How to Get Free Internet

How to Get Free Internet

Hey guys today is another video with the trick that the cable companies do not want you to know. Now this is going to teach you how to get free internet. You heard that right! It’s completely legal, It’s really easy, and you’re only going to need two things, your cable modem, which you probably already received from your cable company [as] well as a uSB keyboard which you probably already have also I’ll Explain what you guys need to do with these two items in a minute But first I’m going to give a little bit of background to explain. Why this works When your internet service repairman comes out you probably notice he has a big? Device which has a screen keyboard that kind of thing on it And you can plug it into the coaxial cable in the wall and do some Diagnostic testing on the internet connection and one of the things he can actually do is activate deactivate And upgrade and [change] your internet speed right with that console But what if I told you you don’t need one of those special devices and you can actually upgrade? Activate or even deactivate if you wanted to your internet Connection using just a keyboard [how] this works is every single Modem you receive from your cable company has a unique identifier called a diagnostic access pin now this diagnostic access pin allows the cable service company Men to do diagnostics on your connection and modify it however you can use this pin to manipulate your own Connection what we’re going to do is put your internet Connection into diagnostic mode this is going to make the [internet] company think that there’s a Servicemen doing tests on your internet [connection] which means that they won’t charge you for this connection That makes sense if a company repairman comes out and is working on your line They don’t want you to be charged for that, so if your connection is in this permanent state you’re going to get free internet So enough talk let me show you exactly what you [have] to do on the modem the first thing you want to do is look For the diagnostic access pin. This is going to be a combination of letters and numbers starting with a letter and Probably about 8 to 10 characters long don’t confuse this with your wireless password which is going to be a lot longer It’s probably going to be a little bit hidden. They don’t really want you to find this by yourself Mine was actually underneath the battery door It wasn’t on the bottom of the modem itself so do a little bit of searching it won’t be labeled Obviously for the same reason next what you’re going to need to do is connect your keyboard to the modem This is only going to work if you have a USB input on the actual modem itself Most Modern Comcast routers have this and other routers from cable companies also have this Next once you plug in the USB from your keyboard into the modem all you have to do is type in that pin, and then press enter, so you’ll see me do this now After you press enter the lights on the modem might start flashing This is normal it means it’s resetting the connection in [a] diagnostic mode and that also means it was probably a success But if it doesn’t flash don’t worry, not all modems will do this, so that’s it after you do that It should be good to go after the next month’s bill It should be at [least] lower because you’re still going to be charged for the days before you did this in the month this trick but the following month you should have a zero bill for example when I did this maybe on the fourth of the month I was Able to get a bill as low as five dollars and then the next month it was totally zero dollars [alright] guys That’s it. Hope this video helped you out don’t forget to leave a comment if it did and also don’t forget to subscribe Because I try to make new videos every week if you like the video that’ll also help me out if you want to see more Videos on your right you should see some previous week’s videos if you want to check those out also You can follow me on social Media networks like Twitter those links are going to be right in [the] description So thanks for watching I’ll see you next time guys

Danny Hutson

93 thoughts on “How to Get Free Internet

  1. Can i purchase a random modem. That has the usb plug-in. Or does this require a already active modem supplied by a provider?

  2. Hey bud u got any videos where u teach from experience how to cut the bullshit? If not make one please. You may use duct tape over your mouth. Thank yew.

  3. wow I wrapped the foil around my dick and the end of the plug in my ass and I got a fat. Thanks for the great advice

  4. I just want to slap this douchebag. Fucktard makes tons of useless videos to waste people's time going to troll people with his videos. I can't believe people fall for his crap.

  5. in my country sierra leone internet is our problem…how can i get a free internet here on my pc…i love ur videos trust

  6. Do you plug your keyboard backinto your computer after typing in your diagnostic pin? or do you keep it plugged into you modem?

  7. @CracknSmack3 lol yes it's fake…. or is it? 😉 it actually does work on AT&T, but you should NOT do this because it is an FCC violation and you will get fined. ThioJoe is supposed to make fake videos like, get internet via the toilet (an old Google april fools joke, and you can google this)… but sometimes he actually does post valid info. This only works with "naked DSL" and not cable internet. Naked DSL is when you get DSL via the phone line WITHOUT phone service.

  8. It should be Free Internet for all of We The People of the USA because it was created by our Military with our Parents and Grands Tax $$$s, Charge all other countries for the use of, All debt paid and then UP WE GO!!!

  9. i almost watched this video but saw who it was il never watch ur videos after what happend to a really old desktop of mine preying on those without prior knowledge isnt funny especially when it breaks their equipment i hope your channel dies in a dumpster fire

  10. The keyboard doesn’t connect or turn on if not plugged into a computer duh ?
    This is stupid and fake and simply Wont work !! Good acting

  11. FREE huh? & when the cable company finds out you falsely set up DIAGNOSTIC mode they'll back charge you OR get you arrested for THEFT of their internet service… WHo the FxxK does this guy think he is, saying IT"S PERFECTLY LEGAL…. it's NOT legal… it's THEFT of services under fraudulent conditions… DO NOT DO WHAT THIS GUY SAYS….

  12. I had a friend who did this and he somehow ended up dead in the desert with his body completely wrapped in cable wire. I do not recommend trying this.

  13. Hey i already get FREE INTERNET….they ARRESTED me for STEALING CABLE and WI FI so i am doing 3 yrs in the CAN !!

  14. Thio I need your help I live in New York & my cable bill is sky rocket I just can't find the right on. I am done with cable.DONE DONE DONE!!!!! WHAT KIND OF ANTENNA DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR FREE HDTV CABLE & REGULAR TV.(INDOOR ANTENNA-NOW I REALLY WOULD LIKE A REASONABLE RPICE-PINCHING PENNIES).THANK YOU.

  15. ROFLMAO! As if a service provider would believe that a diagnostician would be working on the internet for years?! LMAO. I'd love to see how many actually tried this one! LOL LOL LOL

  16. to bad this is trash however there is a real way to get free internet, however i suggest buying it like everyone else.

  17. Stealing services or reengineering access to services own by any ISP, or communications company is a felony and punishable by law, and the owners do have tools that can track you through a VPN mask on thier networks.

  18. Just to show you how serious this is, game players who build mods that change how the game plays or displays have been charged for backward engineering just for looking at the code.

  19. Reading the comments can save one a lot of time. In addition look at the Joe's mouth, and you will see the splatter. He practices reverse engineering. What is supposed to come out at his rear-end comes out of his mouth.

  20. This is most likely fake, I don't mind the bill (because I have a life) i want a internet connection that's reliable and doest have me relying on a company that's never on the ball about keeping thing running for my connection

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