How To Make Money Online On Fiverr Without Skills 🌟 Make $100 A Day On Fiverr With Video Trick 🌟

How To Make Money Online On Fiverr Without Skills 🌟 Make $100 A Day On Fiverr With Video Trick 🌟

how to make money online on Fiverr, without
skills make hundred dollars a, day on Fiverr with this automatic, video editing trick what’s
up guys my, name is NAW in you’re watching Gain Money, and Tricks if you are new to our,
channel please hit the subscribe button, in bill notification whenever we upload, new
videos you will be notified up those, so guys in today video I will show you, that how you
can make hundred dollars a, day with this automatic video editing, trick on fiverr so
let’s jump into the, main website on fiverr that how you, can make have you come to fiverr
and, see they have in search and the search, cell information video or informative, video
or informational video so there, will be some gigs available online that, they are providing
the video, information informational video editing, software or something like that or
they, are providing videos for the clients, that simple videos on and then they are, editing
that and then sending to the, clients and that way they are making, huge amount of money
with this video, editing so into the video I will show, you that how you can do that
this, without any skills without any work so I, will show you the website and the trick,
that you can make money online with this, so the trick is that that if you want to,
make money online on $100 a day so you, can simply visit to website contains, content
samurai dot-com, is a website that offering video editing, for you and you can simply
go there, and just edit some videos online so if, we come to the YouTube and see here
this, is a kind of video like information, video online that people are doing that, without
watching or showing their face, on YouTube in something like that so if, you come to
YouTube here and you can see, these videos online that how they, our making that so actually
I will play, you and show you that this is the video, informative video that they made
here, and they almost make with the same, software or something like that, online and
I’m this person travel to, Italy and discover an Italian coffee, culture, you, so I will
show you that how you can do, this and how you can prepare this video, and how you can
then send over to your, Client and then you can sell on them so, if we come to this site
this is the main, with this site content samurai is the, main website you can find the link
in, the description of this video and you, can definitely join for a free trail, account
so once you have experience in, this content then after that you can, sale and after that
you can purchase and, make huge amount of money with this so, you can sign in I have
sign in to my, account here this is my main account so, you can also sign in to your account
and, these are the templates of the videos, that you can use for your benefit to, make
something like informative videos, or something like that so they have some, it is like video
for social media video, for from an article or blog post or, sales video or video for
my online, course or property listing video so if, you come to the social media tutorials,
or the types so these are all the videos, that you can make and just a ticket and, a
digit and then you can sell on fiverr, or to your client so this is another, category
on video from an article or, blog post that you can just choose one, of these and then
you can edit something, like that and then send over to your, clients and make huge amount
of money, with this and this is sell videos also, here and we’d use for my online courses,
if you are preparing courses or the, client want you to prepare a course for, them so
you have to first grab or meet, or require the content from them once, you have provided
the content and then, you can edit here with this software and, just complete the video
and then you can, send over to them and these are property, listing video that you, can
make if you have real estate job, or property jobs so he can send you the, data and you
can make something like, this the video and then send to them in, this case you can make
money with this, so if we come to video from an article, or blog post I will show you an
example, is that how you can edit it and how you, can make it is so we can select one of,
these templates I can select this, template and if we come to the YouTube, and this is
traveling actually come to, traveling and suppose this is from that, this is an article
about or regarding, the travelling so if we come to the, traveling how you will meet the
video on, traveling so the here a written top 10, benefits of traveling learn why, traveling
is good for you, so you can simply copy this title and, come to the website you select
this want, this video and click on use this, template once you use this simple at, click
on the use template then you can, add the script here for example enter, the title of
the video or something like, that, so this will be the title, sorry it is a did you,
okay so this is the script here you can, add the script here and then you can add, the
same at your client want to send you, any video or photo to be brought in this, so then
you can just download to your, laptop or computer so after that you, can get from your computer
or upload, from your computer and just bring it, here to this website and add to that and,
you can also add your voice here if you, want these are automatic vices online so, if you
want for example you need USA, accent or the United Kingdom accent or Australian accident
so these are the three, accent available online that you can use, and these are for each accent
there are, the people male in female that they want, you can use for their speaking
or, something like that voice / so or we can, select align so you can play here that, which
kind of voice is that and who is, that is it good or not, hi my name is Olivia and I
would love to, read the script for your video so sit, back relax and I’ll do all the hard
work, for you so this is a female voice that, you can use for your video if you want, to
record yourself you can click on, record your own voice track and then you, can start recording
here and if you want, or you have the wise and your computer, you can just upload it
from here to your, video editing and then you can add to, that and that would be that
much easy, and simple so once these all the kings, are complete you choose the template
you, choose the script you add the script and, you add the scenes and then you are the,
wisest and then at the last you can just, click on the preview once you click on, the
preview so it will be loaded once, it’s loaded then you can download the, video and send
over to your client that, they can fill you the money for that so, the most important
thing is that, before starting or choosing any template, you should ask your client that
provide, all the details that they want the more, script the more information they have,
seen to you the most important video, will be that and the most beautiful, video will
be that if they want clip or, videos to be added to this video short, informative video
you can require from, them the photo and videos and also, required some information extra,
information that they want to play video, in that case the video will be very, beautiful
and excellent so that case you, can make a huge amount of money with, these types of
videos and, these types of editing system so if we, look to others people they made
really, difficult they are using different, software online or offline in their, computer
or laptop so that is really, difficult to take the video and add it, something like
and sometimes they record, the scene from that so there is no, actual scene or they
cannot add the, photo or video to change but this is an, online platform no need for you
to take, the photos, or take videos or capture video or shoot, the photos so everything is
ready for, you here you can just simply come and, eat it, some you can require some the
scripts, and photo videos and then you can add it, here and you can download the video
and, then send to the payer or something like, that so this is the whole procedure for, this
video that how you can make money, on flour with this video editing, software this is
really easy and, critical to make money online with this, we said if you see there are many
people, they provide the gigs and they are, presenting these services online and, people
are coming here and choosing the, people to have these types of videos, this is one thing
of learning that you, can make money online on fiverr with these, types of videos and
other step you don’t, want to make money with Fiverr you can, simply use the same videos
you can, provide videos with this, platform or with this website, and still actually upload
to YouTube, and then monetize yourself on YouTube, and provide huge amount of views
and, subscribers there and you can make good, money from that if you see this guy, he is
just talking about travelling or, something like that and use the same, strategy what
we use right now so he may, see as having twenty six thousand four, hundred eighty to
eighty four views, has gotten and if you look to others, videos regarding traveling so,
they made brilliant and excellent views, for example this guy has gotten three, point seven
million views he got and, this one got 207, 000 views he got and, this one twenty six
thousand and this one, one point three million views he got so, these are all the strategies
that they, have used and then used they use them, and they make their youtube channel
and, then they monetize and, providing and generating some extra cash, from these methods,
so this is all for today video please just, find out the link in the description of, this
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see you awesome with enjoyable moments, Outro [Music]

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