How to INCREASE YOUR WIFI Download Speed (Up to 10X!)

How to INCREASE YOUR WIFI Download Speed (Up to 10X!)

– I have the best Wi-Fi
extender deal to eliminate the dead spots in your home,
improve your internet speeds, and I’m giving one away for free. (soft tune) Hi, I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite, I find the biggest deals on the planet, and I give all of my
favorite items away for free to the wonderful
subscribers of this channel, I love you guys. I know so many of you so well just from your comments, I love reading through them, thank you. Whenever I say improve
your internet speeds, get a lot of comments from people who say you can’t increase your speeds. That’s actually not true. You can’t increase the
speed coming into your house but by the time that
internet speed gets degraded and travels to your computer, if you have limited Wi-Fi connectivity, your computer is going
to get a slower speed. If you have a strong signal
boosted through your home, your computer is going to
pick up a faster Wi-Fi speed based on its ability to connect with that and this might be your
key to accomplishing that. It was last month that I featured an item you could actually just
plug into your computer, a Wi-Fi signal booster
on the computer end, but before that signal
actually travels to your laptop or your desktop or your
Amazon Echo enabled products and Google Home, this item,
which you can find located right under this video
screen, is my favorite go-to. I wanna show you the
difference in speed test before I get to the specs. This is a speed test
without the Coredy in place, so I’m not using the Wi-Fi extender and I want you to take a
look at my download speeds because that’s what you really care about when you’re watching my
Deal Guy YouTube channel or streaming Netflix, Amazon
Prime, whatever it is. You can see that I’m
getting around 27 on average as a download. So, my last test, again, 29
megabits per second download. The upload, I don’t really
think is going to change much but watch what happens with
this extender in place now. Keep in mind, this Wi-Fi
extender is boosting the signal in a dead spot of the studio. And you can see right now that
it’s make that connection. I am getting much faster
speeds, significantly. I mean, we’ve gone from
around 28 megabits per second to almost 450 on average,
this is just what happens when you eliminate a dead spot. It typically sells for around 90 bucks, found it for under 50, very well rated, this is a dual-band Wi-Fi
extender, Wi-Fi range extender, which means it keeps your signal stronger with dual-band connection
speeds up to five gigahertz or the 2.4 gigahertz
frequency where you get up to 300 megabits per second
for smoother online gaming, HD movie streaming, Netflix, whatever it is you’re trying to do, this will also serve as
a great way to bridge your current devices. Works with smart networks
you may already have in place and if you’re home is
not particularly smart or a lot of this just
seems over your head, don’t worry. Simply plugging one of these in can make a world of difference and I love how compact this
is compared to a lot of the other competitors on the market. Would love to ask you guys before I give one of these away for free, what type of internet speeds
do you get in your house? I’m not asking about when they’re boosted and what your computer reads but just what is your typical internet connection? For me, you saw that my speeds
can be really, really good in my home studio but I’m
really looking to improve my upload speeds in the future. It’s really great if
you’re a YouTube creator. Alright, I’m gonna give one
of these away for free now using TubeBuddy’s random selection
tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months, congratulations goes to
Karen H, you won, yes. Awesome. Mm, it’s kinda weird when
you do that with antennas, just your hand feels a
little bit more fluttery. Anyhow, I don’t get out much. Thank you for watching, love all you guys, more huge deals right around the corner. If you are not yet subscribed, it’d be an honor to hook
you up with more freebies and more giveaways, so, let’s do that. Click on my head right now,
which does have antennas coming out of it because
I decided to be creative for this end slate and if
you need help turning on your notifications or leaving
a comment, just click here. That last big roundup of deals that I did, did you miss it? No problem, it’s right here.

Danny Hutson

100 thoughts on “How to INCREASE YOUR WIFI Download Speed (Up to 10X!)

  1. Time Warner cable cheated me for years, telling everyone they would get one speed when their equipment could provide only half the speeds promised. Then Spectrum came in and reneged on a deal. So I need another internet provider in Buffalo, NY.

  2. THIS is what I have been looking for!!! THANK YOU MATT!!!I am trying to boost for Phones and Tablets, and don't have a PC nearby for the other style.

  3. Nice, but do you need to put it close enough to your router to make sure it gets a good signal from the router? And if so, does it boost well enough to make sure you cover the dead spots created by the current router/Wi-Fi? Thanks for the info. I appreciate the videos.

  4. EXCELLENT Wifi booster! The speed difference was incredible! I don't have internet connection coming into my apartment ("I'm just a poor boy from a poor family") but if I did I would certainly consider this.
    Congratulations to the winner!
    Happy to connect with you Matt as you help boost our lives. 🙂

  5. EXCELLENT Wifi booster! The speed difference was incredible! I don't have internet connection coming into my apartment ("I'm just a poor boy from a poor family") but if I did I would certainly consider this.
    Congratulations to the winner!
    Happy to connect with you Matt as you help boost our lives. 🙂

  6. hey man I just found this channel and I would like to make a quick request/suggestion can you tell us prices with and without tax and also show the price for Canada plus tax and without. this way it will help your buddy's up north. CHEERS!

  7. ps. my household has 5g now but we litteraly live on the very edge of how far the 5g service can reach before that we had the lowest tellus package. I'm not sure if you guys have tellus over there but on my litteral soul I would probably bet a computer with school WiFi (sadly much worse than Mcdonalds) can go much much much faster. the Internet is very nice now however it's quite obvious we are not sitting at the full speed potential. so basically to sum it up we have fairly good WiFi but it is slowed by that little dead zone decay AND we live on the limits of the signals. I'm not telling you this in hopes to get anything free as nice as that would be with my current wallet but I am saying this because I may try to scrounge up some cash to get one of these, and you did ask us our current WiFi status so yeah. ether way man I just found this channel today and I'm loving it honestly even if this was actually click bate it would not matter as watching your well captured content is still super entertaining I will definitely have to tell all of my buddies about this channel. IF YOU END UP READING THIS SOMEHOW, CHEERS!

  8. Matt I been day 1 haven't won yet but, PLEASE SEND ME SOMETHING MATT A TECH GADGET A CELL PHONE NEED A SMART PHONE . I AM JOBLESS PLEASE HELP. I love your deals and the extent u go to get them. Thank you i wud like To see cell Phones, GPS for cars, or radar detectors, EVEN SNEAKER THE NEW JUSTJN TIMBERLAKE JORDAN 3'S. THEY JUST CAME OUT AFTER SUPER BOWL.

  9. I have a problem with my download speed. I have an extender EX700 in my bedroom, and its not matching the same download speed in the living room where my router is located. I get 20Mbs out of my 200Mbs that I’m subscribed to with my cable company. Can that device along with my EX700 boost my download speed. Any solution to improve or better yet match my speed, please let me know thanks.

  10. You said 26Mbps slow!? Cmon, man! 10mbps was super fast for me! It because you are very rich and you thought 26mbps slow!

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