How to Punch Down a RJ-45 Cat5e Cat6 Jack

How to Punch Down a RJ-45 Cat5e Cat6 Jack

Hey, what’s going on guys? I’m Mercy with Today I want to talk to contractors about the fastest and easiest way to terminate data jacks or voice jacks. Now, we’re going to go over the Kwik System today. Now this system saves up to 30 percent on installation time. Paired wiring and sure-lock retention technology is what’s going on here. Fast, quick and easy terminations by terminating and cutting all four pairs at the same time. Tool designed for left or right hand usage ensures high quality, high performance installations every time. And the cutting modules are replaceable. You also have peaks on top of the jacks that allows the conductors to be separated easy and faster, saving you time. So for you contractors out there, if you got a big project you got three, 500 of these to do, I mean boom. You’ll be out of there in a hurry. Now, these jacks are also available in a wide selection of colors. The same design is for CAT-3, CAT-5e, CAT-6. It’s the narrow design so these are considered the high density style. And with this tool you don’t need to change cutting modules if you’re using a different category jack. One tool one jack for all three categories. Now, you can order this stuff online with a ton of other product, fiber, racks, anything networking.
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  1. Yeah…..I'm definitely going to buy that from you all. I heard that some of those out there are pretty cheap but I'm going to put my trust in yours. Thanks for sharing!

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