How to Hack – EVE Online

How to Hack – EVE Online

In this video we are going to teach you how to hack
into data and relic sites that we have discovered with our scanner probes. First you need to fit the appropriate modules in order to be able to hack into
the containers or structures that appear at these sites. For data sites, you will need the Data Analyzer
and for Relic sites, the relic analyzer. These modules can be fitted to any ship,
but certain ships provide bonuses to these modules. For example, the Astero has a bonus
to the virus strenght of these analyzers. The empire factions all have dedicated exploration vessels
that offer similar bonuses. After you have probed out a site, you will see hackable containers or structures
that you must hack into in order to get the goodies. The process is simple. Target the structure you want to hack into
and activate the relevant module. We have a data site here, so we will use the data analyzer. The hacking mechanics work the same way for both types of sites. We are now presented with the hacking UI. The hack is essentially injecting the system with a virus
in order to overcome the defenses. The objective here is to locate and destroy the systems core. This here represents our virus. The virus has coherence here,
which represents its hitpoints and strenght here, which tells us how much damage it does. The coherence can be influenced
with the skills Archaeology and Hacking. The virus strength and coherence are used
to defeat the system’s firewalls that we may encounter as we proceed through the system. We start here.
This is where the virus is injected. We now need to unlock these nodes
and search for the system’s core. We left click to proceed into the system,
like this, until we are blocked by our firewall. As you can see, it unlocks adjacent nodes,
and we can proceed through. As we unlock the nodes, we see a number which tells us briefly how far we may expect
to find anything of interest, good or bad. Here we have something, it’s a Utility subsystem
we can place into one of these utility slots. This one is Self repair and can repair five coherence,
or hit points per turn over three turns. Now we continue to search for the core. Here we have a defense sub-system, a firewall. We cannot proceed through it without attacking it. Let’s leave it for now and unlock what we can. Here is another firewall, and another. Soon we are going to have to attack one of them. Here we have unlocked a data cache,
which is basically like a treasure chest. We can either find something bad, like an anti-virus,
which is stronger that the normal firewalls, or we may find a beneficial subsystem, which will be better than the ones
you generally find on the board. This one contains a Utility Subsystem, a Kernel Rot. We’ll use it later to attack one of the firewalls. As you can see, we have been blocked by these firewalls and cannot proceed further without attacking one of them. This firewall has 40 coherence and 20 strength. As you can see, it has blocked all the adjacent nodes
behind it and we are going to have to attack it. The combat takes place simultaneously. The firewall has 20 strength
and takes 20 coherence from our virus. We take 30 coherence from the firewall
since our virus has 30 strength. We have now defeated the firewall and can proceed. Another firewall. Our virus has been slightly damaged,
so we are going to use the self repair subsystem, and then attack the firewall. We click on it to use it, and you can see
the coherence increase over the next three turns. Here we have found another datacache. This one has an anti-virus.
Let’s damage it with the Kernel rot. There nothing behind it so we‘ll have to attack
one of the firewalls. Here we are, we have found the system’s core. Now we only need to destroy it in order to access the container
and take what is ours. The sites have four difficulty levels
and this one was the easiest. Doing higher level sites, you will encounter
more devious defensive subsystems, as well as some super beneficial utility subsystems. That‘s it for now. Thanks for watching and fly safe.

Danny Hutson

9 thoughts on “How to Hack – EVE Online

  1. Relic sites should have a different mini-game. Something like a rewiring-minigame would make much more sense, I think.

  2. Remember to watch for that small number when you click to open a node. It shows distance to closest "good/wanted" node. This helps a lot to solve these puzzles 🙂

  3. This went into so much depth, but forgot to mention your attack takes place FIRST, and if it kills the node, it doesn't damage you back.

  4. what do you do when no data sites show up? the mission wants me to scan a data site, but there are no data sites, what do i do?

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