How to Install Oracle Database 18c on Windows 10 by Manish Sharma

How to Install Oracle Database 18c on Windows 10 by Manish Sharma

What’s up Internet? I am Manish from and I
am back with another awesome Oracle Database tutorial. In this video we will learn how to install
Oracle Database 18c on Windows 10 64bit version. Before we start installing, I would suggest
you to watch this video till the end as Oracle has introduced many changes in the installation
process and I don’t want you to get stuck anywhere. Now let’s quickly see the minimum hardware
and operating system requirements for the installation of Oracle Database 18c. The installation of Oracle database 18c will
require a minimum 2 GB of RAM, 10GB empty space on your hard disk drive, a processor
based on either Intel EM64T or AMD64 Architecture and a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768
pixels. Also, similar to Oracle 12c, Oracle Database
18c is only available for 64 bit windows system, therefore you cannot install oracle 18c on
your machine if it is running a 32 bit Windows OS. Moreover, Oracle Database 18c is only available
for Windows 10 Professional, Enterprises and Education edition. Which means you cannot install Oracle 18c
if you are using Windows 10 Home edition. I’ll be installing Oracle Database 18c on
Windows 10 professional 64 bit version, but if you want to install it on Windows 7 or
8 then you can still follow these steps as the installation process is the same, but
first please check the compatibility. For your convenience I have listed down all
the Oracle 18c compatible operating systems in the corresponding blog. You can find its link in the description. That being said let’s jump straight to the
tutorial and learn how to install oracle database 18c on windows 10 pro 64 bit. To install Oracle 18c we have to download
the software which we can do by visiting the Oracle’s Website. So, go to now scroll down a little
bit and click this download button, after that you will be here on the download page. Here again scroll down a little bit and this
time click this database button. Now you will be presented with the database
section. Here click this Database 18c link. This will take you to another page from where
you can download the Oracle 18c. Oracle keeps on changing its website so I
will leave this direct download link for Oracle Database 18c in the description. Please check, anyways
Here first accept the license agreement and come to this Oracle Database 18c section. Here you can see that Oracle 18c is available
for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Oracle Solaris operating systems. But today we are installing it on Windows
10 thus will concentrate on the first link which is for Windows operating system. Unlike Oracle 11g or 12c this time we only
have to download one file for installing 18c. We can download it either by clicking this
“File 1” link or this “See All” link. I will go with the former option and click
this File 1 link to download the 18c on my Windows 10. Let’s click on this link “File 1”. To download the files you will need to sign
in to the oracle website. If you have a valid account on this site then
it’s well & good otherwise you can register yourself here and create an account which
is completely free of cost. After filling the username and password, as
soon as you hit the sign in the files will start downloading automatically. To save the time I have already downloaded
them. Here it is. As you can see the file is compressed and
zipped. To proceed ahead we need to extract its content. But wait. Do not extract now. There is a catch here. With Oracle 11g or 12c we were allowed to
set the location of our db_home directory. But starting with Oracle Database 18c we are
introduced to a new concept which is Image Based Installation. In image based installation the Oracle Universal
Installer of 18c takes the location of its setup.exe file and assigns it as its db_home
location. That is why before you start extracting the
content of this file, first decide where you want to create your db_home directory? I don’t want to create my db_home in the
download folder. No, Never. Rather I want my db_home directory to be in
my D drive, thus I will first create a folder inside D drive and name it DB_HOME. Let me quickly do it. Here I am in my D drive. Let’s create the folder. OK done. Here I have my db_home folder. Make sure the name of this folder must not
contain any spaces in between. Now I will extract the content of the file
which we just downloaded into this folder. Let’s do that. Here
I am going to fast forward the video as the content
which we are extracting here is about 10GB in size and this extraction process will take
some time. Here we are, we have successfully extracted
all the files and folders into our db_home and with that we are all set to start the
Oracle Database 18c installation. Let’s do that. Before we start the Oracle Database 18c installation
just check if you are logged into your windows with an Administrative user or not. If not then sign in to your windows with an
administrative user. It is a mandatory clause which you have to
follow, not doing so will cause mid installation error and crash the entire process. For your information, I am already logged
into my windows with the administrative user. Now let’s start the installation of Oracle
18c. First get into your db_home directory. I am already inside my db home. Here locate the setup.exe file. Here it is
right click on setup.exe and choose run as administrator. Screen 1: Configuration Options
Here we are presented with two installation options. The first one is to create and configure a
single instance database. Choosing this option will not only configure
an Oracle Database Server on your machine but also create a starter database for you. You can choose this database for learning
and practice purposes. The second option is “Setup software only”. As the name suggests, it will only configure
the Oracle Server software on your machine. No database will be created. You need to create the database manually using
DBCA utility. You choose this option, when you are configuring
a RAC or Planning to perform upgradation. I will choose the first option which will
configure the software as well as create a database for me. Let’s do that and press next to move ahead. Screen 2: System Classes
In this step you have to choose between Server Class and Desktop class. If you are installing this oracle database
18c on your laptop or desktop then go with the first option which is desktop class. If you are installing it on a server which
is capable of handling the load of all the server components and processes then choose
the 2nd option which is Server class. In my case I am installing Oracle database
18c on a windows 10 professional which is installed on my laptop thus I will choose
the first option which is desktop class and hit next. Screen 3: Oracle Home User
Oracle Server creates 13 Windows user groups for doing various tasks such as handling security,
taking care of user privileges and running Windows services for Oracle Database. To handle these groups Oracle server needs
a dedicated Windows User. That’s exactly what we will be configuring
in this step. As you can see, here we are provided with
four options. We can either use a Virtual Account, an Existing
windows user or Windows Built-In account. If none of these options suit you then you
can create a fresh Windows user right from this installer. In case you neither want to create a new user
nor want to use any built-in or existing user then you go for the first option which is
“Use Virtual Account”. For enhanced security Oracle recommends either
using Virtual Account or Standard Windows user instead of windows built-in account. Here I am going to create a new user which
will be completely dedicated to my Oracle Database 18c. To do so I have to choose the third option
which is “Create New Windows User”. I will name this user RebellionRider and the
password will be Oracle. Ok Done. Before we hit Next and move ahead, I just
want to share One More thing. There will be no Log on privileges for this
newly created user thus do not login to windows using this account. However you can manage this user like any
other windows user you have. Also, you cannot change this Oracle Home user
once the installation is done thus be careful while creating it. That being said let’s hit the button and
move ahead. Screen 4: Typical Installation. This step is very important as here we will
be configuring the installation settings. Let’s see what we have here. First, we have a drop down input field for
Oracle Base. Here we have to assign the location for Oracle
base directory. This will be the location where all your Oracle
software’s configuration files and directory like Oracle Home will be stored. Let’s see what options we have in this drop
down input field for us. Let’s set it to the one which says “D:appAdministrator”. If you want you can change this directory
location here. Let say I want change the directory name from
administrator to RebellionRider. See You can set whatever location you want
as your Oracle Base. Second we have software location. This is your DB_Home or say Oracle Home directory. It will hold all the necessary installation
files. Prior to 18c we were allowed to set this Oracle
Home location but now as you can see the location is already set and we cannot modify it. The installer took the location of the Setup
files and assigned it as the Oracle Home location. That’s the reason why we extracted our installation
files in a separate directory. As you can see here the installer has assigned
the location of that separate directory as Oracle Home for this installation. Third we have Database file location. Again, this directory will be located inside
the Oracle Base Directory. This folder will be storing your database
files such as Data files, redo log files, control files, server parameter files and
the password file. These are the most important files of Oracle
Database so never mess with them. I am good with this default location so I
will not change it. Fourth we have database edition drop down
list. There are two options here. First is Enterprise Edition and the second
is standard 2 edition. I will set this to Enterprise Edition. Fifth we have a drop down list for Character
Set. I am good with this default UNICOD standard
so I will not change it. Now, coming three fields, global database
name, password and Pluggable Database Name are the most important settings. You will be needing them in the future to
connect with your database. Thus I suggest you to write them down somewhere. Let’s see what these fields are. The Global Database Name will be the name
of your database as well as serve as your database SID. You will need this while making connection
with your database using tools such as SQL Developer. By default it is set as ORCL. If you want, you can change and give it any
other name, but make sure to remember it. I suggest you to write it down somewhere as
your Database SID. In the next two fields you have to give the
password. This will be the password of your administrative
user such as sys or system. Ok be careful here, write it down somewhere
or remember it. Let’s fill it up and move ahead. I will set Oracle as my password for this
demonstration. I may get a warning as my password is not
up to the Oracle standards which says a password must contain an uppercase, a lower case, a
numeric digit and a special character. Anyways, next Make sure to check the “create
as container database” checkbox. This option creates our database as container
database. In Oracle Database 12c a container database
can support maximum up to 252 pluggable databases. But, so far I am not able to find any such
numeric figure for Oracle database 18c. As soon as I’ll get any assuring figure
I will update you guys on my Facebook. Next is Pluggable database name. Here you have to specify a unique name for
your pluggable database. For this demonstration I am good with the
default name. With this we are done here now let’s hit
next and move ahead. As I said here we get the warning –You can
read this warning, if you want. Click yes and move ahead. Now OUI will check for the prerequisites such
as hardware compatibility. If everything goes well then we will be good
to install it. If there is any error then OUI will show you
here. Fortunately no errors! Now, hit this Install button and let the installation
of Oracle 18c begin. As Oracle Database 18c is a very hefty software
thus this installation will take some time depending on your hardware. Don’t go anywhere, there is one more thing
left in the end of this installation. But right now I will fast forward this installation,
just to save your time. Great, Installation is done, in this installation
we don’t get DBCA for database creation, like we used to with Oracle 12c or 11g. This new Oracle 18c Universal Installer has
simplified the process. The last thing which is left is to copy this
link. This is the link for the Enterprise manager
of Oracle Database 18c. Copy and save it. Now hit close and you have your Oracle Database
18c Installed on your machine. So that’s how we install Oracle Database
18c on Windows 10 64 bit. Please do read the corresponding blog. Link is in the description. If you like this video then please give it
a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Most importantly subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t already. This is how to install Oracle Database 18c
on windows 10 tutorial. Thanks for watching this is Manish from

Danny Hutson

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