How to Purify by Recrystallization

How to Purify by Recrystallization

Greetings fellow nerds. In an upcoming video we’re going to make glow
in the dark phosphorescent powder from the chemicals we’ve been making in previous videos.
However, the aluminum and strontium nitrates must be extremely pure. Impurities will interfere
with the phosphorescent process. So in this video, we’ll use the technique of recrystallization
to purify them from 90% purity up to 99.9%. Recrystallization works because crystals tend
to be purer than the solutions they came from. As long as you discard the solution before
the impurities also crystallize out, you’ll have purer crystals of your product. Repeating
the process further increases purity. The downside is that you lose alot of your product
as well. In addition, this works best if your product is also reasonably pure. If you have
more contaminants than product the contaminants will crystallize before your product does. So first let’s start with aluminum nitrate.
As you can see here it’s not perfectly white as it should be, so we’ll first need a pre-filtering
step. Just enough water to completely dissolve it. As you can see the aluminum nitrate actually
has lots of brown particles in it. Simply filter them out to get a clear liquid. Now
we couldn’t filter these out in the previous video because when the solution is first made,
the particles are too fine to be filtered let alone be seen by eye. The solution must
first be crystallized once to cause the particles to aggregate into something big enough that
can be filtered. Here it is after filtering, nice and clear.
Now dry it out and use the desiccator bag if needed. Now you have clear aluminum nitrate nonahydrate.
Now, we can go on to the actual recrystallization. Here I’ve mixed a lot of batches of aluminum
nitrate nonahydrate and already filtered and dried it. Accurately weigh how much you have
before starting. Here i have fifty grams of aluminum nitrate nonahydrate. now accurately add in 20% of it’s mass in
distilled water. So since I have fifty grams, I’m adding in 10 mL of distilled water. It won’t all dissolve so heat it up until
it does. It’ll turn slightly yellow but this is not a problem. Ok once the solution is completely clear,
cover it up and let it slowly cool down to room temperature. After a few hours of cooling you can see it
has formed these very large crystals of aluminum nitrate. The impurities are now concentrated
in the liquid layer. So now, pour off the liquid and break up the
crystals. There they are. Now weigh them again. Ok so the total weight now is about 33g. We’re
going to recrystalize it one more time for even better purity. So once again add in 20%
distill water, in this case it’s 6.6mL and again heat until it dissolves. And then allow
to cool. Pour off the impurities in the liquid. Now you can dry the crystals. I recommend
using the desiccator bag. Now we have 18 grams of ultra pure aluminum
nitrate nonahydrate. Although we lost 32 grams during the two recrystallization steps our
objective was best quality not greatest quantity, Now we’re going to purify strontium nitrate. Get a wide beaker and place in a quantity
of strontium nitrate that we already made in a previous video. Add in just enough water
to dissolve the strontium nitrate. It’s very slighly cloudy so filter it off to get a clear
solution. Then this time, leave in air to dry. We can’t use the heating and cooling method
like aluminum nitrate because the solubility of strontium nitrate doesn’t change that much
with temperature as with aluminum nitrate. So we’ll have to evaporate the slow way. Evaporate it down until you have about 10
to 20% liquid left. I started with ten militers so i evaporated down to about 2mL of liquid
not including the crystals. Get rid of the liquid. And once again repeat the process of dissolving
and crystallizing. Once again I recommend using the desiccator
bag to dry the final product. Now we have ultra-pure strontium nitrate. We are now ready to make glow in the dark
phosphorescent powder in our next video. So please subscribe, rate, and comment. Note: Distilled water should be used for the
dissolving steps. Using tap water won’t improve the purity as much as distilled water. Deionized
water can be used but it won’t be as good as distilled water.

Danny Hutson

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