How to pass university admission interview | 10 questions

How to pass university admission interview | 10 questions

Hey guys! So today we will be talking
about admission interviews to universities and before we dive in I
would like to start with a little story of mine. You know when I was applying
for my master’s degree in the business school I had not only to pass IELTS
GMAT and finance and management internal tests, but also to pass an
admission interview. And that score for the interview was a part of the general
score for the whole admission process so it was something quite important and I
tried to prepare myself but to be honest I didn’t really do anything specific but
right now I thought of all the questions that I was asked when I had my interview
and decided to film this video for you to help you to prepare for your dream-university admission process! So let’s begin! Well the first question is quite
obvious it’s usually “Tell us about yourself” question and here you must
understand this is a perfect opportunity to tell people in front of you,
representatives of your dream university, something interesting and valuable about
yourself. So think of some extracurricular activities for example,
in your previous university that you liked particularly or think of your
previous background. Some people change their masters major. You might also tell
something about your bachelor’s major, so make sure to bring some valuable
information about you on the table, but this is not a great opportunity to start
talking about your family, your pets, your friends, your recent iPhone purchase, or a
trip to Oklahoma, because you know, this is not something that the examiners
would be interested in. However be sure you’re staying concise, you’re keeping
your speech short and still quite interesting for people, for your
counterparts, to get to – you know – asking something
further about you, because at this point you are here to make them interested in
you. Then goes another obvious question: “Why did you apply for this university?”
Well here you must talk about your previous background which is scientific
this time, and talk about your bachelor thesis, for example if you had one. Talk
about your recent researches, talk about something that makes you passionate in
your major and why did you choose that major. And maybe try to name a couple of
professors in the new university with whom you are likely to work with, or you
want to work with – and this point is so crucial because, believe me, examiners
will be so happy that you already know whom you want to work with, whom you want
to do your next research with. Like this describes you as a particularly aimed
person for your future, you have goals, man, this is cool! And of course
this also shows that you’re highly motivated for the position and for the
university. Next goes: “What is your motivation to study this subject?” And
here you must make your examiners understand that you have clear goals for
your future findings, like where to implement those findings of your future
research, and you know I have some classmates that are highly determined to
make breakthroughs with their master thesis and this is amazing! Like well I
also have something in mind with my master thesis, which I think will be
very cool in the future like it’s on the verge of technology and finance,
it’s FinTech and you know you should make your examiners understand that you
do not apply just to have fun and drink with your classmates, that you are here
to study, to make researches, and to make the university even better with your
contribution. Next question is one of my favorite ones and it is “What are your
biggest achievements or failures?” Here you must talk naturally about
your previous remarkable experiences, but in a fashion that will not make you
sound as a self-centered person or a loser. Do practice at home some short
speeches about something that makes you proud, but don’t forget to mention people
who helped you along the way as well, and something that was not very
fortunate (and here don’t forget to showcase how you learned and what you
learned through it). Next, next, next! “Tell us about your
leadership experience”. Answering this question, you must show that you’re not
only the person who achieves any target and who is a strong leader, but who also
sees an ally in any person in the team, like any member literally, who ensures
that every standard is met along the way and that there is a healthy corporate
culture in the team. Here you also can mention your previous leadership
experiences, and I for example, had some of them if – you didn’t have any, which I
don’t really believe, because how are you applying for the university, like
you are 20-something and you must have had some leadership experiences – but
if you didn’t have any, make something up. Because this is very important.
Next up: “What can you bring to the university, really?” And this one invites
you to sell yourself and it can be tempting to exaggerate, but do not go
over the top and always back yourself up with some examples. For instance you can
mention when you have been involved in some school activity, which made you to
contribute to the schools community, for example you organized an event or did
something with a debating society, or something like that. What not to say here
is that you can bring to the school fun, buzz, wicked sense of humor, or your hamster.
“Well young man, where do you see yourself in 10 years?”
This question really irritates a lot of people and it’s a typical job interview
question. Why do they ask it on the admission interview? It’s simple, because
they want to see students who are determined and who see their and goals
in life. And here the worst answer that you can give is something very general
like making my family proud, being happy, having a nice job, like things like
that. This is this is very bad, do not say anything like that. But
instead think of something more specific, think of the next
step that you will make and which will bring you to your end goal. Something
that you should not mention in here is “in the future I will be traveling” or
“I haven’t really given much thought”. No, do not answer like that!
Next one: “What was an obstacle you faced and how did you get through it exactly?”
Think of a time in your life where you faced a challenge, a real challenge and
when you put in some significant effort to solve it. It can be anything basically
related to your problems in daily life, at school or maybe at home with your
friends. Some extracurricular activities, anything, which showcases that you are
really nice problem-solver and that you do not panic when you see something is
going on not how you planned it before. Next you might be asked” to give an
example of the time when you had to convince other people of your own point
of view”. And here I recall some projects or some work experience that made me to
be very persuasive and that challenged me to persuade
people to do something that I wanted to do and again here this is a very narrow,
specific subject, and I do not suggest you to go general.
If you don’t have anything at all, I dunno, in your daily
life, with your family, with your friends, extracurricular activities, anything that
you have been up to – make it up! Do not try to make it up on the interview, but
try to think about it before, so that you can bring up some ideas. And the last
question we are going to discuss is: “What did you read on the train?” And although
this seems a little bit weird but in reality it is designed to spark
discussion about your current interests and it requires a quick-fire answer, so
you either have to name something that is connected to your subject of study,
something maybe the opposite to show that you are a multilateral person, or
something that is more broad and classic. But do not name anything populist or
discredited or something that you haven’t actually read, or something
like “Twilight”, “The Daily Mail”, “Cosmopolitan”. No. So, that’s It! And don’t
forget that the overall impression is graded as well, so make sure you are
smiley, open, positive, professional, thoughtful, concise: a person that that
they really want to see in their university. Of course you might be asked
something completely new to you, something completely unexpected, but
there is no need to be nervous, because when you’re thoughtfu,l when you’re
professional and when you give detailed answers: very open, direct, straightforward
answers – you will be good. And if you want some additional preparation, definitely
ask your friends to help you and to ask some questions, so that you can feel
yourself in that interview environment. Ans maybe also ask them to give you
grades. Well, I will be very happy if you decide to leave a like for me or even
subscribe! And as always, I will be delighted to see you again here.

Danny Hutson

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  1. Thanks U were very helpful and U too look like my sister too hahaha
    but anyways U mentioned many important questions that commonly Interviewers ask….

  2. Hi Darian, hi everyone, I want to obtain Tesol certificate. But I want to get it with minimum cost but of course it should be reliable. Would you recommend me any company for that? Thank you very much.

  3. Thank you so much for your help! I have an interview the next weekend and I had no idea how it would be, but now I feel very much safe. Thanks

  4. I hope this has cleared many of your doubts! I personally used all these tips for my own university interview and went through it with flying colours, getting 50/50!
    Wish you success with yours ❤️

  5. I have my interview just after 10 hours from now. Hope this video will be helpful. I already subscribed to your channel. Thanks

  6. 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    2. Why did you apply to our university?
    3. What's your motivation to study this subject?
    4. What are your biggest achievements and/or failures?
    5. Tell us about your leadership experience.
    6. What can you bring to the university?
    7. Where are you going to be in 10 years from now?
    8. What was an obstacle you have faced and how did you get through it?
    9. Give an example when you had to convince other people to accept our point of view.
    10. What did you read on the train?

  7. What Universities want above all else in interviews is someone that "looks good" without "being" themselves good; They want someone who looks smart, but isn't original; They don't want a tree that'll stick out of the forest, but one that will look good in the forest;

    They want to have their cake and eat it too; have someone who is original and smart but not someone that brings the accompanying problems that any truly original personality brings with them.

    Overall, They want the "presentation" of originality, smarts and self knowledge, but not the real thing. No wonder universities are places of such mediocrity!

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