How To Make Money Online in 2019 as a Broke Beginner

– I want to welcome everyone
to the DIY Entrepreneur Channel and on this episode I’m
going to be showing you how to make at least
$100 a day online even if you have no
experience or you’re broke and don’t have any money
in the bank account. Don’t worry, by the
time this video is done you’re going to have
at least two tactics that you can go out
and get started today to start putting money
in that bank account. (object thuds)
(fire wooshes) My name is Joe Marfoglio;
I’ve been online since 2008 and I’ve helped
thousands of people make money online, and
quit their day job, and some of those
people have even gone on to make millions of dollars. So the first tactic we’re
going to be talking about is affiliate marketing. So what is affiliate marketing? It’s real simple, it is when
someone puts out a product and you run traffic
to that product, they give you a
commission for selling it. The beauty of
affiliate marketing is, you can go out and find someone who’s already
created a product on, say, working out or weight loss; you take your skill
that you know, you create videos, you run
traffic to that product, and they give you a commission,
usually it’s like 50%. I’ve done it; I’ve
been doing it since, this part of the business
I’ve been doing since 2012. And you know what,
let’s just do this. Here we are at my
computer screen and up on my screen here I
have a site called ClickBank. Now what is ClickBank? This is where people who
have created info products post their products,
so it’s a marketplace that you can go to, and this
is set up, actually, to pair affiliates, the people that
want to promote a product, with product creators, the
people who have those products. So what you do is you
just go through here. There’s thousands of niches
in here, not only products. And you find something
that you’re interested in. And what happens is
ClickBank gives you a link that you can use, that’s
your affiliate link. And then when you make the sale, ClickBank automatically
tracks the sale and then ClickBank pays you. So not only is it matching
you up with product creators, you don’t even have to talk
to that product creator, and it’s not like, you
know, you sell the product and you hope the guy
sends you a check, you will create the product. No, ClickBank takes
care of it all. Now, let me show you what they
call the Marketplace, right? The Marketplace, this
is where you find all kinds of products. The beauty of this is
like, say you’re in the weight loss niche, right? You like weight loss
and they have thousands of weight loss products. You find the product you like, like here’s one,
the 3 Week Diet. It’s saying that affiliates
are making $52,000 a day; that means they’re
paying out $52,000 a day in affiliate commissions,
which is huge. Now in a second I’m
going to get into how to run traffic
to these offers, but first I want to show
you everything you get. So first of all, if you
click on this right here, it’ll take you to
the sales page. Not only do you get this
landing page but look at this. They have an affiliate section. Now what do they do in
this affiliate section? They help you promote
their product; they give you all
kinds of stuff, free giveaways, coupon codes;
they show you the upsell. They give you banners that
you could use on your site, in your promotions;
they give you graphics. They give you videos
that you can use; you can use all these
videos in your promotions; they give you email swipes. So if you want to send out
an email follow-up system, they give you all
the emails to send; you don’t even have to write it. Press releases,
content, quizzes; they give you everything you
need to promote this product. And guess what, they’ve
been doing this for years so they know what works,
what doesn’t work; what converts, what
doesn’t convert. So if you start promoting
this 3-Week Diet, you’re like way
ahead of the game. Now how do you
promote it, right? Like say okay, what do I do,
like how do I promote it? It’s simple, right? One of the easiest
ways to get traffic or to get eyes on a product is through video and
through YouTube. I want to show you
guys something. Here’s a few videos
that I’ve made. I made these videos years ago; this one I made back in 2013. If you look at this
video, this was for another weight loss product,
it was called Venus Factor. This video has 85,000 views;
it’s about a minute 22 seconds. If you play this video,
it’s not my voice, it’s a woman’s voice. And it’s basically a
whiteboard animation video. This entire video cost me about, I don’t know, maybe about
50, 60 bucks to make, and I ranked it on YouTube, and through this
Venus Factor product, I probably made, I
don’t know, $60-70,000? Just sending traffic to
this Venus Factor product, which was a product that was
similar to this 3-Week Diet. All you have to do is find
a niche, or find a topic, or something that there’s a
lot of search volume in, right? And then you match
it with a product. If you know something
about the niche, or the topic, all the better. And then you create a video. This video cost me,
like I said, 50 bucks. I had it done on a
site called Fiverr; I had a voiceover done. What I like to do is when
I’m looking in these niches and I’m looking
at these products, I want to find something
that is urgent, or that people want a
solution to right now. If you suffer from
anxiety and panic attack and you’re looking at how
to help with panic attacks, you’re going to want a
solution right now, right? Right now. And if you provide a
compelling enough video, and you build up
trust, they’re going to take you up on that solution. Now let’s get on to
tactic number two. In all the years that I’ve been training and mentoring people, the people that have
done this tactic have had not only
the most success, they’ve had the fastest success. They’ve ramped up to
six figures a year within a couple months
doing this one thing. Now what is this? This is starting your
own local marketing, or digital marketing or
social media marketing agency. Now you might be
thinking, whoa whoa whoa; you know, I’m not a marketer,
this seems like a lot of work. Guys, it’s not that
much work at all. And I’m going to actually show
you how huge this market is and how easy it is for
you to get into it. So let’s go over to my
computer screen right now. So this one is
going out, finding local businesses in your area, and helping them with their SEO or more, helping them
with their video SEO or put videos together
and ranking them on YouTube and Google. This article right here,
this is in Search Engine Land and the forecast says
that “SEO-related spending “will be worth $80
billion by 2020.” And if you don’t
know what SEO is, that’s search
engine optimization. That’s optimizing people’s
websites, videos online so that they can be seen
on YouTube and Google. And every local
business needs this but not a lot of
them are doing it so the ones that are
doing it are grabbing just a ton of traffic
off Google and YouTube. And one of the best ways
to convert is with video. And a lot of companies
don’t have videos but you can make a video
for a local company, a professional-looking video,
a green-screen video, for $50. And then what you do is
once you make the video for these local
businesses, you can go out and you can put it on
your YouTube channel and you can start to rank
them in their local markets. And the great thing about
ranking local videos is that it’s very
easy to do, right? Because the competition is
very low, and someone searching for a local business,
so let’s say this one, Roofing Repair in
Rockville, Maryland, and then if you’re looking for
a roofing repair contractor, the first thing you do is
you see this video, right? And they hit it,
they can play it, and it’s a nice,
professional video. Let’s look at a
different one here, mold inspection,
Escondido, California. So again, when you’re
looking for mold inspection, this is another video
I have; that’s mine. But if we look at it,
look how it stands out. So it’s almost like
a little picture ad and it stands out from
everything else around it. Let’s look at another
one, flat roofing repair. Again, so you see, when
you’re searching these terms, and you could rank a video
on the first page of Google, it’s huge for local businesses and they’ll pay you a
lot of money to do that. All right, well I hope you
enjoyed those two tactics that I just got
done showing you. Those are things that you can
really implement right now and start making
money right away. Now, if you want
more information on anything that
I just showed you, just go right over
here to my site; my members’ area,
it’s totally free. I have blueprints, PDFs,
everything you need to get started right now. Also, if you like videos on
how to make money online, make sure you subscribe
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week and we do live streams; See you on the next video.

Danny Hutson

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