How to Make An Online Video – Make Your Own Video

How to Make An Online Video – Make Your Own Video

Make your own video In this video I’m going to show you exactly
how you can make your own video. Just keep watching! Hi I’m steve from Mills Motion the place
to go to discover how to grow your business by making your own video. In this video we will cover the most important
and critical steps for making your own videos. In the coming weeks I will be creating more
content that will show you how to do more complex things with video such as. Adding fancy video overlays, b-roll footage,
text and graphics. As well as how to create and tell compelling
stories with video. If that’s sounds interesting hit subscribe
and that way you will get notified when those videos are available. Keep in mind that I have an accompanying article
on my website that will flesh out even more all the things that is covered in this video. So head over to to check that
out. there is a link in the description below. But for today I’m going to lay a foundation
that will get you started and help you to make your own video. * Planning
* Filming * Editing
* Sharing with the world ________________
Planning: If you want your video to be effective and
for the filmmaking process to go smoothly then you need to take a moment to plan what
you are going to make and how you are going to do it. To make sure that my videos are effective
for my business and that my audience enjoys them I like to ask these two questions before
I do anything. What action do I want my audience to take
after watching my video?: Do you want the viewer to subscribe, purchase
a product or share the video. Or maybe you just want to make them laugh,
cry or think. Whatever your goal you need to at least be
able to articulate it before you try to film it. What value am I giving my audience?: Are you answering a question, solving a burning
problem or telling your audience a compelling story? Taking a moment to consider your audience
and how you can make your video valuable to them is the difference between being a crazy
warehouse salesman>insert clip of warehouse adWrite a scriptStoryboarding

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20 thoughts on “How to Make An Online Video – Make Your Own Video

  1. Hi stephen I love your videos I found them very helpful. I actually have a friend who makes promotional videos and I help him sometimes he has worked for several companies to explain their product through a short 1 minute video
    this channel is a man who makes promotional videos for companies and websites

  2. I never made a vid
    NEVER YET so yea im gonna make a video today and im watchiing this its gonna be tomorrow!??!! K so bye!

  3. I have one video of me eating baby food and I just moving my head but no one’s watching I have no subscribers

  4. Thank you very much. It was easier than I thought. Just a point of note Windows 10 NO Longer supports Movie Maker, instead, you are forced to use the sub-par Photos App. I have used Movie Maker in Win 7 before I don't know even though I opened the correct folder in Photos the image I wanted was not shown. I opened File Explorer just to make sure that it was in fact in that folder, even used Photos to open the image to make sure it wasn't corrupted but it was not attached the Movie Editor Photo APP, IF that makes sense.

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