How To Get FREE Cable Tv Channels May 2019

How To Get FREE Cable Tv Channels May 2019

okay in this video I figured out a way to catch high-def channels without buying a hi-def antenna so what I did was I took basically a piece of speaker wire as long as this the copper copper : I took it spot 5 foot I didn’t measure it but 5 6 foot I just hung it up there I took the end and strip the strip in and I’m gonna stick it into the hole of the end in channel port like that turn the TV along I’m already catching stuff but that’s where my previous scan make sure it’s on the air and it’ll scan already caught through channels earlier I had 11 let’s see if we can get that again no is the squar going into the hole of the antenna input I haven’t tried it outside yet but just just from that I’m getting each hand up so far and I’m not even halfway through the scan but in my area there’s only so many towers around but I’m definitely getting all the locals and the picture quality is really good I’ll show you in a minute it’s good for 11 eleven chains and I think they’re all hi-def but like one or two maybe that’s one change their quality is a little fuzzy but that’s from my phone that’s not one of the TV so next time up somebody hears the telephone pole and you ain’t got cable and you’re trying to watch the news at six o’clock or whenever you y’all watch the news get you a piece of wire by five foot just plug it into this whole antenna input and you got your local so you don’t have to go out and buy $50 hi-def antenna you can make one at home leave this video a thumbs up if you thought it was cool because I did I just I’m gonna start experimenting so and if you’re into this kind of stove experiment subscribe to my channel for future videos because I’ll be experienced

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  3. Not very impressed. Mixing up terms, basically shooting into the bush. Your tv must have one of these smarter receiver modules, which can detect all the bands and modulations automatically in one run Basically, a feature of less hassle for an average tv viewer.. So, when set near enough to a conventional TV-translation tower, it just picks unlocked freeview channels on that wire thrown up and this is as simple it is in your case.
    Good intention, lack of knowledge, resulting with wrong topic header.
    Thumbs up for your inquisitive mind, though.

  4. however i live 25 miles and 50 miles from the nearest cities.if you live in city or just outside city you can pick up more.

  5. it works at your house not mine.the old phone charger and extension cord works too but still the channels i dont want to watch.

  6. all that is broadcast is digital no more analog with out a converter,so i know of 11 free broadcast channels, but no cable channels,no usa,tnt,cnn,none of that is over the air for free,just wanted to make this point clear,thanks everbody.

  7. That's cool you can get free satellite TV from free to sure satelite kit you'll get like 70 channels and it only cost one payment of 250$

  8. Those channels are local!! I did not see one channel that says HBO. SHOW TIME OR STARZ.. I was expecting to see at least 3 CABLE channels. And second you were scrolling through the channels to fast for anyone to see the labels. All I saw was The CW. Fox sports. And some old Black and white TV show.. That could of been MEtv. Or grit.

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  10. Maybe it works if you live in big cities with many TV stations but I tried and only picked up our 2 local channels .

  11. yeah it worked for me (sometimes not very) in the jail, even tho they have mobil phone blocking towers surrunding uz. lol.

  12. Quality and Truth.

  13. Its not cable channels. Local network affiliates in large cities are required to provide free HD over the air. All he's doing is making an antennae. You can buy a cheap one at Walmart for 12 bucks.

  14. If the transmitter is only a few miles away that is Okay, but to pull in more you need a real HD-antenna whither it is homemade or from Ebay. Raise it as high as you can legally go to get the best signals.

  15. Thanks everyone for continuing to share this video !!! ? please turn my post notifications on for future videos ??

  16. Sorry guys….Analog TV has been gone for a few yrs now, and decoding a satellite signal isn't going to happen with a speaker wire. However please tell us how the Law of Propagation is working out on your speaker wire.

  17. Or just use WiFi a laptop and hdmi cable ?, then you can watch everything from anywhere online for free in real HD

  18. Why not do it more precisely and make the correct length of the cable as dipole antenna, easy if you know the wave frequency of your tv channel. You take the speed of light divide on the tv channel frequency divide on 2, the antenna cable length should than normally become around 3 feet, so the wave frequency length will hit the length of the cable. We used to do this all the time when we were kids, but we used the speed of light in km/s (300 000 km/s) and the cable length became around 1 mtr with the frequency we are using in my country. At least this is how I remember it but if you google dipole antenna am sure there will be exact how to make it.

  19. If you really want free cable and not over the air TV then find a neighbor with cable TV and attach a splitter at their house and run a wire to your house then plug into your TV and now you have free cable ??

  20. You need to re-title this to "free local channels" cuz that's in NO WAY cable, but good tip forppl that don't have cable & just wantlocal channels to watch i guess.

  21. Now that my old Terk TV5 antenna is in bad shape, I may actually try this before I go spending money on something that might not be any better. Although, the buildings and hills between here and the transmitter may be a problem, as usual. That's San Francisco for ya!

  22. This is great for a regular digital TV. I have one CRT box, perfectly fine, that I would like to still use if possible. Is there a way to get it to work, please?

  23. I use a 20 ft shortwave antenna ran to my window & pull in 17 channels. Glad I didn't actually buy an antenna as I had quite a few of these shortwave longwire antennas laying around, stripped the end, & just did as you did here.

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