How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online. Stop worrying and start doing something! There are plenty of precautions you can take
to protect children from internet predators. You will need Heart-to-heart talks Spot-checks
Parental controls Blocking software and recording software. Step 1. Warn children about the dangers of giving
personal information to strangers, and emphasize that they should never agree to meet someone
in person that they’ve only met online. Explain how easy it is for anyone to lie about
their identities and post a phony picture of themselves. Step 2. Tell your children you plan to spot-check
their computer; it may prompt them to self-monitor. Consider keeping their computer in a family
room so you can more easily keep an eye on their online activities. Step 3. Use parental controls to restrict your child’s
internet access. Most internet service providers offer a range
of features — like the ability to block certain web sites — and many of them are free. You can also purchase blocking and filtering
software. Step 4. Consider blocking access to chat rooms entirely. They are one of the most likely places your
child will encounter a pedophile online. And if they’re old enough to use social-networking
sites, remind them to adjust the privacy settings so their profile can only be seen by trusted
people they know. Law enforcement officials say evening is when
predators are most actively pursuing children online. Step 5. Periodically check their browser history so
you know which sites they’ve visited. Consider installing recording software that
keeps a record of everything that’s been sent, received, downloaded, and viewed. Step 6. Use parental controls to limit e-mail with
offensive language from being sent and received. If your child is under 12, consider having
all their e-mails routed through your account. Step 7. Call the police, the FBI, and the National
Center for Missing and Exploited Children if your child is sent pornography or is sexually
solicited by someone on the internet. Did you know Most internet sexual predators
target adolescents, as opposed to prepubescent children.

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  2. No kid is going to put up with their parents invading their privacy to that degree, and they will find ways to work around it so you haven't faintest idea what they're doing. The best thing to do is get tech savvy, make a facebook (or whatever your kids use), and occasionally take a look at what they're up to but don't stalk them. This way you get to see how they appear online to other people and if their safety might be compromised, but there's no sneaking or broken trust involved.

  3. Maybe, instead of focusing on what they do online, you should see what they write on the word processing program. You never know, but your child might have an odd addiction to rather sexuality graphic fanfictions.

  4. i know how to do this on the game animal jam
    You Will Need:
    A computer
    An Animal Jam account
    Step 1:Log on Animal Jam and go to your den to see if any thing is missing.
    Step 2: Go all around Jamaa and look for people who look suspicious and looked like they were hacking and scamming.
    Step 3:Ask the player if they did it make them tell the truth and tell them if they won't you will report the player.
    Optional:Block the player and tell your parents.

  5. I always go against internet saftey rules all the time, and I've been using the internet since I'm 10. I'm 15 now, and clearly fine. I laugh at all the child preditor shit

  6. @luv2dancehiphop1
    they need to do that unless they have permession from the company, becasue they can get in a heap of truble

  7. This parent went way over board… Thats just creepy and weird!! I would hate for my emails to be read by my parents!!!

  8. It's not stalking. A lot of kids actually kill themselves because of what goes on on the internet, there's also risk of cyberbullying. It's better to be safe than sorry.

  9. How to keep your child safe online:

    Step 1: Don't make them use the internet.

    If that didn't work, then…
    Step 2: Get a time machine.
    Step 3: Go back in time and remind yourself to use a condom.

    Did you know that oranges are orange.

  10. Assuming the kid isn't smart enough to uninstall blocking and recording software and delete their browsing history…

  11. hi I have a writing project and I was wondering if i could show this video infront of my class. can you please reply asap

  12. Law cannot serve as a deterrent to children's access to those harmful sites with this video, I think. IT-savvy children can easily access those sites through loophols.

  13. Prob. today folks, is the internet/its content is moving so fast, the PARENTs cause the probs for the future safety of ALL of our children..STOP giving them tablets/cel phones..simple as that-NO Parents Control Settings WORK any more> READ the latest about TWITTER/FACEBOOK, on Porno> NO protection for kids..Full Report with Photos/Videos + Movies/Games/SPORT on dreamteamdownloads1(.com)..& Thanks for the video.
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  14. I would recommend putting on a key logger and Antivirus. If the Antivirus detects they key logger, just click ignore. a key logger is the best and only thing you really need instead of going through all that other stuff.

  15. adults are overprotective im sure all kids ( that arent babies) like me dont need a adult seeing everything you do on the internet

  16. Kids usually play in the day
    predators usually come out at night at that's the time kids should be offline otherwise the predators will come and murder them……

  17. Adult: ARE YOU DEALING DRUGS ON FACE BOOKS!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

    Kid: no I'm talking to my best friend I know in real life you know Katie?


    Kid: dad no one on Facebook is a robot and I only friend people I know in real life


    Kid: you met Katie when I was 6 and she was 6 as well her parents told her to never do drugs ever or she would die and she fears death


    Kid: I'm in my room

    Adult: WELL GO TO MY ROOM!!!!

    Kid: ok bye mumbles I can't wait to get out of here


    Kid: bye dad I will be in my I mean your room now


    Kid: bye dad uses his computer and finds that he often goes to gun sales men

  18. Rename this video "how to destroy your child's privacy and ruin their social life by watching everything they do" great video! Nice way to ruin the lives of children

  19. I’m never meeting up with a person I don’t know. I have a friend in England, I know she’s real but I live in America. :p.

  20. My mom. Already knows im street smart so basically ik about that stuff and she trusts me enough to stay of those sights and she knows in smart enough to avoid presators. My moms not a childhood ruiner or a stalker or social life stalkerXD my moms awsome! Luv you mom

  21. This is a great app to assist in understanding predatory behaviour online. It comes with parent and teachers notes to help assist in teaching kids about grooming online.

  22. If you tell your kid you're gonna check their computer, it's just gonna make them be sneaky like using private browsers or deleting search history. Downloading certain softwares or recording is just gonna make them try to undo it

  23. I think I am pretty good at not talking to strangers I don't feel the need to talk to anyone and if they try and talk to me this what I say "shut the hell up get away from me"

  24. My wife and I use It's low cost monitors all apps and texts you about anything suspicious. It even gives a timeline of a device's location. They will let you try it free with the code TAKEACTION

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