How to lower your TV bill

How to lower your TV bill

Paying for TV to a cable company,
satellite company, phone company in a traditional pay TV package is so
yesterday. In fact, after years of all this talk about people cutting the cord
the reality is now that talk is actually happening. As you look at an average pay
TV bill of over $100 a month you can instead go with streaming services that
typically will run you from a base of $20 a month for a really bare-bones
streaming package to typically more common $40 a month so 40 beats 100
any day of the week. But, you know what’s great about the streaming products?
They’re portable! You can watch them on your home TV, you can watch them on your
laptop, your phone, your tablet, you can watch them anywhere you are!
Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book doesn’t it? So the idea is that instead of you being
married to your own sofa and your TV as the place you get your pay TV, it goes
wherever you go, plus you can share it with multiple family members. My favorite
of all the streaming products is YouTube.TV It’s 40 bucks a month, now it used to
be 35. It’s a pretty wide array of television programming but what’s really
neat is multiple people can be watching different things at the same time and
everybody has an unlimited DVR where whatever you want to record is available
to you in the cloud and then you can watch it on your schedule, your pleasure,
wherever, whenever. So think about this you go from 100 a month to about
40, but beware of mission creep. You know what I mean by that? You sign up for
these streaming things then you think, Well, I think I want to add this and I
think I’m gonna get that and I think I want that CBS stream and I want this other
one and on like that. Before you know it you could take your maybe 40 a month up
to 60 or 70 and you really slice your savings. So really think through
what it is you watch most often and be careful with the spending. You’re still
gonna have to pay separately for Netflix, if you have Amazon Prime you get their
stream so that’ll add another — well you think Netflix base of 10 or 12 a month
but you’re still gonna save serious money. Think about 600 or so dollars a
year back in your pocket. On we have a guide to the pluses and
minuses of the various streaming products and you can see which
programming and which service best matches up with what you enjoy!

Danny Hutson

4 thoughts on “How to lower your TV bill

  1. You forgot Internet service which is going up every six months…!  My internet service comes through Charter Spectrum and is bundled with cable TV.  I will check to see if I can get rid of the Cable TV but still keep the internet service, but I doubt it… 🙁

  2. Yeah, but how about us retired seniors up in the mountains. I'm in zip code 30528 and I MUST pay Dish and a WiFi carrier too.
    So, The WiFi is around $89. a month and Dish is $77. a month unless I purchase one of the 250 premium channels I must sort thru to view one of the 2 or 3 dozen I actually view. I know the total price used to be over $200 a month for both but I continue to rant and rave that I want NO Premium pay for TV and why can't I watch for free the Atlanta Braves who play just 90 miles south of my home? PLUS how do I keep the pay channels OFF my screen??!! I know Windstream is in trouble but still $89 a month!!!
    Any answers????

  3. it's frustrating…cable tv has you locked up as you can only get tv service that is available in your area…without long term contract. Dish Network is a rip off…have to sign 2 yr contract! Spectrum is the only other cable service in my area. I am forced to use Spectrum with no contract, or use Dish with 2 yr contract! I have had bad information from Spectrum people…& it cost me a lot of money. I was told I couldn't do a vacation stop for less than 2 months. I complained & then was told I could cancel the
    contract when I needed to!!!! I wasn't told that before, so I paid to keep the service…bad for me, good for Spectrum, as they kept on getting a monthly payment from me! I paid for service I DIDN'T USE!!!

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