How to put youtube video in forum post

Hi, this is Lindsey. I just wanted to show
you how to put the YouTube video into the forum post in case you didn’t know how. You
can see that I’m open right now in my forum post and I’m going to go over and get my YouTube
video. So, I’m in YouTube now. I’m going to copy the address of the YouTube video at the
top here in the address bar and click control C to copy or command C if you’re on a mac.
I’m going to go back to my post and I’m just going to paste the link here with control
V or command V if you’re on a mac. Great. Now, the thing we have to do now is highlight
this link and link it to itself. This is so Moodle knows that it’s a link and understands
that it’s a YouTube video, which will just put the video in. So, I’m pasting the link
here, the same link that I pasted in the post and I’m just going to click Insert. Notice
it changed colors. This means the link is live, so Moodle will recognize it as a YouTube
video. Now, I’m going to click Post to Forum at the bottom here. And continue. It’s that
easy that the video just appears there. I made this video using screencast-o-matic. This is a great tool for your online teaching toolkit. It’s really
easy to make these screencasts and share them with your students to support them in the
technology along the way. Hope this is helpful.

Danny Hutson

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