How To Install NOS

How To Install NOS

In this episode of Mighty Car Mods, we, uh…You know what we’re doing. (Intro rock music) SYNTHVOICE: Mighty Car Mods Welcome to another episode of Mighty Car Mods, proudly supported by Just Car Insurance. Now, in this episode, it’s time to finally dominate that MX5 and we’re doing so with a NOS install on the Honda. Now, normally this wouldn’t be such a hard process except nobody was actually willing to help me. BGM:Marty. How you doin’ bro? Yeah man. Dude I was wondering if you could help me with my Honda? (dead silence)Rake? Are you lovin’ it? Of course you are. Dude, I’m just doing some work on my Honda and- Andrew Hawkins. How’s the GTR bro? Of course it is. Man look, I’m hoping to do a little work on my Honda tod-Mechanical Stig! Oh man yeah, the olives were delicious. Thank you very much. Man, I’ve got my Honda here- Turbo Yoda! How would you like a trip down to Sydney, all expenses paid, to, eh, work on my Honda? (Horror music) BUT! Eventually I did find one very special guest! Here he is! Is our tripod big enough? Get amongst it. Everybody, this is HighTower HIGHTOWER: Eh. Hello mate! MOOG: How ya goin’? I’m just so happy to meet someone else on the planet who likes Hondas AND likes NOS. HIGHTOWER: Mate, NOS, this makes everything go quick MOOG: So, erm, so we’re going to be doing this… Are we gonna be able to go faster than a turbo MX5 with a Honda and NOS? HIGHTOWER: Not a problem. MOOG: Not a problem. HIGHTOWER: Not a problem. MOOG (Voice over): Today we’re doing a NOS install on the Honda S2000. and our only goal is to be able to go faster than a turbo snail MX5. So, what exactly is Nitrous Oxide? Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as NOS or laughing gas (mimics laugh) hahaha has actually been around for a very long time and it’s two parts nitrogen and one part oxygen. Now, it was first used back in the 1800’s for dentistry and surgery as an anesthetic. Now, I don’t know about you but I can’t think of anything more frightening than having one of my molars removed back in the 1800’s by Dr NOS. Now, in 1914, it was suggested that it could be used as an oxidiser in rocket motors, plus it could be broken down when decomposed and turned into air that’s breathable and in WW2, it was used to boost the output of plane engines. Now, in automotive use, it’s been very, very popular since the 1970’s because you get a big bang for your buck. Now the reason you get a bigger bang for your buck is there’s more oxygen in NOS, than there is in the air that’s in the atmosphere, which means that when you add some fuel to it, you get a bigger bang! (disappointed) Ohh (painful scream) Aghhhh! So we are down here at Ichiban, this is Scotty, the owner of Ichiban. This is where Mechanical Stig works and of course we’ve been coming down here for years. They build race cars, street cars, they import awesome stuff from Japan. Half cuts, they do all sorts of crazy stuff. But not only does Scotty do that, he’s also the Genie of the NOS bottle. Now Scotty, can you give me a little rundown in how it is that THIS system is going to get stuck into the car and make us go faster? SCOTTY: Sure. What we have here is NOS which is a chemical supercharger. So we take a dirty big bottle out of the boot in the back of the car, bring the gas from the back of the car up, inject it into the engine, and then we’ll bring fuel in and inject it at the same time. These two will mix together, go into the engine, make a big bang and we can have a rating of horse power from 35, 50, 75 horse power that’ll make it fast. MOOG: Now the reason we’re making more power is there’s more oxygen in NOS, then there is in the air that we breathe. So in a sense it is just like we’re using a chemical supercharger because we’re getting more oxygen in the same amount of the displacement. Is that right? SCOTTY: That’s correct, we’re using double the amount of oxygen being injected in because of the chemical and then we add the fuel in which makes the bigger bang which makes it fast. MOOG: So we’re basically gonna go “squirt squirt, bang bang” and that should get us down the dragstrip faster than an MX5? ‘Cause that’s the only thing we need to do, we need to smash Marty’s MX5. SCOTTY: This will beat the MX5. This is all we need. MOOG: (Voice over) NOS can be run as a dry system where the gas is sprayed into the intake and the extra fuel added separately, OR NOS and fuel can be mixed together and run as a wet system, which is what we’re installing today. (Scotty) You’ve got the run down here is your solenoids, this is where your two jets are contained and injects it into the engine. This is your fuel line. You’ve got a few little bracketries and wiring for your micro switch, if you wanna wire it up that way. The NOS line, the relay to fire it and the fuel lines that go to the jet. MOOG: Is it possible that a Honda with NOS is just gonna be too powerful? Like there might be so much power going down to the ground, that we literally affect the way, that you know, like we affect the Earths’ rotational pull? SCOTTY: Errrrm… …I don’t know if it’s gonna be that much (Moog laughs) but we’re definitely gonna have traction issues. They’re your jets that give your different ratings. MOOG: Yep. SCOTTY: So, one’s a gas jet, and one’s a fuel jet and it comes in the instruction manual what two jets you can combine together to make your certain power. So, this one kit will do 35, 50 and 75 horse power. MOOG: So cool, like it’s so physical. You know it’s like “that jet does this” “that jet does that”, like your literally screwing in how much power you need.
SCOTTY (Cross-talks) It is SCOTTY: It is very literal yes. It’s erm… Yeah, this is a four cylinder kit and you put this on a four cylindar and you put that jet, that’s 35 horse power you’ll make 35 horse power at the wheels. MOOG: That’s so cool man. OK, so these are the tools your gonna need. You’re gonna need a drill for attaching your different brackets and things. You’re gonna need some spanners, some screwdrivers you’re gonna need your drill bits of course and then just a variety of pliers and a hammer so that you can smash things in when they don’t fit! Let’s get to it! MOOG: (Voice over) The first thing you need to do is find a location in your car to store the NOS bottle. We’re putting ours in the boot and it needs to be angled so the valve is at the highest point. Next up, we’re laying out all the parts from the kit to make it easier to install. (Music) So Scotty, we’ve seen some pretty impressive explosions in Hollywood movies of NOS bottles going “kerblammo”. Is that actually the case when this gets hot, or is there some sort of safety mechanism in there? SCOTTY: Yeah, now they do come with a safety method. It’s located up here, which is a little burst valve, so once it gets over a certain pressure inside the bottle it’ll actually release and let the gas out in a controlled manner so there’s no explosion, as such you do see in the movies. MOOG: Yep, good to know. So, the only thing that’s really gonna get blown away is the MX5? SCOTTY: Correct. MOOG: (Voice over) We’re gonna set the whole thing up off the car, so we can show you exactly how it all fits together. The bottle of NOS is gonna be in the boot. It’s gonna run down this line (make “eeh” sounds) It’s gonna come down here into the engine bay. Now, everything that’s blue are the NOS lines, everything that’s red is the fuel line. So that’s gonna be tapped into a fuel line and then this here is gonna go into the intake here just before the throttle body. Now, Haltech ECU is gonna be controlling how and when the solenoids are triggered, so that this mixes the NOS and the fuel. It goes in there, goes bang, the car goes faster. That is basically how the system works and now it’s just a matter of installing the whole thing, putting it in, and SMASHING some MX5. (Voice over) The first thing I’ve gotta do is remove the intake so that we can install the Fogger nozzle. (Rock music) (Voice over) The solenoids come with brackets that allow them to be mounted in the engine bay. Then they’ll be connected to power. (Scotty) Power ‘n’ earth to the solenoids, (three clicks) so when the solenoid’s open (clicks) we have gas. (Voice over) Next thing you is gotta do is find a spot to mount the solenoids in the engine bay. (music) (Moog offscreen) Benny, are you pretty happy to have a… …have a Honda down in the workshop mate? Hated it. Really?! Yeah. Bad- I thought you loved it. A bad day on a Subaru is better than any day on a Honda. And I’m not even doing it, someone el-… I’m not touching it. (Whispers) He said he wasn’t gonna help me but Benny’s here. And Benny’s helping. MOOG: He said he wasn’t gonna help but he’s come to help MOOG: us with the fuel line BENNY: (cross talks) I’m not helping! I’m not helping (cross talks) Benny! , I’m just hanging out No Benny, Benny came to help us with the fuel line, didn’t you Benny? (Bootspants Electronic music) (Voice over) And with that, the Fogger is in! (Electronic music) Anyway, so that’s basically the hard bit of the install done. And as you can see, that’s not that hard. Now, the Fogger is in, that’s gonna be mixing up the NOS with the fuel, that’s gonna be creating a fine mist in there, and that’s gonna help things go “kerblammo” in a good way, that is. Uh, I’d say in terms of effort, this install is probably quite similar to installing, say a sub. So, with a sub, you’ve get your remote line, your audio wires, then your power cable and this is similar. You’ve got your fuel, you got your NOS um, and then there’s a little bit of wiring to do. So now this is going back in and its gonna be mad! (Electronic music) MOOG: (Voiceover) As we test fit the system, Benny continues to not help. BENNY: I’m only getting bits to get rid of this thing (mumbles). I’m not helping. (Moog offscreen ) I like it when you help Benny! Well. Sorry. Not happening this time. (Moog offscreen) But I can…I’m filming you helping right now Benny. BENNY: I’m not helping. (Moog offscreen) You’re a very, very nice man. I’m not helping! Mechnical Stig everyone! (Cross talks) I’m not helping! Even though he hates the Honda, like everyone else does, he’s still…
BENNY: (cross talks) Not helping …appears to be helping… BENNY: I’m not helping. …which is awesome! Thank you very much Benny. BENNY: I’m not helping. MOOG: What a nice… that’s true friendship, isn’t it? To hate your mate’s car and then help anyway. BENNY: I’m not helping. (Moog) That’s awesome. What a legend everyone! Mechanical Stig. There he is. (Voice over) Benny loves having a Honda at the shop and I’m sure he’ll continue to not help us during the day. (music) (Voice over) Once you’ve found a suitable place to mount the solenoids, make sure you check your bonnet clearance. (Music, maybe dubstep) (Voice over) Next is the fun part, putting in the jets, which is what dictates how big the nitro shot is going to be. (Music) (Voice over) If you’re installing a wet nitro system like us, you’ll have to find a location to tap into the fuel. (Moog) We’ll check if there’s a fuel line underneath because we’re gonna be running- (Scotty cross talks) That’s right yeah… …well this is rubber here, so it’s gotta go down to something, so we’ll have a look and see what’s there. So we’ll get cleared up and get it on the hoist. What do ya reckon, Mechanical Stig? Reckon it’s a waste of time. Really?! (Benny) You’re gonna lose anyway! Really!! (Moog and Benny) Awwwwwww! (Benny) Team MX5! (Moog) Wow! (Benny) All these fancy braided lines. (Moog) Wow! (Benny crosstalks)When’s When…When’s the Auto Salon again? Oh-ho-ho (Moog laughs) Wow! Old camp MX5, off you go on your picnic! (Voice over) Benny continues hating on the S 2000 and then starts welding some Subaru parts in protest. We’re putting the car up on the hoist so we can run the lines from the solenoids down to the NOS bottle in the boot. (Music with intricate drum pattern) So, we’ve just put the S 2000 up on the hoist so we can investigate the best way of getting the supply line from the NOS bottle in the tank in the boot, all the way to the front. Now, we’ve seen this awesome little plastic fuel line guard here, which is gonna be perfect for us because we can run a NOS line through the boot, down here, all the way up to the front and then straight up that way. Then we’re gonna tap here into the fuel line, get our split, so we’ve got our NOS and our fuel going into our mad little system up there. And then we’re gonna be chemically supercharging our way down the drag strip, chopping MX5’s like it’s no tomorrow. It’s just gonna be freaking awesome! (Music) (Voice over) After spending some time under the car investigating fuel lines, we think it’s gonna be a better option to tap into the fuel rail. So I’m taking off the fuel rail because we need to tap in a fitting so we can get high pressure fuel, from here, over into the solenoid. So, we’re just gonna to take this off and then we’re gonna go and find a place just around the corner, that can tap in the bits we need so we’ve got some mad, mad fuel going into our mad, mad NOS system. (Music) (Voice over) On this car, a hollowed out block of metal supplies pressurised fuel to the injectors. A fuel regulator on the return line, helps keep the entire system at a constant pressure. We can tap into this block and install a fitting that then shares this fuel pressure with the fuel solenoid on the NOS system. (Music, synth electronic distorted strings) (Voice over) After consulting with Mechanical Stig, who is still not helping apparently, we realised we probably don’t need to go to a shop to get this done after all. Slight change of plan, we are gonna try and do it ourselves (laughs). (Music) (Voice over) The alloy rail is then drilled out (Music) (Blows through alloy, making trumpet sounds) We got a winner! (Voice over) And next up he’s tapping in some thread. A fitting can then be screwed in, so we can attach the fuel line. Why do you think so many people hate on Honda’s when they’re so awesome? Serious question. (Scotty) Errr, cos mostly front wheel drive? (Moog offscreen) Yep. and…no one likes being getting beaten by a smaller motor that hasn’t gotta a turbo on it. (horse neighs) (Moog) My experience with Honda’s have been a real sense of you don’t just get it until you try it yourself. (offscreen) Yep. And I think a lotta people don’t even know why we’re meant to hate them. They just kinda go “Oh Honda’s they’re crap” because that’s what the rest of the crowd’s saying but they don’t even know why they’re saying that. It’s just become like the kid that you tease at school. Yep, that’s right. So that’s why I decided to delve in, I was like “I’m gonna have a go and see for myself” (Voice over) Our NOS system now has fuel. So we’ve just finished tapping in the fuel feed lines from the fuel rail down to the solenoids. We’re just gonna to prime the fuel pump, make sure everything is doing everything that it should and nothing that it shouldn’t. (Scotty offscreen) and again. (Moog) and again. (Scotty) Just four or five times in a row. (Moog switches ignition on and off) (Ignition on, engine revs) No leaks. We’re all good! (Voice over) The last part of the install is running the braided line for the NOS from the tank into the solenoid. (Music) (Voice over) The S 2000 comes with a plastic guard to protect the fuel lines. And we’re going to run our NOS supply line along side the existing piping. (Music) (Voice over) There are numerous different ways that you can trigger the NOS, including via an aftermarket ECU, a switch underneath the accelerator pedal, or a manual button “Fast and Furious” style – which is exactly what we’re gonna be doing, too soon junior??? when we get the car on the dyno. Make sure you check your local regulations because depending on where you are in the world, a NOS system may be illegal to use on the street. We’ve bought the NOS hose up in the boot and the next thing you gotta do is mount your NOS bottle and throw the safety stickers on. And that’s how you install a NOS system. It took around half a day and we’re super excited to see how well it performs. OK. So there it is, that is all the plumbing done. A massive thank you of course to Scotty from Ichiban. Thank you. You’re pretty excited about the Honda, aren’t you? I can’t wait. I can’t wait. (Cross talks) I’m so glad there’s somebody in my life who doesn’t think I- (cross talks) MX5 eater Oh MX-, it’s gonna smash the MX5 So, next episode, we’re gonna take this down to Haltech, tune it up, get an ECU, throw it on a dyno, see what kind of power we’ve got, and then we’re gonna smoke some MX5. People, it’s gonna be awesome! Scotty, thank you again. You’re a legend. No worries. (Cross talks) Have you ever had a Tofu burger? No. Come with me, come. I’m gonna show you something incredible. You like Hondas, you’re gonna love Tofu! (Voice over) Next time on Mighty Car Mods (upbeat electronic music) (music trails off, glass crashing sound) (Outro music) (Synthetic voice over) “Mighty Car Mods” Benny will never admit it and Marty will never admit it either, but they both love the Honda and they’ll never tell you! They’ve told ME off the camera, like, listen, I mean, Benny, you do actually love it don’t ya? He does. He does. He loves it. I heard him the other day- (Benny starts drill) saying, “I’m getting rid of my Subaru” Oh look, He’s…He’s trying to wreck my audio now. He’s trying to wreck my audio ’cause he knows the truth is coming out. The conspiracy’s over.

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