How to Plan a Wedding: The First 4 Steps

How to Plan a Wedding: The First 4 Steps

– Hey, guys. I’m Morgan. I’ve made a career in
the wedding industry, first as an editor at Brides magazine, and now at WeddingWire. So I love planning things, like literally everything. I’m talking weekend brunches,
vacations, apartment moves. Don’t judge me. But especially weddings. And I loved planning my own. I got married in Florida, recently, on the Gulf Coast. It was beautiful. I wore flowers in my hair. ♪ You’re mine ♪ ♪ And I am yours ♪ It was lovely. Anyway, I love a good planning hack. And I think the number one hack to actually putting your wedding together is to just get started. So, like, literally,
let’s just get started. Set a budget. Okay, this is hardly
the most glamorous part of planning a wedding, but it is literally the most important, ’cause we’re not Kim Kardashian, we don’t have an endless budget, and we have to actually figure out how we’re gonna pay for this thing. (breathes loudly) And it’s an important step. When it actually comes
to planning your wedding, you’ve gotta get everyone
contributing to your wedding in a room, whether that be your parents, your fiance, your fiance’s
parents, your grandmother, your bank, just scrolling
through your Venmo, whatever. Anyone who is contributing to this wedding needs to be in a room together, and you’ve gotta figure
out how much you have to spend for this wedding, because brass tacks, it’s
gonna cost something. And it can be awkward and uncomfortable, but that’s okay. Figure out your lump sum
and then based on that, so say $20,000, you then allocate a certain
percentage of that lump sum to each wedding vendor or wedding service. Now, here’s the thing. I am a journalism major, and I am terrible at basic arithmetic. I gotta tell you, shameless plug, use the WeddingWire budget tool. It is so helpful and it
literally does the math for you. So that you just plug in your lump sum, and then it will literally
tell you how much you have to spend for like your
dress, and your band, and your wedding favors. And you won’t have to sit down and pencil that math yourself. Let’s be real. You’ve probably been thinking about this since you caught wind
of your fiance’s scent, so at the very least, it’s
time to get organized. Hit up Pinterest, Instagram,
Real Weddings, WeddingWire, anywhere to find some
real wedding inspiration to help you figure out
what the style and vibe of your wedding should be. You know, industrial
chic or rustic bohemian. I am a Palm Springs tropical gal, myself. ♪ And I am ♪ Because the city you’re getting married in will actually help you craft
the style of your wedding way more than you actually think. For example, a lot of
couples are choosing to do these sort of like destination weddings. But just choosing a city
that they both really love, and are really inspire by, and then choosing their
wedding is an opportunity to share that city with
friends and family, and really showcase it, and use it in a part of their wedding. Narrow down date. Major pro-tip, right here. Don’t pick a wedding date before you talk to your wedding venue. If you run around #justsaidyes-ing, being like, “I’m engaged. “We’re getting married June 6th, “because June 6th is
the day that my fiance “and I fell in love, and we
shared an ice cream cone, “and watched the sunset, “and he told me that he
wanted to be with me forever, “so we’re getting married on June 6th.” What if your venue isn’t
available on June 6th? You’re asking for a headache that you didn’t need in
the first place, right? Yep, been there, done that. The best way to go about
this is to instead, think about the season
you wanna get married, if there is one, right? Say you’re really into
a fall color palette, and you love the idea of
taking first look photos walking among yellow and orange leaves, and being super autumn,
and really romantic. Then, duh, girl, get married in the fall. – Yes. – But, you know, if
you don’t have an idea, and rather you wanna figure
out your wedding date based on how long you wanna be engaged, then that’ll help you figure it out. Take a look at the calendar. Check out work schedules,
family conflicts, holidays. Like, you cannot forget Arbor
Day, you know what I mean? And go into those
meetings with your venues with a list of potential dates. Final step, choosing a venue. You’re ready to book this thing. Okay, seriously, can you believe all that we just accomplished? WeddingWire’s venue directory is going to be instrumental here. You can literally sort venues based on the type of venue you
wanna get married in. Whether it be beaches, or
barns, or garden venues, or indoor venues, outdoor, big,
small, literally everything, you can sort it based on that. You can read couple reviews and see photos from actual weddings, even
look at 3D venue tours. Okay, literally, a 3D venue tour means that you get to sit on your couch, in your pajamas, and a bowl of Special K, and tour a wedding venue. That’s amazing. Sit down with your fiance
and pick out your favorites. And then you can book some
in-person visits based on that. But don’t visit more than
three venues in one day, because that is literally exhausting. I did that with my mother
and my mother-in-law and my fiance, and it was wonderful and everyone is a wonderful person, but that was the most
exhausting two days of my life, and we saw like 45 venues. Don’t book more than three in one day. You’ve gotta have time to take it all in, and figure out if this is actually where you wanna get married. All right, so you did it. You literally took the first steps to actually planning your wedding. So if you need a refresher,
or anymore expert advice, vendor reviews, whatever, download the WeddingWire app. It’s literally like having a
little baby wedding planner in your pocket. And, I mean, who doesn’t want
a baby planning their wedding? (laughs) Happy planning.

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