How To Install Oracle Database 12c on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit Manish Sharma

How To Install Oracle Database 12c on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit Manish Sharma

What’s up Internet? I am Manish from
Today in this video we are going to learn how to install oracle database 12c on windows
10 professional 64 bit. Unfortunately oracle 12c is not available for 32bit architecture
operating system so if you are using one of them then I am really sorry.
If you are using any version other than Windows 10 Professional then also don’t worry you
can still follow this tutorial as steps for installing oracle database 12c are the same.
That being said let’s jump straight to the tutorial and learn how to install oracle database
12c on windows 10 pro 64 bit. In order to install the oracle 12c we have
to download the software which you can do by visiting the oracle website.
Go to the and choose Download from the menu and then select Oracle Database after
that you will be here on the download page. First accept the license agreement. And come
to this oracle database 12c release 1 section. Here as you can see all the available edition
of oracle 12c is listed. Choose the one which best suits your needs. For this demonstration
I will choose the oracle database 12c Standard, Standard1 and Enterprise edition.
I will download the files from the first option which is Microsoft windows 64 bit as I am
installing the software on windows 10 professional 64 bit. We have to download these two files
and you can download these files either directly clicking on their name or by selecting See
All Link. I will choose the latter option. Once you click that See All link. You will
be here on Oracle database 12c download page. Here again accept the OTN License agreement.
And download these 2 files from the Oracle Database 12c Release 1.
To download these files you will need to sign in to the oracle website. If you have a valid
account on this site then it’s well and good otherwise you can register yourself here
and create an account which is completely free of cost.
After filling the username and password, as soon as you hit the sign in the file will
start downloading automatically. To save the time I have already downloaded these files.
Here are they. As you can see the content of both these files
are compressed and zipped thus we need to first extract their content. Let’s start
with the first file. Here we are now let’s rename this extracted
folder from Database to Database 1. Let’s do the same with our second file. Ok again
let’s rename this folder from Database to Database 2.
Next go to folder database 2 and then go to this folder Stage then go to the directory
components. And copy all the directories from this components’ folder.
Press control A to select all and now copy them.
Now we have to come back to our folder database 1 and here it is. Inside this you have folder
Stage, go to it and then go to the folder Components and here paste all those files
which we copied earlier. That’s it. Now we are all set to start the
setup and install the oracle database 12c on our windows 10. So let’s come to our
folder database 1 where we have our set up file.
Here it is. Right click the setup file and choose run
as administrator. Accept the warning and this will start your Oracle Universal Installer.
1st Screen On the first screen you need to provide your
email address if you want to receive all the notifications and news alerts from oracle.
If you do not want it then simply leave these fields empty and move to next. Accept this
warning as it’s just reminding you that you didn’t provide the email id. Avoid it
and move ahead. 2nd Screen
On this step you have options for installing updates to oracle database 12c if you have
oracle database credentials then choose the first option fill up the login form and download
the updates. Or if you already have downloaded the updates on your system then choose the
2nd option specify the file location and install the updates. 3rd option will let you proceed
ahead without installing any updates. This is the one that we are going to do now as
we just downloaded fresh and updated copy of oracle 12c software.
3rd Screen On the next screen you will be presented with
3 different installation options. You can choose any of them according to your needs.
In my case I want to install Oracle server software and want to create a database also.
Thus I will choose the first option. If you choose the second option then only
oracle server will be installed and no database will be created. You can create a database
after the installation of oracle server using DBCA. If you want to do that then I have a
video tutorial on how to create database using DBCA just for you. Link is in the description.
You can go with the 3rd option if you want to perform the upgrade of the database and
software. But I will choose the first option and will
hit next and move ahead. 4th Screen
In this step you have to choose between Server Class and Desktop class. If you are installing
this oracle database 12c on your laptop or desktop then go with the first option which
is desktop class. If you are installing this oracle 12c on a server which is capable enough
to handle the load of all the server components and processes then choose the 2nd option which
is Server class. In my case I am installing Oracle database
12c on a windows 10 professional which is installed on my laptop thus I will choose
the first option and hit next. 5th Screen
Till now the installation was pretty similar to the installation of oracle 10g and 11g
but here we have a different step. In this step we need to select or create a windows
user account for oracle database 12c. This account must be standard or say limited account
not the administrative one. As you can see we are provided with 3 options. 1st option
will let us use existing windows standard user if you have any. Using 2nd option we
can create a standard windows user which will be later assigned as oracle home. 3rd option
will help us in choosing oracle home from the windows built in default users.
I will go with the 2nd option and create a windows standard user and use it as my oracle
home. I will name my oracle home user as rebellionrider and will give it a valid password. You can
name your windows user whatever you want. Hit next and move to the next step.
6th Screen Here in this step you can configure the basic
settings of your database for example using first 3 text fields you can set the oracle
base location. Software location which will be your Oracle Home and database file location
which will be the location where oracle server will store all your important files such as
data files, control files and redo logs. Be careful while setting them. I am good with
default locations thus won’t change them. Using database edition drop down list you
can choose which database version you want to install. In my case it’s the enterprise
edition. Next is character set. Let it be set on default
as I am good with it but if you want you can change it.
Next field is global database name which will be the name of your database also server as
your database SID. You will need this while making connection with your database using
tools such as SQL Developer. By default it is set as ORCL. If you want
you can change it and give any other name but make sure to remember it. I suggest you
to write it down somewhere as your Database SID.
In the next two fields you have to give the password. This will be the password of your
administrative users such as sys or system. Ok be careful here, write it down somewhere
or remember it. This will be the password for your sys user or system user. Let’s
fill it up Make sure to check the create as container
database checkbox. This option creates our database as container database that can support
maximum up to 252 pluggable databases. Next is Pluggable database name. Here you have
to specify a unique name for your pluggable database for this demonstration I am good
with the default name which is PDBORCL. So let’s hit next
Don’t worry about this warning – it is just saying that the password which we just
entered is not as per the oracle password standard. You can read this warning. Click
yes and move ahead. 7th Screen
Now OUI will check for the prerequisites such as hardware compatibility. If everything goes
well then we will be good to install it. If there is any error then OUI will show you
here. Fortunately no errors! Now hit Install. Doing so will start the installation.
This installation might take some time depending on your hardware.
Don’t go anywhere, there is one more important step left in the installation.
I don’t want to waste your time thus I will fast forward this process.
Here we are the last step where we will unlock the users. Click this password management
button. Now here in this password management window we have all the users which are by
default locked. You can unlock any of them. For example I want to unlock this user with
name Anonymous. For that I will uncheck the box which is in front of its name and give
it a valid password. Click ok now. Avoid this warning again as it’s reminding you that
the password is not up to the oracle standards. Just hit yes and move ahead. We are back again
on our DBCA windows. Here you can see all the important information regarding our oracle
database such as Global database name, SID of our database, location of the parameter
files and the link for our enterprise manager. I would suggest you to save this link somewhere.
Click ok and this installation is successfully done. Click close to close OUI.
That’s all we have to do to install oracle database 12c on windows 10 professional 64
bit. I have done a few videos on oracle database 12c explaining how to unlock HR sample Schema,
How to install sample users or schemas in oracle 12c and how to connect pluggable database
with SQL Developer using TNS services as well as how to uninstall oracle 12c. You can check
all these tutorial links in the description below.
If you like this video then please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends
on your social media. You can tell me how you liked this video by leaving a comment
down below and tweet me @RebellionRider. Thanks for watching. I will be back soon with
another tutorial till then take care. This is Manish from RebellionRider.

Danny Hutson

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