How To Jailbreak PS4 6.51 *April 2019* *100% Working* *Voice Tutorial* *With Subtitles*

Hello guys ‘HowToVideos’ here and today I will
show you something that you all have waited so long for, the PlayStation 4 6.51 jailbreak
that finally came out some days ago. Although it is not the most stable jailbreak
for the PlayStation 4 and unfortunately it does not work on all PlayStation 4s but it
is definitely worth trying. Because I tried it on 5 PlayStation 4s and it worked
on 3 of them. But if you are already on a jailbreak on like
5.05 or 4.55 then I recommend you to stay there until this jailbreak becomes
more stable than the current version. Unfortunately, there is still no list of the
models that it supports, but there is a very high chance that it will work for your PlayStation
4. So let‘s start! Before we start I want to tell you guys that
this jailbreak is still a demo version. This is a message of the developer: “We work
super hard with our team to get the debug settings on the 6.51 firmware, so this is
certainly not the final version. We are still working on it, but because you
all asked for the debug settings massively, we decided to release sort of a demo version. So there is of course still a small chance
that it will not work for you, but it is definitely worth trying. The final version will be published within
a few weeks, if not months. Until that time we will perhaps release some
other unfinished versions.” So let’s get right into the tutorial. First of all, you need to click on the link
that you will find in the description of the video. Then you will come to this site. To get the download links you just have to
subscribe to this channel and turn on the notifications if you want. After we have done that we will have to wait
5 seconds and then click on ‘Done’ and then ‘Submit’. And here we have the two download links again. The people who watched my previous video will
understand this better, so if you haven’t seen my previous video make sure to click
here to watch that video, because I explained a lot of things there. So again, the first one is the official firmware
and the second one is the jailbreak. Like before if you are now on the official
firmware 6.51, then you do not have to download the first link. If you are on a lower version than 6.51, you
first have to download the first one and update to that version so you can then download the
jailbreak. If you do not know on which version you are,
you want to go to your PlayStation 4 settings, then ‘System’ and then ‘System Information’. As you can see I am now on the version 5.55,
so I have to begin by downloading the first link. So first of all you want to copy this link
and paste it in a new tab and then you have to wait 5 seconds and then click ‘SKIP THIS
AD’. Now we are on the download page. The ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ button is an ad. You first have to verify that you are a human
and then you have to click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button at the bottom and make sure to check
off this ‘Download with Addons’ box. Now we have to click on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button
again and the download will start. This will take some time so I will be back
when it is finished and make sure to leave this page here open and do not close it as
we need it later to download the jailbreak file. After it is finished just plug a USB into
your computer, your laptop, you iMac or whatever. Then what you have to do is you have to go
to your USB, just right click on it, select ‘Format’, choose ‘FAT32’ and then click
on ‘Start’, then ‘OK’. This will erase all the files that is in your
USB so if you have any important files, make sure to copy it to somewhere before formatting. After the formatting is finished, right click
into the USB and then create a folder called ‘PS4’, all in capital letters, then in the PS4 folder create another folder named ‘UPDATE’, also all in capital letters and then drag the downloaded file into this folder. Then just right click on your USB and then
select ‘Eject’, then plug out your USB and plug it into your PlayStation 4. Finally, in your PlayStation you just have
to update the system software with the USB. After the updating is completely finished,
you have to go back to the download page and download the other file. After the downloading is finished, plug the
USB back into the computer, then delete the previous file that is in the USB and replace
it by the new one. Now you have to rename this file to ‘PS4UPDATE.PUP’ That is all you have to do guys finally just plug your USB into your PlayStation 4 and update it the same way as you did with the official firmware and hopefully you will have
the debug settings. And if the normal update doesn’t work, then
just update it in ‘Safe Mode’. Thank you for watching guys and I hope that
this video helped you! If this video was helpful then please like,
share, subscribe and the most important step is: please turn on the
notifications. If you have a question, a tutorial that you
want that I make on my channel or anything else, type it in the comments below and I
will answer it as soon as possible. Please let me also know in the comments if
this worked for you or not. See you later.

Danny Hutson

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