How to Promote a YouTube Channel: 10 Tips for Promoting Your YouTube Channel without Spam

How to Promote a YouTube Channel: 10 Tips for Promoting Your YouTube Channel without Spam

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “How to Promote a YouTube Channel: 10 Tips for Promoting Your YouTube Channel without Spam

  1. Hey Blake. I recently stumbles onto your channel. I have applied some of your techniques using the least software that I can afford…Camtasia. If you have a chance, I would appreciate your critique to any of my videos

  2. Wow! YouTube hashtags is the first time I hear as s tip. I was noticing that when sharing on Facebook a video where in title I have #PoemsFromGod – with a state that hashtag appears on Facebook. I was wondering how 😲 Thanks for explaining, Roberto 🙏🏻

  3. This channel is AMAZING ! Your tips are SOO informative ! You helped me get over 100 subscribers in a month and a weeks ! THANK YOU !

  4. All I can hope for now I have set up my channel with profile and banner, is if I can keep to a schedule which is really hard to do, I know youtubers who get horrible backlash if they don't stick to their schedule, and also the cost of everything too, equipment and set ups cost a fortune and would not know how to make and run a channel without spending silly amounts of money, if you have any advice on that would be great, thanks for the advice in this video it will help me a lot

  5. Your tips helped me start and gave me most of the information I needed to know what to except. From experience I know how much time making this content takes. I want to thank you for the effort. It is greatly appreciated.

  6. Thanks for the advice. I am a small YouTuber and I didn't know that much information. Now thanks to you I know so much more …thanks a million.

  7. Added channel art, made a trailer, made a brand, made some videos, set up a schedule on my channel art. Now we wait………

  8. Dont do what you love find a niche and make content for them. Good advice, one question about hashtags how does that work?

  9. Roberto Blake do you still recommend buying ads on Facebook and YouTube? Or is this not a successful way to spend money?

  10. Thanks Roberto another great video, everything you have mentioned is correct iam following your advice, what alot of people don't relise is that youtube tags will level the playing field for smaller channels who are fighting against the bigger channels for views. Thanks again!

  11. Many Thanks to you for these videos, this helps so much, I have one question? How well do Google plus communities help or influence the growth of a YouTube channel, do you ever use gplus to share videos?

  12. how do I find out what comments people in my videos comment on? I always click on every video to try to see if there is and that takes a long time. Is there a way to see all comments on every video at once?

  13. This video is actually so helpful, I just started YouTube and was looking for tips from other youtubers to grow my channel, I came across your channel and I’m just binging all your videos but I will for sure take all the advice and apply it to my channel. Thanks so much for these videos! 🙂

  14. Another awesome vid! thank you for giving such useful advice, Iv'e started a gaming channel and I can't wait to put some of these tips into effect!

  15. Great tips on promotion! You or anyone in the comments have a good checklist of where they post after uploading a video?

  16. Thanks for the tips I know all these videos are old I’ve watched about 10 vids of yours and now I Have reached 200 subs because of them 🙂

  17. When someone approaches me for a collab I decide based on scheduling and quality of the idea. I only look at the sub count AFTER I agree

  18. Excellent advice! I didn't know about hashtags and how to use them. Trying to get serious and grow the channel so the information is greatly appreciated

  19. Hi Roberto, great video. Very helpful and very actionable info. You won yourself a new subscriber. Kudos on continuing to do great work. Do you typically do everthing yourself or do you work with a team or VA? is someone managing the camera or do you preset it up and then sit in front of it and do you stuff? there seems to be a lot of interest in the youtube hashtag that you mentioned – is this in the title, description, comments or are you refering to the tag section of the video (for adding keywords)? Please clarify. Thanks in advance.

  20. Roberto, I am a new subscriber and your content is invaluable. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I really appreciate the time and effort 💖

  21. Great video! Do u script this out or practice beforehand? I’m a feature filmmaker, commercial director, and writer for my cities newspaper in Hong Kong, and u seemingly are able to really flow in conversation quickly. Not too many jump cuts.

  22. Awesome video!! Real talk, thank you for sharing relevant, practical info. I've been searching around for a bit looking for tutorials in YT optimization particularly in growing an audience, andmore often than not the info was vague or scammy. Yours is to the point and from what I've found so far, by far the most helpful. Really appreciate what you're doing brother.

  23. Love looking through here and seeing people who actually became big, really does give you motivation knowing these people were in the same spot as you

  24. Excellent point about utilizing Facebook groups to promote your videos. It is much easier to find like minded people in specific niches by joining groups and being a genuine member. Great video with awesome tips Roberto! Enjoyed 🙌🏻

  25. Thanks Roberto, resourceful content. Could you put some caption on the screen when you address each point? For audience like me who is not english native speaker, it helps a lot.

  26. For me, my audience is non-spec. My audience depends on the video. A gay self confidence is not viewed by gay people despite targeted towards gay people.
    I am trying to reach 13 years and up, as well as 4 to 12 year olds.

  27. You are the best Roberto. Have moved from making short videos to longer videos and my minutes viewed have grown radically. Thanks for all the great advice.

  28. Thanks for all the tips… I hope
    You can make a gimp tutorial. Beacuse I purchased the youtuber kit. And I don’t have a adobe photoshop. Thanks

  29. I got my subs literally just from my comments lol
    I might try not trying to start arguments with people for fun from now on though xD

  30. I can see you have a lot of books in the background. What are the ones that have influenced you the most?

  31. Thanks for this video. I was lucky enough to get 80 subs overnight once but havent been able to get anymore. Ill keep trying.

  32. So glad I found your channel! I've made it a priority to have an hour of "Roberto Blake" school per day!

  33. Thanks for this video, I've been watching your other uploads and they've all been helpful. This one is uber useful as always, I particularly appreciate the hashtag recommendation. Will start doing that. Thanks again Roberto!

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