How to install google chrome without a browser or the internet

How to install google chrome without a browser or the internet

Hello everyone this is Eddie the Magic
Monk here just doing a quick video to show you how to install Google Chrome
without the internet so the first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to show you
that I will uninstall Google Chrome on this computer so you know that this
computer does not have Google Chrome so I’m going to uninstall it okay so it’s
uninstalling Google Chrome has been uninstalled so Google Chrome is no
longer on my computer ok now what I’m going to do is I’m going to go into
another computer that has Google Chrome okay I’m going to go into another
computer that has Google Chrome and I’m going to copy the files from that
computer so um let’s see so this is the hard drive imported from
my other computer so this hard drive is actually not part of this computer okay
I’ve plugged it in externally and now I’m going to go into Program Files
Google uh oops what happened Program Files Google ok
Chrome and you can see here application and there’s a chrome.exe so I’m
gonna go back up to Chrome to Google and I’m going to copy out this Chrome folder
ok just going to copy it out put it on my desktop all right let’s see when that’s done okay it’s done so now I’m going to see
whether this will work on my computer so double-click on that application double
click on Chrome.exe and you can see Google Chrome is working so that’s all
you have to do you don’t need to install it just go to another computer with
Chrome copy it out of that computer and paste it in your new computer okay
thanks for watching guys see you next time.

Danny Hutson

43 thoughts on “How to install google chrome without a browser or the internet

  1. Fantastic / easy solution that I came upon when IE11 wouldn't stay stable enough to download Chrome.  The only thing that this process does not allow me to do is set Chrome as the default browser.  But, by turning off IE11, & clicking the "Don't Ask Me Again" option that was popping up each time I started Chrome, as to making it the default browser, all's well!

  2. So I have a glitch with internet explorer where it keeps opening tabs over and over and over and my computer keeps freezing. Help

  3. It helps a lot even copying it from a computer with diferrent OS !

    Thank You Bro you save my ass !

  4. ok but i dont have another computer.. so where do i get the file from?? enternet Explorer wont let me download google chrome

  5. Unfortunately that would not work for me it kept wanting to connect to the internet!!! it did copy, but which Program files did you copy it too. You know you have Program riles and Programs (x86) well thats what i have showing?

  6. can you please put the files on some think so i can installe it the setup files won't work plz and ty

  7. Looking for Chrome Browser Technical Support ? You are at right place, Just Dial Toll Free Number 1-888-302-0444 and get affordable tech support for Chrome Browser Technical Problems.

  8. I don’t have 2 computers I accidentally deleted internet explorer when I first got my laptop now I have no browser 🙁

  9. This is good. But another method would be to download the CPU version on the phone then connect the phone to the CPU (vis USB) and transfer it on there then install it. I did it with several things.

  10. bruh this is just showing you how to move a file, not helpful at all if you don't have it already on standby.

  11. Hey guys, for those who IE don't let you install Chrome… Check your computer clock time and date, it may be the problem…good look guys!

  12. This shouldn't have been as helpful as it was, but thank you nonetheless. I really needed this as I had misclicked, and uninstalled chrome, and had previously uninstalled my other browsers.

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