve struggled with and suppressed for my whole life. Understand that mental health is critical and mental illness needs medical treatment and things can be ok. It was told to me like this, if you have diabetes, you go get medical treatment and meds to help paired with lifestyle changes to help overcome or treat the disease, treating depression or other mental Illness is the same. I am now entering the hard part, wish me luck to get out of this hole and follow through with medications and therapy and not let my depression and anxiety take charge leading me to isolate for days on end, sleeping in between playing video games to numb my mind.

  15. Step 1: Don't do it.
    Step 2: Have fun.

    Disclaimer: I'm not totally serious, quit gaming if it's hurting your life and you can't control it, I understand there are some specific addiction cases that require to quit gaming completely. It's healthy for most people though, as any other hobby.

  16. If I stop playing games, then I should also stop watching movies, reading books etc. I've learned so much from gaming, what a shame

  17. Get it together. So sick of people pushing their ideas on others only because they can't get their shit together

  18. Hmmm… Good advice, I’m not necessarily looking to completely stop playing video games, but I am trying to find a new purpose in life.

  19. I play video games even though I'm bad at them but I've been thinking about making video games instead of playing them because when I die in a video game I try to think how could I use my intelligence to be the best in my own video game

  20. How about just stop being a addict and just play games for fun.

    1. Play games that have actual levels you can finish (real progress, like a movie or book) instead of a level up system that can be a grind forever (like being in the desert with a scoop and endless bags you can fill).

    2. Make an appointment with yourself by setting a timer of max 2 hours a day depending on your spare time.

    There is nothing wrong with some healthy escape now and then.

  21. I believe in Baby steps in supplementation to what you said. There's an investment online known as "Cold Turkey" you can block steam, discord and other such apps and websites for duration of time and have daily allowances for them. It should help reduce the addiction. Note: Only for PC master race 😉

  22. Yeah… So I "quit" video games a few weeks ago having a mental breakdown over my shitty life. I know it's not the games fault, but they gave me a "solution" that turned out to be the devil and just made things worse.
    At first I uninstalled most of my games, except for a few classics like Final Fantasy. Then I tried to become active. I also quit smoking and drinking, shaved my head, cleaned up my entire place and reconnected with some people. Felt like things start to get good for real. After having some hard work days and a depression cycle kicking in, I installed Dota 2 again. You know, just for these 2-3 games in the evening. I don't know what happened, maybe it was the ongoing nicotine withdrawal (week 2)… I got upset about each of my fails/unavoidable deaths, then vented my anger by being toxic as heck. That's where depression cycle peaked, around the start of last week. Since then I have done NOTHING, didn't go to work, re-installled several other games, started drinking again and am more miserable and suicidal than ever… At least I'm smoke-free now I guess LOL. If I don't already have cancer growing in my body, at least that won't kill me. But the rope I'll be hanging from soon will do.

    Don't do drugs (not even coffee, beer and cigarettes), don't waste your time with games, don't spend your free time in front of a computer if you're not actively researching something or watching Netflix with a significant other).
    If you're in a similar spot as me or might end there in a few years, turn around now. Do a 180, kick your own butt and get things straight while you still have the energy.
    I can't motivate myself to even see a doctor. I'm just lying on the floor again, doing nothing, like in week 1 of my withdrawal. Waiting til its over or I find the courage…

  23. I just quit! Deleted all my hearthstone cards! Spent 1000$ on that game and hit rank 1! Glad I did not hit legend because frustration is what made me realize that this life of video games was not worth it! I always found myself saying that living in the World of Warcraft reality would be the best life for me because it is fun and cool! Allowing myself to engage with these digital realities made me take the real world's reality for granted! After only a few days, I started appreciating the real world more! Video games destroys reality!

  24. That’s how you quit. Not everyone and sometimes its not for me. I would just say just keep the time you spend least. And relapse this is just addiction of drugs advice. Your funny guy.

  25. You don’t need to necessarily quit in my opinion just do your homework and don’t play video games 24/7 when you have exams, just play on holidays and spare time when you have no current responsibilities

  26. Watching this guy talk is like playing a shooter video game. Mission accomplished and a new level reached! lol

  27. I don't think all people play games for the same reasons. You could be playing sims with a sim that never grows up or goes to colledge but gets a million dollar job because of a game cheat you enter and then you make them adopt 300cats and drive pink cars in the city. Not everyone plays video games with any sense of purpose, just to pass time really and keep yourself occupied with better things than binge eating or watching tv.

  28. i wish i could do the same but i cant. i feel sad that im wasting my life and keep playing to stop thinking about it XD

  29. In life, we all die anyways, that means it's all going to be wasted. I'll just sit back and play for 10 hours a day👌

  30. Get banned permanently. Video game creators save and archive your account, characters, ect even if you quit the game. It's too easy to come back. If you get banned, you will never access your old account, characters and the progress you've made over the years.

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