How to LIMIT Internet Speed of WiFi Users? [Works 100%]

How to LIMIT Internet Speed of WiFi Users? [Works 100%]

Today I want to give you an easy technique
to limit or restrict bandwidth available to devices connected to your network without
accessing your router settings. That’s coming up! Hey guys my name is Masroor Baig and welcome
to MaazTech. Today I want to give you a quick and easy
method to limit bandwidth partially or entirely to devices connected to your network without
accessing your router settings. For that purpose let me just take a moment
to explain what we are going to achieve in this video. Bandwidth as we all know is the rate of data
transfer available to a device connected to an internet. Which means higher the rate, faster the internet
speed on your device and lower the rate slower the internet speed o your device. So by reducing or eliminating this rate of
data transfer among on other devices connected to your network, you can enjoy higher internert
speed on your device. And that’s what we are gonna achieve in this
video today here. So before we begin, first thing you need to
do is download this software called SelfishNet I have given the download link below, you
can go ahead and download from there. And while you are there make sure you go like
this video as well, lets see if we can get 500 likes for this video. Ok, lets begin now. I have already downloaded this software before,
so I am gonna directly jump into it. And now you need to right-click on it and
then click ‘Run as administrator’ , now if you are gonna right click on it, it’s just
gonna give an error prompt saying that you can’t enter. Now it’s gonna ask which wireless adapter
do you are using, for using the internet. I have only one so I am gonna go ahead and
say ‘Ok’ and now its gonna show me this box right here. What this software is gonna do is. It’s just basically gonna scan my network
and find all the devices which are connected to it and then show me in a list. And then I can go ahead and block them. When I say block, I don’t mean literally block
them that they can’t connect to internet. When I say block it means they can’t utilize
any of the data of the internet In literal sense they’ll be connected to it but they
won’t be able to use internet. That’s what block means. And then you have download cap and upload
cap. Under the download and upload column over
here you set the limit up to which you want to restrict the users to use the data of your
internet for example if you want devices to be restricted under 100 Kbps you can set that
under this column and they will be restricted to 100, no matter what funtions they perform
and same thing applies to upload, if you are gonna put cap on upload as well they will
be restricted within that quota you have assgined. Now proceeding on. In this video we are gonna do two test, in
the first test we are gonna measure the bandwidth right now of my device and then after that
we are gonna block all the devices given in the list and after which we are gonna test
the bandwidth once more and then we are gonna do a comparitive analysis between the bandwidth
before the blocking and after blocking and see what differences lies between them. So let’s get started. As you can see from this result download speed
has doubled from 1.13 MBPS to 2.05 MBPS. This is gonna give you a huge boost in your
internet speed and effectively you will be able to use more of your internet. In the second test we are gonna find if this
block feature does really take all the bandwidth from the device. So the first thing I am gonna do in this test
is use my smartphone to casually browse through internet and then I am gonna block my smartphone
and see what happens after then. As you can see from the result the internet
was working perfectly before I blocked it and after I blocked it it wasn’t working at
all. It was like I was connected to the internet,
I was connected to the network but I wasn’t able to use any data. So this is the best trick to fool anyone into
the perception that there is some fault in their device. With that I have wrap up the video, but before
I do that I have to inform you guys I recently make a patreon page if you guys don’t know
what pateron page is, it is basically a page where creators like me recieve contributions
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alright so with that being said that, that’s it for this video and i’ll see you in my next

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “How to LIMIT Internet Speed of WiFi Users? [Works 100%]

  1. Everyone Try This: Works ?%
    (also works on Windows 10 64bit)

    1: Network Discovery:
    After launching the program click "Network Discovery" wait until all the device in your network show up,
    (Log-in to your router to be precise)

    2: Setting Download Cap & Upload Cap:
    Enter the limit then click "Start Redirecting-Spoofing"

    3: Blocking:
    Tick ✅ "Block" for a device you want to block. Then click "Start Redirecting-Spoofing.

    to change the limit, or to unblock a device, First click "Stop Redirecting-Spoofing", when you're done with the change, click "Start Redirecting-Spoofing" for the changes to take effect.

    this method also works ?% on Windows 10 64bit.

  2. Question, How low should i make the download cap for my family who use their phones? i want the download cap to be low enough without them complaining about the internet being slow

  3. i feel like your a indian hacker i already got scammed by one recently if it happends again i will never trust a indian ever agaiN!

  4. wtf it doesnt lower the speed of the other devices! instead it blocks the device. THe data shows decreasing value of the speed but in the other end it just blocks the device, eventhough you just typed lower value of the speed but the output is blocked.

  5. The problem is, after closing the application the speed turn back in previous mode. Is there any solution?& anyone can do this,there is no password system

  6. Hello!, I hope you read this. I need help, I've tried to run it on windows 7(32bit) with a 3 mbps net speed connection, and I noticed the other devices connected on my network behaved like I've blocked them, even though I have only limited their bandwidths and made sure the block ticks are not checked. Is this because of my OS?

  7. Pffft it didn't work so I call the Line administrator and said can you please change my password
    Him: ok what password? And why?
    Me: password is————- I was playing Mobile legends and Some bull rap people connected

  8. I have one question. If i shut down the program or the pc i have it on. Will the blocks/speed limits remain? Or do i have to keep the program running

  9. I have WinPcap and i am running selfishnet in Administrator but it always says it has stopped working for a slit second then nothing happens! Help?

  10. What if I didn't know the IP which I want to block? And if I blocked him then he used the same application and blocked me then what can I do?

  11. Its works No Virus. Got it to work. Very Simple I like it it provides you real time whos downloading or uploading. Thank you for this Software.

  12. hi sir, is there any router or any software? I want to provide 600mb data to one of my client and 800mb data to other client at 1 Mbps speed .After that I want to reduce their speed to 20 kbps. How is it possible? is there any software ? Is there any router?

  13. i actually hacked my neighbor's wifi and i want to slow the speed of the connectors of that same wifi but idk how, i hope this helps me . thanks for reading

  14. Everytime I extracted the RAR then open the file, the selfishnet exe seems to be gone? how so? idk what to do or where the .exe went. Help?

  15. Tested, it seems to work, but I'm going to give it a 95% though…

    1.) Very basic look, fingers crossed no one is busy hacking me… ESETNod didn't block/Flag the download site nor any of the files on my PC so it seems legit
    2.) Blocking seems to works perfectly (but has very little use to me)
    3.) The limiting also does work. It seems you have to mess around a little turning off the spoofing, then select block/input the limit value, then reactivate the spoofing… I stand under correction here, still figuring it out. Maybe its more on a timer, as in once you activate it/make limit changes you just need to wait a little for it to kick in. But I know it works because I limited my phone's DL speed, ran speed tests on it and it was working as expected. Turn off the limits and it jumps back to normal speeds as expected. Did this numerous times and it works!
    4.) The 5% issue I had… I cant seem to make it limit my daughters "Youtube Kids" app. Its the reason I've been searching tirelessly for a bandwidth limiter. No matter how I mess with the speed limits… and it limits DL speed on the speed test, Youtube Kids… still eats away at my data. Will mess around further, maybe I figure it out and will edit my comment
    5.) A nice extra would be to have this app work without having to leave my PC on non-stop. Bro work on making this an android app… An app you can install on a device to limit that device's DL/UL speeds… there are ways for mobile data, but we need for wifi too. Take it a step further an allow it to limit speeds by app. So for example limit Youtube, netflix whatever… you select app and the speed.

    But anyways. Hey, provided I don't get hacked, this is some rare to find software, I've been looking… Worth donating to the developer!!

  16. My router is a D-link324 or 234 i dont remember well, and doesnt have a way to control the inthernet, will this app be enough?

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