How to Navigate QuickBooks Online 2018: Menus, Transactions & Set Up – QuickBooks US

How to Navigate QuickBooks Online 2018: Menus, Transactions & Set Up – QuickBooks US

When you log in to QuickBooks, the very first thing you’ll see is your dashboard. Finding something in QuickBooks is very simple. Everything in QuickBooks can be accessed from one of three menus. The first menu is the navbar. The navbar has historical information about your business, so if you want to find historical transactions, this is the place to go. For instance, if you click the sales tab QuickBooks shows you information about your sales transactions and here, you can see each individual sales transaction that your business has had. You can also see information about the people that you sold things to by clicking on Customers. And here you can see a list of your customers along with their balances. This is the amount of money they they currently owe you. By clicking the Expenses tab, Quickbooks displays all of your expense transactions over on the right. You can also see a list of who you spent money with by selecting the Vendors tab. This is a list of the people that you buy things from or provide some services for you. And here QuickBooks displays your balance with them, which is the amount of money that you currently owe them. You can also see information about payroll by clicking the Employee tab. The report center by clicking on the Reports tab, and more. The navbar works very well for looking up historical information. But if you wanna enter a new transaction, you need to go to the Create Menu here on the top right. The Create Menu contains a list of transactions that you can enter manually and they’re organized by who the transactions are traditionally with. Right here, you can see all of your sales-type transactions underneath Customers. Then, you have all of your expense-type transactions underneath Vendors. Payroll transactions are shown here, and finally, these transaction types that don’t fall into one category under other. In addition to entering transactions manually through this menu, you can also download transactions directly from your bank and credit cards by using QuickBooks online’s online banking feature. The third menu is the gear icon, up here at the top right. This icon gives you options that are very important and very powerful, but they’re not really things you need to work with very often. Right here, you can see your Account and Settings. These are very important settings that determine how it is that QuickBooks works for your business? But it’s not really something that you need to work with very often. You could also reconcile from this menu. Reconciling is an important operation that’s performed once a month, to compare your records to your bank or credit card’s records, to make sure that everything in QuickBooks is accurate. Budgeting is also accessed here, and that’s normally something you do once a year, or when you begin work on a new job. So it’s not really something that you do very often. You’re probably sensing a theme with this menu which is that it contains a lot of functions that you don’t need to use very often. I often call this the Set and Forget menu. There’s one final menu, not quite as important as the other three, but still very relevant, which is the Magnifying Glass. This menu gives you an access to your most recently entered transactions. And also, you can search for a transaction either by transaction number, date or monitory amount. [MUSIC]

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